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When Taylor came into Ridge's office today....


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  • When Taylor came into Ridge's office today....

    Imo, he looked like a little kid thinking, " oh,mommy is here to save me and everything will be ok"! Yes, I believe he l oves Taylor but NOT in a romantic way. He sees her as someone who can solve his problems and keep him from being hurt. As usual, it is all about him. Anybody want to bet he'll be back with Brooke sooner than later?????
    Last edited by Catmomma1; February 25, 2022, 04:29 PM.

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    Completely agree. He's mad at Brooke at the moment, but he'll want her back.


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      I think they're rushing a Tridge reunion so Ridge can think that he was rushed into something he didn't really want and then he starts pining for the fjords, er Brooke.

      "It wasn't my fault. The kids were at me all the time and I couldn't think straight."

      Something like that will come out of his mouth.

      I hope Brooke tells him that he made his bed and he can lie in it but not with her.

      This would be such a perfect time for Nick and Jack and RJ to return.


      • creation
        creation commented
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        Brooke would "never" tell Ridge that...not her "destiny!"

      • bluejazz
        bluejazz commented
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        She might if Nick returned.

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      Everyone forgets the love that Ridge and Taylor share. Ridge has a chance to reconnect. Ridge is not mad a Brooke. He is tired to the chaos. Big difference. He said things to Brooke he has never said before.


      • soapy4life
        soapy4life commented
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        Ridge and Taylor were connected about 3-5 years before her first death. Brooke and Ridge have been connected since 1987. Ridge grew to love Taylor and he loved his family, but he has also loved Brooke and their family for the past 30 years or so. I don't think he told Brooke things that he has not said before.

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