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Brooke, Hope and Deacon really expected for Ridge to just move back in.


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  • vdw842003
    Board Regular
    • Jun 2013
    • 727

    Brooke, Hope and Deacon really expected for Ridge to just move back in.

    I mean damn he just found out what happen with Shiela and to top it off they all know the damn reason Ridge walked away in the first place and it had nothin to do with that drunken kiss on NYE, so of course he wasnt just going to come back to Brook like that and Brook should know this too, she knows why Ridge left so that is why she shouldnt even been stupid enough to ask him is coming back home to her since he knew the truth.
  • Link
    Senior Board Member
    • Mar 2009
    • 2131

    He needs to just go home and stop this nonsense. He’s not going to actually divorce Brooke. Taylor should be smart enough to know this by now.


    • Reesiecup
      Senior Board Member
      • Mar 2012
      • 1732

      I think Ridge's decision to leave the cliff-house says a lot about his mindset.


      • Reason
        Recurring Poster
        • Feb 2012
        • 396

        Of course he should go home to his wife immediately or start divorce proceding. What Ridge is doing with Taylor is even more inappropriate than what Brooke did. The double standards is this situation is sickening.


        • ekek
          Aspiring soap scribe
          • Mar 2004
          • 31437

          The did expect that. In the past she'd get a pat on the head and an "oh Logan". But he shouldn't go back. Some of what he is angry about occurred the following days. In fact she is still allowing Deacon to open the door and walk in. She lets him sit and entertains him. Right in his own home.

          It cannot be Brooke's house and Ridge's home too. He's not that kind of man. I know he is Hope's father but she can't flaunt him in front of Ridge. And Deacon is still there and she allows him to drop in and speak against Ridge where she expects Ridge to live.

          Is there anyone here that doesn't think Deacon is hitting on Brooke? Would your husband stand for that? The morning after Brooke expected Ridge to move back in, Deacon walked right in. These two have more to work out than just " why did I drink".


          • Reason
            Reason commented
            Editing a comment
            Taylor is constantly hitting on Ridge, ever since she came back. In fact, she hit on him her last visit. She is also touching him every chance she gets. There is no doubt that Ridge will allow Taylor to come and go at his house and he will use the excuse of having a history with Taylor and having kids together. Well guess what, so does Deacon.

          • RedheadTeacher
            RedheadTeacher commented
            Editing a comment
            When Taylor is found in Ridge's bedroom wearing lingerie, she'll be comparable to Brooke.

            Given that Ridge removed his wedding ring and announced that he was done with Brooke due to Deacon's actions, it's just absurd that Brooke still has set no boundaries on Deacon. He's allowed to walk into Brooke's home at leisure and chit chat with her about her marriage and criticize Ridge. I simply wish that Ridge was in the house to get a first hand look at what he'd be returning home to.

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