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Some Spoilers From Casey's Bold Live Show Tonight (Friday)


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  • lovely rita
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jun 2014
    • 14028

    SPOILER! Some Spoilers From Casey's Bold Live Show Tonight (Friday)

    There will be a surprise this week, maybe involving Sheila.

    Watch The Talk On Monday for something about B&B.

    There will be a location shoot on Monday, 5/23 at a beach in LA. and Quinn and Quinn is involved in that location shoot.
    It will air in late June.

    The Sky Lounge is coming back shortly.
  • RedheadTeacher
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2006
    • 20312

    Thanks, Rita!

    I'll take the Sky Lounge, but, PLEASE, do not resurrect the steam room!


    • lovely rita
      lovely rita commented
      Editing a comment
      You're welcome, Redhead!

      It makes sense to bring back the Sky Lounge for the summer months. Casey said expect to see some
      scantily dressed actors there. Heck NO to the steam room!
  • joncharmed93
    Contract Poster
    • Apr 2012
    • 2708

    I had forgotten about the sky lounge. I really wish they'd use Steffy's old office for someone. I hope the surprise is the fact that Sheila gets off on a technicality or something. That would be interesting.


    • Appaloosagrl
      Senior Board Member
      • Feb 2007
      • 1644

      I'm betting Sheila somehow breaks out of jail and goes on the lam...I hope she doesn't kidnap Steffy and/or Hayes


      • Borrie
        Board Regular
        • Nov 2014
        • 923

        I am hoping Sheila takes Hope hostage (can I imagine Brooke freaking out over the only kid she cares about about being kidnapped plus the dumb Spencer guys) No spoilers here just speculation.


        • MemMem
          Contract Poster
          • Jul 2009
          • 2524

          I think Sheila gets off on a technicality. She pretty much saw the shooting of Finn as accidental after trying to defend herself from Steffy. I could see some nutty family court judge forcing Steffy to allow supervised visitations to Hayes especially if crafty Sheila could prove that Jack and Li's adoption of Finn was illegal.


          • Emerald Greens
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Feb 2006
            • 40963

            I don’t want Shelia to go after Hope because it gets Brooke even more sympathy.
            Shelia probably won’t stay in jail and I would rather her go after Brooke. I think what she did to Finn and Steffy was terrible but I don’t want her punished for switching the labels so I am a little torn on what should happen with her. I don’t think what she did to Brooke should be a defense for Brooke she did things that had nothing to do with drinking.


            • Emerald Greens
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Feb 2006
              • 40963

              I hope Quinn has something interesting going on.


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