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Paris - by YOUR OWN logic, you and Carter are CHEATING


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  • Paris - by YOUR OWN logic, you and Carter are CHEATING

    Paris absolutely raked Carter over the coals for "cheating" on Zoe with Quinn... which we all know was false. Carter had broken up with Zoe and was 100% SINGLE when he was with Quinn.

    Now Paris is hot and heavy with Carter and it all started while Paris was very much in a committed relationship with Zende. Its not until after their kiss that Paris had a chat with Zende that wasn't even an official break-up (at least Carter officially broke up with Zoe) It was more of a "I don't want to be so serious right now, we're young, maybe let's see other people, yada yada yada"

    So by your own logic Paris - you are a big fat CHEATER

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    No doubt what so ever that she is a cheater. It seems that she moves the boundaries when it suits her.


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      Yep Double Standard Paris. Zoe warned us about her. Carter should have listened.


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        Paris is not cheating on anyone. I can't stand her but she's single and she's free to do as she pleases.


        • GuidingLite
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          But then why did she keep hounding Carter about being with someone else after he broke up with Zoe? I agree she's single and can do as she wishes, but...why was that not true for Carter?

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