Daytime Confidential Spoilers - Week Of 2/21 -Next Week


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  • lovely rita
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jun 2014
    • 15455

    SPOILER! Daytime Confidential Spoilers - Week Of 2/21 -Next Week


    Sheila won't lay off Brooke.

    Liam gets evidence for Hope and Brooke.

    Ridge and Taylor kiss which causes much confusion.

    Sheila is still over the moon.

    In spite of Grace's warnings, Paris and Carter step up their relationship.

    Taylor takes care of Ridge, ignoring her own needs.

    Sheila gives Deacon some great news.

    Ridge and Brooke say goodbye.

    Deacon gets asked to do a big favor for Hope.

    ERIC SUPPORTS BROOKE. (Nothing new here!)

  • Nichole43119
    Senior Board Member
    • Dec 2009
    • 1538

    How can Eric support the woman who cheated on his son. He's such a tool..


    • Catmomma1
      Board Regular
      • Nov 2020
      • 1323

      Ridge and Brooke say goodbye? Yea, right. Maybe for awhile but not permanently. He who shall not be named would never split up his destiny couple forever. Unless he has started listening to viewers. Which I doubt.


      • juwalker
        Contract Poster
        • Jul 2011
        • 3380

        Thanks Rita! More soapy goodies coming up.

        I give toxic Bridge two weeks and they will be back at it. I don't know why Taylor is getting caught up in Bridge's messiness again. She told Ridge that Brooke will never change, that Ridge deserves better. Why can't she see that Ridge will never change either? That she deserves better too. If Tridge kiss is confusing that's because neither is emotionally ready for a Tridge relationship, especially Ridge. Come on now. Taylor the psychiatrist should know better. Ridge is knee jerk reacting with fried brain cells right now. Somebody needs to give him a hot toddy and send him to bed. Lol.

        No comment on Eric. His character is just another prop, like Liam. I don't have anything to say about props other than I see them without seeing them. I'm good with that.


        • lovely rita
          lovely rita commented
          Editing a comment
          You're welcome juwalker! Some good stuff coming up.

          While I don't want Taylor to get hurt, I hope she pumps the brakes and tells Ridge she won't kiss him again
          until he talks to Brooke if he wants to end it with her. If he decides it's over and Brooke can't convince him
          to get back together for another go round, then Taylor should still say he needs some time alone to think
          about who he really wants. And don't sleep with him, Taylor!

        • Belindaa
          Belindaa commented
          Editing a comment
          But Taylor never changes, either. She'll always be Ridge's doormat, whether he's with her or not. She seems to like it, even.
      • vikis3
        I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
        • Jul 2011
        • 8269

        Brooke runs to Eric every time thing aren’t working out the way she wants it. Buh-bye Bridge!!!!


        • lovely rita
          lovely rita commented
          Editing a comment
          She does that because she knows he will say what she wants to hear....that she's right and Bridge are
      • Isis
        Board Regular
        • Mar 2007
        • 1291

        I never understood this dynamic of Eric. It made no sense that he married Brooke, had 2 children with her and then backs her relationship with Ridge every time. Did this happen when he who shall not be named took the reigns?


        • nm1968
          Recurring Poster
          • Oct 2021
          • 250

          I would like to see Brooke just live her life without Ridge and Deacon ignore Forrester's ...Travel and enjoy grandchildren....


          • TrinaM
            Lurking in the Shadows
            • Dec 2021
            • 39

            I’m not getting my hopes up. I will just enjoy Tridge as long as I can. Eric can just go away though


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