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Carter says like how Brooke loves Ridge...


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  • Carter says like how Brooke loves Ridge...

    Lmao he must not know everything about there decades long merry go round. If he did he damn sure would not want what those two have had going on. What's with this writing ! GMAB. Carter has officiated damn near all the weddings in that family since he come around.. He should wake up and realize they are NOT role models for marriage lol 🤦🤦

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    Carter actually said that "How Brooke loves Ridge" Does he not know their merry go round history.Those 2 ain't role models on love or even's cheat, cheat, lie, lie on both sides.Carter is better off falling in love with Paris on this show, Quinn used him for sexual purposes and Eric basically lend out his wife....wake up Carter, these rich people are wack.


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      carter is looking more like an idiot everyday!! first it was quinn then he stands there begging her to leave eric to be with him when i agree - she only used him for sex! it was not some big love he thought it was! now he is thinking that brooke and ridge are couple goals!!! LOL he is tripping. and now it looks like he is going to be falling for katie. it never ends.

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    Originally posted by Littleman16 View Post
    GMAB. Carter has officiated damn near all the weddings in that family since he come around.. He should wake up and realize they are NOT role models for marriage lol 🤦🤦
    Carter has been around since 2013. Why would he still see any of them as a role model after watching them for 8 years? That writing really is funny. (LOL)

    Carter definitely knows about their partner switching:

    Ridge choosing Katie over his fiance Brooke
    breaking up with Katie to get involved with his former sister-in-law Caroline
    get back with Brooke but then having an affair with his mother-in-law Quinn while betraying his fiance Brooke
    getting back with Brooke
    ending up in an invalid marriage with Shauna
    getting back with Brooke

    Brooke getting involved with her former brother-in-law Bill again
    pushing Bill towards Katie, then Brooke again ending up to be the reason for the end of Batie marriage number 2
    back to Ridge
    Ridge ......

    Carter needs different role models - but not with these families :

    *) Carter alternately doing weddings/ divorces or annulments for Lope and Leffy.
    *) Queric : Carter again and again writing up divorce papers for Eric (who then still kept being married to Quinn)


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      Carter talks out his rear end. 🤒


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        Why did Carter have to pile on Brooke worship???

        He of ALL people should know how many times Bridge has broken up, cheated on each other, etc. And he knows darn WELL that Brooke betrayed her great love Ridge and her little sister Katie with Bill Spencer.

        How many of their weddings and divorces and annulments has he officiated/filed in just the lasth7 or 8 years?? He has had a front row seat for all of it since he came on the show!


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          I laughed at that too OP! Brooke is one of the nastiest cheaters on any soap. Why would anyone want that kind of untrustworthy relationship ever!!


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            I laughed. She was never in love with him, she wanted to lust him, she was obsessed with him and wanted to "win him".


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                I think Carter should have higher aspirations for himself than what Brooke has to offer.


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                  LOL Maybe it's foreshadowing "Brarter" We all know Brooke has to sample all her sister's men along with a healthy side of her daughter's men.


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