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B&B Ratings News


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  • Theresa_Fan
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jul 2007
    • 65059

    B&B Ratings News

    Tweet from CBS Tweet

    #CBSRatingsNews: #BoldandBeautiful keeps growing. The world's most popular daytime drama once again posted its biggest audience delivery in TWO YEARS!...since the week ending April 24, 2020 - the last week of first-run episodes before #COVID19 shutdowns. #CBSDaytime.

    What's odd to me is they posted a photo of Brooke. IMO the ratings increase is in a large part due to Sheila vs Tridge/Finn family story.
  • mt0708
    Day Player
    • Nov 2007
    • 127

    So will B&B top Y&R this week in Total Viewers?


    • backheidi
      Executive Poster
      • Jan 2008
      • 4463

      I think the increase has been the drama of Steffy and Sheila...both with incredible scenes!! Ridge has been great too!! I cannot wait to watch every day....but now that it is back to Brooke...not sure the numbers will hold!! But wow to the actress portraying Steffy! She is one of the best I have ever seen!! A lot of dialogue and emotion that she delivered perfectly for days now!!


      • creation
        Board Regular
        • Sep 2018
        • 1471

        I remember about a couple weeks or so ago, when ratings were down, minus something or another, some viewers were saying that it was because of Finn not being on anymore, and I reminded them that ratings go up and down all the time on soaps. Now they're saying that the ratings are growing. I wouldn't boast if I were B&B, because like I said, ratings go up, and ratings go down....that's just the way it is.


        • Brandy1981
          Executive Poster
          • Apr 2018
          • 3574

          This is good news but they are about to go downhill because it felt like all the air went out of a balloon when the Logans came back on screen. The next two week will be the end I suspect as they are boring and always winning.Bell should stick to what was driving this.


          • Appaloosagrl
            Senior Board Member
            • Feb 2007
            • 1642

            The ratings were up because Steffy and Sheila brought the drama via the stellar acting of JMW and KB, with an able assist from TK!!!

            IMO, the show runners face a huge challenge in trying to sustain the momentum during Jacqui's maternity leave.

            IF the writers return to the same old, same old with Brooke and "her destiny" and Lope hanging around the dingy, toy strewn cabin -- the ratings will go downhill fast. I also don't think "The Pickleball Duo" of Eric and Donna and jars of honey will attract hordes of viewers; ditto for Paris and whomever they're trying to pair her with on a given week.

            And I'm sorry, but there's only so much the writers can do with Sheila now that she's been caught. Speaking only for myself, I could care less about watching Brooke confront Sheila in jail. I'm totally sick of listening to Brooke's constant moaning about drinking on New Year's Eve for nearly five straight months!

            Yesterday: All Bill, Liam and Wyatt did was talk about Brooke and Ridge. Finn gets killed, Steffy almost dies, is now a widow and her infant son is fatherless BUT there was no mention of Steffy...Just Brooke/Ridge and how Taylor is going to be the fly in Brooke's honeypot....I find it absurd.


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