I think Bell should forget about Paris, she does nothing for Thomas or the show in general. I think it would be cool if they brought back Nicole. Nicole was going to college for a degree in technology. I think it would be neat if Nicole came back to the show and came back to Forrester because she had a piece of technology to show off the Forrester's because she thinks it will change their business for the better. Nichole shows Thomas the new technology that is a special program that can help the less talented draw out original designs using algorithms and computer data that the intended designer inputs into the program.

Thomas becomes fascinated with the idea of using this technology to help the inters grow the business and pitches a brand new ad campaign focusing on bringing out new and fresh talent to the business with the aid of this technology. Thomas and Zende get a group of interns from very good design schools to use this new technology to create original FC designs. Thomas and Nicole spend a lot of time together with the interns building up this new ad campaign in anticipation for the fashion show. Thomas wants to hit it off with Nichole, but Nichole at first turns him down, claiming she doesn't want to make it awkward for herself to be going with Zende's cousin. However the closeness that Thomas and Nichole develop while working on this project is undeniable.

However a shocking twist happens when the Fashion show goes as planned. At the end of it a man comes on stage and claims that the designs are stolen. The man in question turns out to be Connor Davis. Connor had helped fund the development of the software that was used to help the interns bring their designs to life. Connor argues that he is the sole owner of the patent to the technology. Nichole completely denies this and tries to prove that she is the owner of the patent since she was the one who created the software in the first place.

Everyone at FC is furious with Nichole and accuses her of lying to them about the technology and getting them in a legal bind that could cost the company millions and set them back a few decades with all the money they'd have to pay out to Connor if he owns the patent to the technology. Nichole refuses to be had by Connor Davis and does what she can to prove herself to the family that she has every right to that patent.

Meanwhile Paris has been throwing herself at Thomas and on top of dealing with the lawsuit from Connor Davis, Nichole also has to deal with Paris and her many antics to get Thomas away from her. Eventually Nichole is able to get Steffy to trust her when Nichole ousts Paris for her hidden feelings for Finn. Nichole and Steffy team up together against Paris, leading to several big showdowns.

Eventually Thomas and Nichole do end up engaged and a big surprise for Nichole is when she is able to get pregnant by Thomas. It would be big storyline for the two of them and Steffy does everything she can to protect Nichole and Thomas's engagement from the threat of Paris and her Brooke like behavior.

There would be so many storylines going on between the business with Connor Davis and the love between Thomas and Nichole with Thomas's second child on the way.