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"Paris, the Self-Sufficient Warrior"? Really, Thomas??


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    Parisr is getting way too much airtime. Her character is a force fit that hasn't worked anywhere. The more she's on, the less people watch. She is definitely NOT a fan favorite and the comments prove that overwhelmingly.


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      Actually liked her at first until she moved in with Steffy. It went downhill from there. Can't stand her character. Never cared for Flo either and we had her shoved down our throats. A criminal who didn't suffer any consequences.


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        At this point I think I prefer Flo to Paris. At least she isn't on every day.

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      You just have to laugh. Paris is nothing but a leech. And a boring leech, which makes it worse.


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        The problem with Paris is that the thing the writers want us to see as central to her character takes place entirely off screen.

        She is supposed to be a good person whose greatest passion is helping people. She is a social worker and she supposedly does wonderful work at the Foundation. But all this has never been shown, even once. There might as well be no Foundation, and Paris might as well not be a social worker. Based on what has been shown on screen, we can discard this aspect of her character altogether because it just isn't there. And then we're left with a character with virtually no character traits besides a talent for popping up in places where she doesn't belong, or doing things she has no business doing. Seriously, that is her one defining trait - she is welcomed everywhere and excels at everything and everybody loves her for it. In other words, she is a textbook example of a Mary Sue.

        Now, if we are supposed to believe she is so passionate about charity work and social issues, the writers need to just STOP having everybody praise her for her amazing off screen work at the Foundation, and instead SHOW her helping ONE CHILD. Then I will believe it.

        She also needs to have some actual feelings. So far, Paris virtually only ever has one of two emotions (and I use that term very loosely), "smug" and "thinking a guy is hot". That's not much in terms of an inner life.
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