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Taylor needs a no non-sense sister


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  • Taylor needs a no non-sense sister

    I think Taylor could greatly benefit from having some family besides her kids and Ridge. What she needs is someone that tells her why would you want to get with this old, STD riddled goat again he crapped on you and your kids many a times, he didn't stop Brooke from treating your kids like 2nd class citizens, he's always sticking up for Brookes brood and not yours. Let Brooke have him. Steffy and Thomas could benefit from an aunt that would give them some words of wisdom, why would you want your mom with a guy (granted his's your dad, but you both know he's not a good one) that hurt her over and over again. Why would you want a guy that close to you that could not be bothered to defend you against his wife when she was in the wrong and treating you like garbage. Someone that gives the facts of life to Brooke and Hope too if they have a run in, really someone who isn't afraid to speak the truth.

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    It's years too late to talk sense to either Taylor or Brooke about their Baby Daddy. They have spent decades battling for this dude and for them it's more about the competition between them than the actual booby prize that they pass off between one another. These two women and Ridge have poisoned not only themselves but their off spring with their inability to let go of people who ain't no good.
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      Taylor has plenty of family, which she chooses to leave in order to not face the truth. Then she rides back into town on her high horse and is doing the same thing she always did.
      Do the same thing.. Get the same thing.
      She will get what she wants.. for a minute.. and definitely what she deserves this time.. a reward for her pious stupidity. ?


      • VA Beach Girl
        VA Beach Girl commented
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        The only family I know off is her brother Zach which I never seen and a father who's dead. She has her kids and grandkids, but that's it. She doesn't have anyone else. Is she supposed to talk to Kelly or Douglas? She needs someone that doesn't think Ridge is God's gift to the human race. Guess what Brooke needs the same thing, her sisters are just a bunch of yes saying doormats. She needs someone to give her a reality check, I mean right now she thinks she sent Ridge away when he had left long before she said go divorce me. The Logan women are as delusional as they come.

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      She has a brother Zach as one sibling but I don't think nothing was ever said about her having a sister.

      Though maybe Jack Hamilton might have fathered a child with another woman.


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        I wouldn’t mind if she had a supportive friend or cousin . Maybe even Felicia.

        I always thought that Brooke needed someone to be up front with her like Stephanie was for most of the time. Her sisters are just sycophants to her .


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          Taylor needs therapy from a qualified non related not dating her therapist.

          Not only is she lacking internal validation and self-respect, she modeled that for her kids. And she's making the same mistake for the umpteenth time.


          • GuidingLite
            GuidingLite commented
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            Thank you! Taylor needs to admit her guilt in shooting Bill, and tell Ridge to do some soul searching to be sure he's not going to bounce right back to Brooke the moment things settle down between them...Taylor needs professional help if she's going to take Ridge back fourteen seconds after he leaves Brooke.....

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