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Beautiful Love Scene with Good looking Zende & Paris. But, then there's.... THOMAS!


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  • Beautiful Love Scene with Good looking Zende & Paris. But, then there's.... THOMAS!

    This young man is so fricken' good looking

    body- = the Whole package and

    most of all he is so awesome kind and

    loyal(most sexxiest)

    I am happy both are finally making AMOR(love)

    But, isn't Paris supposed to be a love interest for the VERY good looking dark long hair, dark eyes, good looking
    ruggedly handsome THOMAS?

    I hope not. I want thomas with some 1 else. Guess time will tell. But, her and Zen was great today. I love her with Zende, i hope they last

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    I found their scenes pretty unremarkable. But truthfully, I find them both to be pretty unremarkable. And in what world do they write testimonials to an employee on a website unless they’re just joining the team or retiring? It seems Paris can’t appear on screen without someone praising her unnecessarily.


    • B-Hold
      B-Hold commented
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      I agree. I see no chemistry between them and the fake praise - ugh.

    • WoodsyLadyM
      WoodsyLadyM commented
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      I've never been impressed by Paris or Zende either. They're both blah characters with no personality or chemistry with anyone.

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    sure hope ' who's the daddy ' story is not coming up, but sure feels that way. Would rather see Thomas with someone else too for sure


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      I don't see any chemistry at all between Paris with Thomas or Zende.


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        I wish some better lighting had been on - those candles and the room were gorgeous though. I can do without Paris, but that Zende and his voice.


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