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What is Sheila's occupation?


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  • What is Sheila's occupation?

    Can someone remind me how shiela earns a living to support deacon?

    I feel like weeks ago she couldn't really pay her hotel bill

    Also during sheilas rewrite last time she was on BnB she worked at the resturant she and deacon are fine dining at

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    They never said she couldn't afford the hotel room. They had booked the room for a conference because she was supposed to have checked out already.
    I have always just assumed she had money stashed away overseas from her divorces and cons. Didn't she kidnap Ridge for ransom at one point? If she was right out of prison it would have taken some time for her to access those funds. Plus, I think you typically need to work when you are on parole whether you need the money or not.


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      I think the answer is pretty much the same as why no one has ever complained about no AC in the Forrester guest house before, barring Finn from staying there for long recently, why the security hired to keep Sheila out of Steffy and Finn's house can't seem to catch her sneaking in again each time, why Ridge cares more about Quinn's sex life than his daughter's safety, why Donna and Katie always hold their Logan Coven -1 meetings in the CEO office at Forrester and no one cares, why no one is reminding Brooke that she, too, cheated on Eric with Ridge....and has no leg to stand on there, where the hell Jack Marrone is and if R.J. is ever coming home again....just don't think about it. ;0)


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        Sheila is the resident psycho and it obviously pays well.


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          TPTB should remember Sheila was a nurse before Brooke hired her as her FC assistant to bother Stéphanie

          They could have make her study while in prison to be a Dr then seek work at the hospital next to her son …


          • B-Hold
            B-Hold commented
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            Actually with her convictions Shelia would never had been allowed to practice medicine.

          • nykarenb
            nykarenb commented
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            Sheila would never be allowed to practice medicine. She can’t even have a nursing license. I have no idea how she’s affording a hotel room for months in LA.

          • Canuckster84
            Canuckster84 commented
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            I don't know how it works in the US, but in Canada if you are convinced of an indictable offense (a felony in US terms), and your a nurse, you lose your medical license. My mom's friend was a nurse, she tried to kill her ex by trying to OD him, she got 2 years in prison, and when she was released, she was barred from ever practicing medicine again.

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