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B&B: Totally Disappointed Deacon, Brooke And Ridge Explosion was Luke Warm


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  • B&B: Totally Disappointed Deacon, Brooke And Ridge Explosion was Luke Warm

    The "epic battle" promised by B&B was nothing but lukewarm. A good fight and Ridge actually telling his children and Taylor off would have been nice...So Ridge and Brooke finally over forever..Nobody was surprised..It was nothing but a cycle of repetition and now Steffy and Thomas finally have their family everyone saw it coming...!! No surprise...

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    What reason would Ridge have for telling his children off, and why would it be nice, when they are only trying to look out for him, and protect him? Steffy and Thomas are Ridge's children, they love him as their dad, and don't want to see him hurt anymore by Brooke, whom they have watched hurt their dad over and over again. They have no idea what Sheila did, so they are only reacting to what they see now, their dad, bruised and bloodied, from being in a fight over Brooke, who allowed Deacon back into their lives, after Ridge had warned her over and over again, not to! Also, Steffy and Thomas does not have their family again! Ridge and Taylor are not together, and Ridge is still trying to process what is going on in his marriage, so what surprise are you talking about?


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      B&B is putting Taylor and Ridge back together. Ridge is a grown man and can choose for himself- they aren't reacting to him been bruised, their hatred for Brooke is more powerful than their love for their father its about winning. They NEVER accepted the fact that Ridge loved Brooke more than their "saintly" mother..Really didn't she sleep with James..self-righteous much and who is Steffy to judge Brooke as if she never did anything wrong--didn't she sleep with her husband's father etc and always came between Liam and Hope.. The truth is that it's a vicious recycle over at B&B.. Taylor and Ridge get together and when Taylor finds out about the switch of labels for the reason Brooke drank again ; she will keep it to herself..I just hope they wont have Brooke constantly like a lap dog after Ridge..I could write B&B storyline in my sleep;;nothing has that surprise factor anymore. I will tune in again in a month or so and "this" story will have played by now..

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