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A Sextuple on the Horizon?


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  • A Sextuple on the Horizon?

    With this 'flirtation' between Carter and Katie, Quarter just ending, Donna wanting her Honey Bear, and Bill desperate to get back with Katie, this could be an interesting situation. Quinn will lose her mind at the idea of Katie/Carter, that's a fact. Eric will get some air in his chest at the idea of Donna's interest, and that will tick of Quinn, too. Bill will explode at the idea of Katie's awareness of Carter and his of her, and that will likely cause Bill/Quinn to conspire to break them up, and they have a past, too. This could be... Interesting. Still, after what they did to Quarter, and I'm still very unhappy about that because you can't manufacture chemistry like they have just to ruin the pair, I don't have a lot of trust in TPTB. If they can find a way to make this work, or even have Quarter shed the ick factor Eric's ED/open marriage caused, this show could really find some solid footing again. As it stands, today was the first episode I watched in weeks and weeks. Those YT clips with Katie/Carter got my attention. If they tell this story well, they might be able to keep my attention, and have a new kind of umbrella story.

    Quinn has been involved with Bill, Eric, and Carter, Bill with Quinn and Katie, Carter with Quinn and is flirting with Katie, and Eric with Quinn and Donna. There's all sorts of potential here.

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    I really enjoyed Quarter but I am now rooting for Cartie. Katie has been stomped on so much, and so has Carter. They have a sweet chemistry, they may get hot when it's time to get in the bed but as of now I like where there going. Disappointed in Quinn but it's time for Carter to have some happiness with a loyal woman. That's Katie. Not Maya, Zoey or a married Quinn.


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