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Sheila Checked Brooke On Her Threatening Her Again!


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  • lovely rita
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jun 2014
    • 13998

    Sheila Checked Brooke On Her Threatening Her Again!

    As much I don't like the character of Sheila and her threats to anyone, I enjoyed her telling her you should know better

    than to threaten me again.,

    Sheila told Brooke you haven't seen the last of me! Brooke appeared worried and was squinting her eyes.
    She may have rattled Sheila's cage again so watch out Brooke.
  • Teaday13
    Contract Poster
    • May 2019
    • 2518

    Sheila may not forever be in prison so there is a good chance Brooke will be Sheila's victim again. Brooke is just acting tough and overconfident that Sheila will be in prison for the rest of her life. Sheila is like a caged animal the way she tried to lunge at Brooke when the cuffs held her back. Yes Brooke needs to watch out, but Ridge will protect her! (btw, can't stand when he says that)


    • maryg
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Mar 2006
      • 16888

      I guess it has not dawned on Brooke that the label switch happened because of her threats. Yes, Brooke never learns.


      • tmontyb
        tmontyb commented
        Editing a comment
        There is no justification for Sheila switching the labels, but plenty for Brooke to tell Sheila to stay away.

      • maryg
        maryg commented
        Editing a comment
        Sheila is a psychopath. Justification does not really enter the picture when dealing with a psychopath. The further away you can stay, the better. Threats are at your own risk and Brooke still has not learned not to threaten a psychopath.
    • lucario2000
      Board Regular
      • Aug 2014
      • 1010

      Yes, did you catch the look on Brooke’s face when Sheila
      left? She actually shivered too. Sheila will be back.


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