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I was definitely surprised that Thomas answered Ridge


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  • I was definitely surprised that Thomas answered Ridge

    when he called. Just based on that I don't see him being able to keep Sheila secret. I mean he'll need proof cause not once today did Sheila actually confessed, Thomas just figured it out cause Sheila wanted them to give her credit. Thomas have no clue how in the world Sheila manage to do it cause he assumed she spiked it at first but that's impossible since she was never in the house.

    Just going based on that and Ridge knowing there is something up with Thomas (since Thomas outright told him he has to do more digging into something) with the way he sound concern. Yeah this isn't something that will be kept hush hush for long. The longest might be is 24 hours B&B time.

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    I have a bad feeling he's going to tell Steffy and she's going to convince him to keep quiet. She's absolutely obssessed with having mommy and daddy together. I don't see this ending so soon. They've got to drag it out a while longer yet. Maybe by the "all Brooke's men" episode? I can see Ridge walking through the door at the very end of that episode.


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      Thomas should just leave it alone. Shelia has been know to kill people and Douglas doesn't deserve to be an orphan.


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        Trying to figure out why anyone thinks it will make a difference. Ridge realizes that he and Brooke will always be an exciting roller coaster and he doesn’t want that. He wants to be calm and settled with Taylor.
        Thomas may tell but it will make no difference this time.
        It will be Tridge through year end.
        Also for all that is talked about with Brooke making her the worst, if you go back f try on beginning yo end there are imperfections of all three - BRT. But recently,
        lrt’s see Ridge has been the stressor with 3 women in the kissing department- no wine needed. Taylor got her daughter involved in a baby sale, shot Bill, and knowing Thomas had mental issues started him in the Hope is perfect train do that Steffy could have Liam.


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