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SOD Spoiler For Next Week (Feb. 7) - Taylor


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  • SPOILER! SOD Spoiler For Next Week (Feb. 7) - Taylor


    Steffy and Thomas tell Taylor that Brooke kissed Deacon on NYE.

    Ridge drops by Taylor's office out of the blue just to talk with her.
    Same day, Steffy texts Taylor, telling her to return home; Taylor arrives home and after she gets there, is shocked at what happens next.
    Taylor is very disappointed in Brooke.

    Steffy and Thomas tell Taylor that this news about the kiss came from Douglas. When she finds out that Brooke told Taylor's grandson
    not to tell anyone about what he witnessed, she is boiling mad.

    Taylor is very concerned about Douglas. The story gets even worse when they find out that Deacon actually stayed there for the night.
    Taylor is shocked that Brooke would be this dumb. It doesn't make sense to her; but they have the proof from the security footage.
    Steffy feels that Ridge has to know.

    Taylor realizes he needs to be told gently and Steffy can't do that. So that's why Taylor thinks it should come from her.

    But the meeting doesn't go well. It's intense and awkward for her, trying to get through to Ridge. He does not want to believe Brooke
    did it. He makes excuses for her thinking there must be a reason why she did this.

    Then Ridge gets mad at Taylor. They talk loudly to each other and it gets very heated. Taylor tells him do not shoot the messenger!

  • #2
    Ridge is going to feel like such a fool! Even when he finds out what Sheila did, the fact that Brooke wasn't upfront about it, and let him just go on and on about her honesty, and him defending her so fiercely, is going to hit him where it hurts, not to mention the fact that Brooke tried to manipulate and use Douglas, telling him to keep her secret. Knowing Ridge, he will probably be so mad and disgusted, that Brooke would do such a thing to a little child, his grandson!


    • #3
      Honestly what Brooke did to Douglas was worse than what she did with Deacon although she handled that badly too.

      Sometime I think Ridge tries too hard to defend Brooke or say they are fine it’s like he’s afraid to consider anything else.


      • Emerald Greens
        Emerald Greens commented
        Editing a comment
        Ridge is simply not that realistic about Brooke. It’s like he’s an addict in need of rehab.

      • kendallalways
        kendallalways commented
        Editing a comment
        Exactly, Ridge acts like he hasn't been witnessing Brooke's actions for THIRTY YEARS now...apparently she gave him a lobotomy at some point. Steffy knew he wouldn't believe them is why they needed the EVIDENCE... I have zero sympathy for him!

      • Emerald Greens
        Emerald Greens commented
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        Men are dumb about Brooke sometimes women are too. It’s ridiculous after so many years. But I think Ridge hurt his family too much and he knows it he has told Steffy he knows he wasn’t there for her enough. He has to make it worthwhile in his mind or he abandoned his family for nothing. It’s still not worth it but it’s typical of a man getting to a certain point in his life and facing what he did . He doesn’t have Stephanie to fix things for him now.

    • #4
      Steffy and Thomas mainly Steffy need to stop trying to push Ridge and Taylor back together. Ridge do not want Taylor and is obsessed with Brooke. I was a diehard fan of Tridge but not anymore given how their history has been change and Ridge is all Brooke. Taylor deserves so much better. Let Ridge stay with the one who keeps screwing up and keeps making excuses


      • #5
        Ridge has been beating himself up for not being home for Brooke on NYE, feeling responsible for her drinking. He's also given her unconditional support, attending AA meetings, coming home to check on her, and providing encouragement and comfort to her. Given that, his unwillingness to believe what he's being told isn't unreasonable. He's invested into Brooke's story line, and learning that she flat out like as well as strong armed Douglas to keep quiet will take some time to sink in.

        When it does, however, I'm looking forward to fireworks!


        • #6
          Just like he wouldn’t believe Stephanie and was mad at her over Brooke kissing Grant … until he had the proof

          Then he thought deeply about this, he told off and dumped Brooke and proposed to Taylor and never looked back until Taylor dumped him supposedly for Thorne


          • #7
            I just have the very strong feeling that Taylor was brought in this storyline to help figure out what sheila did, and to be sitting in steffy's office watching Bridge reunite and kiss and say they love each other, as taylor watches on. all this happening after Ridge cried on her shoulder, spent time with her, etc. This is Steffy watching Hiam reunite all over again and crying watching Hiam get engaged in her office. Please keep taylor out of this. Please have taylor tell ridge to go back to his wife when he comes crying on her shoulder.


            • #8
              Originally posted by Emerald Greens View Post
              Honestly what Brooke did to Douglas was worse than what she did with Deacon although she handled that badly too.

              Sometime I think Ridge tries too hard to defend Brooke or say they are fine it’s like he’s afraid to consider anything else.
              And what Hiam have done to Douglas is worse of all, as they are his guardians and his Mommy Hope. They should have to give douglas back to his father.


              • Emerald Greens
                Emerald Greens commented
                Editing a comment
                Definitely! I never liked Douglas living with them to begin with. Time to end it.

            • #9
              I think how Brooke had handled the entire situation is so stupid and should suffer the consequences of that.

              it’ll be interesting to see how Taylor and Steffy who are both addicts themselves react when they find out Brooke got drunk because of Shelia.


              • #10
                I agree that Ridge needs to know the truth but I don't think Taylor should be the one to tell him. Having your former wife tell you your current wife is cheating and lying to you doesn't sound like a good idea. I think Thomas should tell him. He's the one Douglas first told and he seems much calmer about this than Steffy.


                • #11
                  The messenger ALWAYS get blamed, while Brooke always gets off 100% scot free!!!

                  Brooke gets knocked up by Bill- Taylor blamed for outing her.

                  Brooke screws Oliver against a wall- Steffy gets fired, Hope loses Oliver- Brooke gets patted on the head.

                  Brooke gets knocked up by her daughter's husband- Bridget pays for life. Deacon pays. Brooke is the victim.

                  Brooke kisses Bill- Quinn pays for outing her. Brooke forgiven for that PLUS all the problems Bridge had drawn up divorce papers for were suddenly gone and blamed on Quinn.

                  Brooke has never paid one single listing consequence while thencollateral damage is ALWAYS ALWAYS on the meanie headed person who exposed poor poor sweet victim Brooke.

                  That piece of filth won't pay this time either. Not one bit.


                  • creation
                    creation commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I agree completely! That is why so many viewers can't stand this woman, because she's never to blame for anything, and always ends up the victim, with everyone else falling all over themselves, apologizing to her, for whatever wrong that she done, and keeps doing over and over again.....UNBELIEVABLE!

                  • JTDMom
                    JTDMom commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Completely agree with both of you!!

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