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I think Bill always had more chemistry with Donna


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  • I think Bill always had more chemistry with Donna

    If I remember correctly, didn't Bill take an interest in Donna when he first showed up, then Bell dropped it and decided to put Bill and Katie together instead? Then another time Donna came to Spencer Publications with a hot red dress seemingly trying to seduce Bill, and it turned out to be a 'test' of Bill's fidelity to Katie? Completely inappropriate and ridiculous, but the chemistry was there regardless.

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    Interesting, because years ago Donna had a fling with Bill’s father. Is she like Brooke, just hooks up with fathers and sons?


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      I wanted Bill originally paired with Felicia! But no they opted for Logan left overs instead.


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        Donna has chemistry with every guy IMO. Bill, Justin, Ridge, Carter. They need to give her a man not named Eric.


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          I can´t remember very well, but I think Bills original interest in Donna was more about sticking it to Eric than genuine interest. But I might remember it wrong.

          I have to say, I was always a fan of "opposites attract" romances. So for me Bill and Katie worked originally. But Bill was a different character back then, cunning and reckless and rather villanous. He only showed his softer side to Katie and then- Steffy. Man, how I loved Still back then.

          I never really saw his chemistry with Donna. I like Donna actually, but to me she and Bill never were a good match. Donna is a bit of an extravagant airhead and certainly needs a very tolerant man. So I do think Donna still has chemistry with Eric. At least more than he ever had with Quinn IMO. But I guess that´s a taste thing.


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            I don’t notice her having chemistry with anyone but maybe it’s how she’s written. I would rather JG return to Y&R as Grace and go after Nick.

            On paper she might be good with Bill she is a trophy wife but I’m not sure seems like she would bore him.

            Ridge ? Why not another Logan sister it can ruin him completely.


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