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CLOUDFARE Security Message

Over the past few days you may have received a "Checking if the site connection is secure" message when accessing the site. This is perfectly normal and not cause for alarm.

This message indicates that the server is confirming that the SSL (the "s" that you see in the https before web addresses) security is, in fact, secure. This is not some sort of advertisement and it is not some sort of nefarious hacking.

Cloudfare, which is a provide of web hosting and security, has recently added this layer of security on the Soap Central message boards platform as an added layer of security.

The message may occur any time that your browser makes a new connection to the boards. The message may also stop appearing at any time as the process is further integrated into the boards.
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Steffy about to experience the extremely dangerous Sheila


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  • tosh
    Senior Board Member
    • Jul 2009
    • 2144

    Steffy about to experience the extremely dangerous Sheila

    The version that Lauren had to deal with for years
  • Borrie
    Board Regular
    • Nov 2014
    • 921

    Agree, Sheila targeting Steffy is dangerous, now would be a good time to go to Paris, for Steffy, Taylor and Ridge. That way Brooke can enjoy Deacon or Bill for a summer slam romance. Lope marriage stays intact as well.​​​​​​​​​​​


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