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Finn's Alive - Please Place All Thoughts on this Topic In This Thread [MERGED]


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  • JCmojoe81
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2006
    • 13555

    Finn's Alive - Please Place All Thoughts on this Topic In This Thread [MERGED]

    Here's the SoapCentral Front Page Scoop on this:

    ***This thread is to discuss his return here
    SOC Moderator
    Questions? Email me: JCmojoe81
  • ILoveBizzie
    Soap Addict
    • Aug 2009
    • 7467

    I for one am very happy that Finn is alive. I had decided to quit the show over what I believed was him being killed off. Now I can watch again and I look forward to the fireworks!


    • ShesAllThat
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Mar 2004
      • 17896

      nothing was merged - where are all the previous comments!


      • juwalker
        Contract Poster
        • Jul 2011
        • 3329

        Wow. I dared hope yet still didn't expect it. Things are really getting good now.


        • TooFree4You
          Contract Poster
          • Jan 2019
          • 3391

          I’m glad and I believe this happened because nobody cares about Brooke’s drinking. The ratings were abysmal with that being the center of a story that was about Steffy and Finn and Sheila originally. Nobody wants to see that tired arse triangle again either. Finn is a good guy and great on the eyes. Liam will have to go elsewhere when he tires of his wife’s whining and I’m happy about it.
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          • NuttyAboutSoaps
            Contract Poster
            • Dec 2010
            • 2701

            For once, reality exceeded the hype. This really IS a "huge twist."


            • JTDMom
              JTDMom commented
              Editing a comment
              Yes! Finally!!
          • RomanticRosebud
            Lurking in the Shadows
            • May 2022
            • 18

            I'm so happy that he's alive! Now need him to get better soon and get back to Steffy and their family.


            • Kelgirl7
              Kelgirl7 commented
              Editing a comment
              That is what I am wondering. When he recovers will he not remember Steffy, Kelly and Hayes? If he does will Li try to keep him from them? So many questions to be answered LOL and I cannot be happier that Finn is alive!!!!
          • bluejazz
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Aug 2008
            • 24192

            I didn't expect it and I'm very pleased that he's back and will hopefully be reunited with Steffy before any more triangle garbage.

            Welcome back Finn and Tanner.


            • TheRealMike
              Board Regular
              • Mar 2012
              • 1138

              I said it from day one. I'm not surprised at all. I didn't give a rat's @ss about him being "let go from the show" and him saying goodbye. I knew it..I knew Li had him. Any other outcome would have been unthinkable.


              • Forever Fan
                Forever Fan commented
                Editing a comment
                I said it as well, on this board. I guess great minds think alike! However, I talked myself out of my Li theory and went along with the popular belief that Finn was dead, even though his "death" never felt right. So, I was shocked when the camera panned over to Finn. I didn't see that coming - at all. Now that's a good soap scene.

              • Quintessential
                Quintessential commented
                Editing a comment
                I agree. I said the same thing too. I thought Li's reaction at the hospital was strange she seemed more angry than sad. I thought it was strange that she wouldn't let his biological mother see his body. And I thought it strange she hasn't been there for her grandchild, when she knows her son would have wanted her with Hayes while his mother was fighting for her life and his other grandparents were at the hospital..
            • math
              Day Player
              • Feb 2010
              • 91

              Maybe now they will end the pathetic Steffy needing Liam crap when she have her entire family to lean on!


              • Sopranojenn
                Contract Poster
                • Aug 2011
                • 2558

                GO LI GO LI GO!!!!!

                (Sorry, I really just ADORE this character!)

                I wanna see Li confront Sheila soooo badly! She is a force and I believe the only one who may be able.to really challenge Sheila Carter.


                • ShesAllThat
                  ShesAllThat commented
                  Editing a comment
                  ITA with you! Li does not play! and i am here for her to unleash hell on Sheila!
              • Sopranojenn
                Contract Poster
                • Aug 2011
                • 2558

                Originally posted by math View Post
                Maybe now they will end the pathetic Steffy needing Liam crap when she have her entire family to lean on!
                Seriously!!! I love Steffy and she can grieve how she wants but I don't want her leaning on Liam other than when dealing with Kelly.

                Hope can finally wipe that sour look on her face that she has had every time Steffy comes up. Such a phony with her "concern".

                While IMO she is showing her nasty side to the audience, she does have a right to worry about Liam with his history. Go back home Liam!


                • alurkerforever
                  Senior Board Member
                  • Oct 2004
                  • 2187

                  I only watch sometimes and have questions:
                  Doesn't Steffy want to bury her husband or cremate him and where is Finn's father, is he on this.


                  • veryoldatwtfan
                    veryoldatwtfan commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Steffy expressed regret to Taylor that she didn’t get to see Finn before he was cremated (she thinks Li took care of that) and when she tried to discuss with Li where his ashes would be spread “if you haven’t already done that” and plans for a memorial service Li coldly said she didn’t want to discuss that yet…and left. No one knows where Jack is or what he knows.
                • Jerze
                  Executive Poster
                  • Jun 2006
                  • 3615

                  Glad that Finn is alive, hope that he's reunited with his family sooner rather than later.

                  Why is Li/Lee the only go to parent? Where's his dad? Did something happen to him after the Sheila affair revelation? I pretty much fell off during the Quinn/Carter situation - have caught a few minutes here and there.


                  • minerva_ham
                    Recurring Poster
                    • Mar 2009
                    • 333

                    They better really use him this time, not just as set dressing, either.


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