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Live Thread ~~ 10/21/2021


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  • Live Thread ~~ 10/21/2021

    Hey everyone who's here today..

    Happy Thirsty Thursday!

    Hope you all are having a good day so far.

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    Hi Rita, hey everyone!

    Happy Thirsty Thursday! I'm hoping for a great show today!


    • lovely rita
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      Hey Sweaver!So far it's been good! Steam, Finn and Hope and Sheila and Deacon.

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    Steffy and Finn at home, Liam and Hope are on the way over. They're there.

    Donna and Brooke at work, Donna is sad. Donna wants to be the one supporting Eric. Eric walks in and hears his name.

    Katie and Carter got their food to go. They're at the office they are going to eat together.

    Shelia and Deacon are at the Fake Olive Garden.


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      Steffy & Finn kissing in the cliff house. Kelly napping. They're expecting Lope. And they are walking in right now. They will pick it up later.

      Donna and Brooke at the office, talking about the conversation at Il Giardino. And then in walks Eric.

      Katie and Carter bring lunch back to office from Il Giardino. Will eat lunch together.

      Deacon and Sheila lunching at Il Giardino. He wants to leave L.A. because Hope's family will not allow it.

      Katie and Deacon eating lunch and working. She apologizes to him again for yelling at him. Carter is very contrite and Katie knows how it is
      to fall for the wrong person.

      Donna tells Eric they are concerned for him.


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        Hope and finn leaving for Il Giardino!

        Steffy & Liam hanging out with Kelly.


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          Deacon still wants to leave and Sheila says she's not letting him leave.

          Hope and Finn are on the way to Il Giardino...


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            Katie and Carter talk about their previous talk.

            Donna tells Eric she's concerned about him, she asks if he's happy. He's happy to have so many people concerned about him. Eric has a meeting he has to go. It looks like Brooke has an idea.

            Finn and Hope are going to Fake Olive Garden, both are hungry.

            Shelia and Deacon are talking about Hope. He thinks it's better if he leaves town, Shelia won't let him leave.


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              Carter saying he didn't realize how devstated he was when things went up in flames with Zoe.

              It's hard to go home to an empty house, just like Katie does.

              Charlie looking for Quinn to sign something for some jewelry. He'll find her. Donna and Brooke were snarky about Quinn.

              Brooke encourages Donna to let Eric know she still has feelings for Eric.

              Kelly is there with her parents playing a card game. Steffy suggests to go have a picnic at the beach when Hayes wakes up.

              cute banter with Steffy and Liam about the card game.


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                Deacon wants to leave Hope alone. He tells Sheila he and she are screw ups. Sheila says never give up on being a part of Finn's life.

                Sheila spies Hope and Finn at the restaurant. Tells Deacon to sit down!!!


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                  Carter talks about how devastating his life was after Zoe, when he got involved with Quinn. He talks about how much he hates an empty house. Katie says sounds like you hate being alone as much as I do.

                  Charlie is looking for Quinn.

                  Brooke pushes Donna to let Eric know she still has feelings for him.

                  Liam, Steffy and Kelly play a game. Liam loses.

                  Shelia tells Deacon he's a fool if he leaves now. Deacon says he didn't come back here to make problems for Hope. Shelia says she will never give up on being a part of Finns life. Shelia tells Deacon their children are right here.


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                    Katie tellsCarter that Bill wants her back, he can understand him wanting her back, he says if Bill can't put you first, you deserve someone who will. She tells him she hasn't told anyone else this, but she's not going back to Bill.

                    Brooke tells Donna the she and Eric were very good together.


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                      Katie talks about Will and how happy he is at boarding school. She tells him Bill wanted her back. He tells Katie if Bill can't put her first, he doesn't
                      deserve her.

                      She confides in Carter that she's not going back to Bill.

                      Brooke sort of forcing Donna to confide in Eric. Donna and Eric are very, very good together!

                      Steffy & Liam banter with each. Steffy is happy that they can come together for their children. And to keep them safe from Sheila and Deacon.

                      Sheila didn't know Hope and Finn are close. Sheila thinks this is it. this could be the answer they were waiting for.


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                        Katie dreads dating again. Carter says if only there are apps for that!

                        They tell each other to regroup. Katie tells Carter stop feeling like the guy who always gets left behind. any girl would be lucky to have a guy like him.

                        Brooke still pushing Donna toward Eric. Brooke wants her to interfere and tell Eric she loves Eric. and Eric is eavesdropping so he hears that. Brooke is smiling and Donna is freaking out.

                        Finn and Steffy have not been out alone together.

                        Hope spots Deacon with Sheila and tells Finn.

                        Hope knows Deacon is barely friends with Sheila. Deacon is sure there's nothing he could do. Hope's nosy to know what they're up to.

                        Sheila wants to include Finn&Hope.Sheila pulls Deacon into a kiss. Deacon says "Sheila, what the hell"? sheila tells him you love me like no other.

                        Finn and Hope are confused as to what is going on with Deacon and Sheila!


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                          Carter tells Katie not to settle for the wrong guy. She tells him not to think about himself as the guy who gets left behind. She lists all of his attributes. She says any woman would be lucky to have him.

                          Brooke tells Donna to go tell Eric how she feels. Donna admits she loves Eric, she says it as Eric walks in the office.

                          Deacon wonders what. Shelia is planning. Hope sees Shelia and Deacon together, she tells Finn. Shelia says act like we haven't seen them, Hope and Finn wonders why they are together. Finn suggests they leave. Shelia tells Deaconto go along with her, she kisses Deacon. Finn and Hope are shocked....they don't know what S and D are doing.


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                            Just us again Rita! We did a good job! I've been getting some canning done while I recapped! Now back to my canning! Have a great day! See you tomorrow!


                            • lovely rita
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                              We definitely did a good job together! Glad you're getting the canning done while you were recapping here.

                              Have a good day and See you tomorrow!

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