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Why would anyone want their mother with Ridge??


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  • Jaxter22
    Day Player
    • Jul 2018
    • 131

    Why would anyone want their mother with Ridge??

    Seriously, why would Steffy want her mother back with Ridge after all the things he put her through? And please don't blame Brooke - he is an adult and makes his own decisions. Same with Hope for that matter - she should not want her mom to stay with Ridge. I'd be saying tell him and see what happens. He has been going between the two of them for 30 years. They have both cheated on him, he has cheated on both of them. If I was Steffy I would be begging my mom to let it go. Instead, she is back on the let's get our family (that has not been together for about 20 years) back together kick. The person who will get hurt the most here is Steffy. And I think Taylor knows this as she seems to be trying to get Steffy to not dwell on it. I have admired Steffy lately as she seemed to be getting stronger, was no longer on the Hope/Liam/Steffy merry go round and seemed to be genuinely happy for them. But now she is going backwards and it is just wrong. Let her continue to be the strong woman I have come to admire.
  • creation
    Board Regular
    • Sep 2018
    • 1471

    Those are Steffy's parents, that's why. She grew up with her mother and father as her parents, who were in love, and had a lovely family together, in spite of all of Brooke's antics over the years. Just as Hope said to Deacon, that it was nice to know that her parents cared about each other, and that her being created, wasn't all about scandal. Well Ridge and Taylor used to be happily married and were in love, and Steffy was a product of it, so why wouldn't she want to see her parents reunited, and her father not constantly being put through a roller coaster by Brooke, and her constant drama and antic? I hope Steffy gets her heart's desires.


    • bluejazz
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Aug 2008
      • 24568

      I can't figure this out. Steffy has watched Ridge treat Taylor like she barely existed for the past couple decades. She knows he uses women when he's on the outs with Brooke. The only woman in that time frame he hasn't dumped for Brooke was Caroline. And he dumped Katie for Caro, so... And Steffy has tried this crap before with intercepting texts around the Malibu wedding, which ended up with Brooke and Ridge together. Ridge is also a nasty, angry, petulant, control freak who has had severe problems with binge drinking. Put it all together and she's just being in denial of who her father really is.

      The only thing I can think of is Taylor has taught Steffy that being a glutton for punishment is a good thing. Being second choice in love is fine. Hanging around waiting to pounce when the man you want has issues with his long term partner. It's fine to dump your family because the man you want is with another. Hopefully Steffy doesn't do the last, but it makes me think very, very poorly of Taylor.

      The writing for women on this show is ghastly when it's set out like that.


      • Emerald Greens
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Feb 2006
        • 41380

        They had a good marriage which Bell mostly ignores so he could have Bridge . She remembers a happy family and nothing has been as good since then . I would say with the exception of having her children but even that’s tempered by having the Logan’s as a constant presence in their lives.


        • Libellue
          I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
          • Jul 2007
          • 9301

          I understand it...Steffy wants the happy family she used to have, and IMO that longing never goes away no matter your age, and especially if there was trauma involved with how you lost it.

          I also sympathize with Hope, and her mirror story line with Steffy. IMO Hope is somewhat of a romantic and an idealist, and probably has suffered for years with the idea that her conception was a dirty joke, and led to so much betrayal and heartache. A big part of her probably wants that happy family too.


          • bluejazz
            bluejazz commented
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            I just don't get that. Steffy's parents haven't been a couple for nearly twenty years. Steffy is an adult with her own family to focus on and Ridge has treated Taylor terribly. Why would she want her mother to sign up for more of that? Most young people accept their parents split, especially if affairs and poor treatment were involved.

            Steffy has been devolved to acting very childish ever since the addiction story. This is just more of the same and it's really turned me off to the character.

            As for the garbage talked about Hope, it says a lot about the kind of person that would try to degrade Hope because of her parents' flawed actions. And especially when Ridge just tried to put her and her family out of their home. I would hope she tells Brooke just how that despicable act by her mother's husband made her feel.
        • soapfiction
          Aspiring soap scribe
          • Mar 2012
          • 14551

          Because in their selective flawed memory, Brooke is the blame for everything. They don't acknowledge the issues that Ridge and Taylor created for themselves. It's not occurring to them unless it benefits their memory that Ridge is the one in the end who made the choices to end things with Taylor. That's why I'm all for them throwing that family back together and seeing if they can exist in this perfect fantasy that Steffy and her brother have conjured up absent Brooke.


          • JTDMom
            Board Regular
            • May 2012
            • 1099

            If Taylor didn’t want Ridge, I don’t think Steffy and Thomas would care about getting their parents back together. They want their mother to have what she wants. Plus, if Brooke had ever been anything other than full of hate towards them, perhaps they wouldn’t feel they have to protect their father from Brooke. Brooke turns everyone around her into an enemy. She is getting back what she has engineered since Thomas and Steffy were children. Poor Brooke is a victim of her own dispicable behavior.


            • GB707
              Day Player
              • Oct 2011
              • 155

              If Ridge had REALLY wanted to have a life with Taylor and his children he would have done so years and years ago. Everyone blames Brooke, but he is grown man, who has made his own life choices.


              • afinebalance
                Executive Poster
                • Apr 2012
                • 4286

                I agree with the o.p. Wishing your mom back with Ridge is like your mom getting sloppy seconds. Currently, Ridge adores and loves Brooke ~ he won't be able to turn his feelings off for her and suddenly be madly in love with Taylor. That's just wishful thinking on Steffy's and Thomas' part. Even if Ridge does separate from Brooke, it will be temporary and Taylor will get hurt once again. Taylor needs to look for her own man.The truth will come out someday about what Sheila did.


                • viennagirl
                  I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                  • Aug 2011
                  • 9120

                  Originally posted by creation View Post
                  Those are Steffy's parents, that's why. She grew up with her mother and father as her parents, who were in love, and had a lovely family together, in spite of all of Brooke's antics over the years.
                  Originally posted by soapfiction View Post
                  Because in their selective flawed memory, Brooke is the blame for everything. They don't acknowledge the issues that Ridge and Taylor created for themselves.
                  Likely selected memory.

                  Steffy has happy memories about how they had been a family until she had been about 8.

                  We had her once mentioning how it had been different when Taylor had returned and TRIDGE then had their issues because Ridge had a second family with Brooke. During that time Ridge had been torn and unhappy that he couldn't be a full-time father to R.J. and Ridge also had to deal with company issues and wasn't much at home (Taylor complaining and demanding marriage counseling).
                  We had Steffy explaining to her mother that she had chosen to stay in Europe and to study abroad (when Phoebe had returned) because real life had no fit her happy childhood memories and she couldn't deal with the fact that her parents had broken up and annulled their marriage.

                  I get that Steffy is supposed to never get over not having had that happy family they had been until her mother's "death" when Steffy still had been a child,
                  but teenager Steffy and adult Steffy has experienced enough drama to have to remember that her mother had been on a constant roller coaster ride with her father and that Steffy on screen often has complained on the strong hold that Brooke has on her father.

                  Some years we have Steffy state on screen that Steffy never wants to follow in her mother's path and doesn't wan't to end up in a constant drama triangle with Liam and Hope and have to watch Liam leave her for a Logan,
                  then suddenly Steffy is back on the TRIDGE wagon and how "happy" her parents had been (decades ago).


                  • Mariko
                    Mariko commented
                    Editing a comment
                    You've nailed this on the head. She's acting like she's still about 8. She isn't acting like a rational adult.

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