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Live Thread ~~ 10/19/2021


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  • Live Thread ~~ 10/19/2021

    Hey everyone who's here today..

    Happy Tuesday!

    Hope you all are having a great day so far!

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    Hi Rita, hey everyone!

    I hope everyone is having a great day! I can't wait to see the show today!


    • lovely rita
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      Hi Sweaver!

      This should be a good show today!

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    Hey guys! Continuing from yesterday, should be good!


    • Sweaver
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      Hi jward! Yes it should be good!

    • lovely rita
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      Hey jward!

      It's going good so far today!

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    Carter tells Katie that he is heartbroken and alone again.

    Hope shows up at Thomas's apartment looking for something for Douglas. She see's Paris's clothes on the floor and thinks T has a woman there. He says the clothes are Paris's.

    Paris and Zende continue their memorable night.


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      Bill asking Brooke to help him with Katie. He thinks he's going to lose her for good.

      Carter complaining to Katie about being left alone.

      Hope shows up at Thomas' door to retrieve Douglas' ball.

      She thinks thomas is entertaining a lady because she sees clothes on the floor. Tom says they're Paris' and Hope gives him a big smile.

      Paris and Zende drinking wine in the pool house.

      Thomas tells Hope Paris moved in; they're living together now.


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        Bill is asking Brooke for help with Katie, he thinks he might lose her for good.

        Carter isntelling Katie that he thought he had a future with Quinn, he wanted to run away with her. He says it wasn't love, because she's not here.

        Thomas is at home shirtless, Hope comes in looking for Douglas's football. She sees cloths on the floor and thinks there's a woman there, he says no, those are Paris's.

        Paris and Zende having a romantic night.


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          Thomas makes it sound like he and Paris are a thing when explaining to Hope that Paris moved into his apartment.

          Zende goes over Paris's accomplishments, or something, I wasn't paying attention.


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            Bill continues to talk Brooke into helping him with Katie.

            Carter tells Katie that he wanted to have a turn, being in love. No one sticks around long enough. He thought this time was different, but it wasn't. Katie looks concerned.


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              Bill is desperate. He and Katie hardly speak, he tells Bridge.

              Carter tells Katie he never wanted to hurt Eric or Ridge. He just wanted a turn. Thought this time would be different. Thought he would finally get
              what he was searching for, he tells Katie.


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                Paris set up a scholarship fund at the orphanage Zende came from.

                Bill says he has to get Katie back.

                Carter says he never wanted to hurt Eric, he just wanted a turn. He says no one ever sticks around long enough, he thought he would finally get what he's been searching for.


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                  Thomas lets Hope know that he was just teasing. She catches Douglas's ball when T throws it to her.

                  I guess Paris set up scholarships for kids in Zende's name???? Paris is so wonderful, every day . . making his world the best it has ever been (except Nicole???).


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                    Hope was taken in at first about Paris and Thomas. But he says he was joking.

                    Zende tells Paris she's making his world the best it's been.

                    Bill still trying to get Brooke to help him get Katie back. Ridge says how can Katie trust him. He left a man dead on the side of the road.

                    Carter is far from a single, happy bachelor. Katie points out he's choosing the wrong women. He says looking for love in all the wrong places.

                    Carter says Katie came there to judge him when she had it so good.

                    Katie says you don't know me that well.


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                      Ridge asks how Katie can trust him, who left a man dead on side of road. Bill says he is a changed man.

                      Carter says he is not happy go lucky, he wants love like everyone else. Katie says maybe he wants it too much. He keeps looking for love in wrong places. He admits he tries to force things to work that shouldn't and this tie he hurt people he cares about. He really did think . . . never mind, he says, you wouldn't understand. You came here to judge me, when you have had it so good, he says. She responds that clearly he doesn't know her at all or he wouldn't think she'd had it so good.


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                        Thomas explains to Hope why they're living together, she thinks Zende might be a little bothered by it.

                        Zende says Paris is making the world a better place.

                        Bill sounds desperate while talking to Brooke and Ridge, Ridge seems to be enjoying this. He says how can Katie trust you, you left a man to die on the side of the road.

                        Carter doesn't want to be single, he's not 20, he doesn't want this. He says he keeps looking for love in all the wrong places. He's hurt people that he cares about. He says Katie came here to judge him, she's had it good. She says I've had it good? You don't know me at all.


                        • Appaloosagrl
                          Appaloosagrl commented
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                          I'm with Ridge on this one, LOL! And let's not forget that Bill also had Justin push Ridge out of a helicopter into the ocean...

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                        Bill will do anything to get Katie back, he says. Brooke says if he means it, Katie will see it. He says please talk to Katie for me or something like that.

                        Katie explains that she has lived with a man who breaks her heart over and over again. Bill's words of love aren't backed up by actions. Carter is jealous about having any thing, to be important to somebody. Katie tries to explain how it is for her with Bill.


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