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Carter said he doesnt want mess up a good thing Paris has at forrestors.


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  • Carter said he doesnt want mess up a good thing Paris has at forrestors.

    AllI could think about, exactly what good thing she got going on if she cant even afford to get her own place. She has basically been shacking up with different people and cant even afford her own crib and she has been working there for awhile to be accumulate enought to atleast put down on apartment.

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    I cannot stand the sound of Paris' voice after all the judging and condescending to ADULTS she didn't even know.. and then the ridiculous Paris Is Perfect campaign across the board. So I FF every scene she is in, which means I miss Carter.

    Now Grace is basically doing the same thing her daughter did... spending all her time at Forrester, running around sticking her nose into everything.

    She doesn't know any of the Forresters. She doesnt even know Zende. Why does she think she can use them to blackmail Carter? I am.pretty sure nobody cares who Paris dates at this point besides Zende.. and he is trying to move on after Paris made it clear she doesn't want a commitment.


    • vdw842003
      vdw842003 commented
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      I know they are doing Grace the same way. I rather see her at the hospital, maybe building a friendship with Finn or something since she is doctor. This interfering in her daughters lovelife, her grown daughter at that is not cool.

    • Sopranojenn
      Sopranojenn commented
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      Excellent idea! Hey could have expanded the world a bit with Finn and Grace both being doctors. I would have loved to get to KNOW Grace... I have always wondered about Paris and Zoe's mother.

      But she came in just like Paris. Great character potential they ruined by turning her into a busybody with no other business lol.

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