Wardrobe, Sets, Makeup, Hair, Music, Props etc Week Ending 9/24 [MERGED]


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  • JCmojoe81
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2006
    • 13699

    Wardrobe, Sets, Makeup, Hair, Music, Props etc Week Ending 9/24 [MERGED]

    Wardrobe, Sets, Makeup, Hair, Music, Props etc Week Ending 9/24. Have a great week
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  • klalala
    Executive Poster
    • Jan 2007
    • 4294

    From one woman to another, Rena Sofer and her baby blues are absolutely exquisite! She has really taken care of herself over the years. So proud! <3
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    • Nikki7447xoxo
      Contract Poster
      • Sep 2019
      • 2802

      Whether Thomas has a nice fade on the sides, short hair style to longer (neck length) sporting a man-bun, he look great!

      Matt, Thomas Forrester imo is a ruggedly handsome, good looking man. I've missed him, alot while he was not on the show for weeks."

      We need more of Thomas on. Less Liam. (LOL)

      I like his hair hangin' today! Great he was on for the entire epie & yes, i do love Scott Clifton(Liam) most times, when he is not hurting Steffy,

      but glad Matt (supposedly will be on more in a new SL.) Adios.
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      • Quintessential
        Senior Board Member
        • Aug 2016
        • 1829

        I think all the ladies hair is too long except Paris and Hope's. Just a couple weeks ago Brooke and Quinn's hair was looking gorgeous especially Quinn's. Then suddenly their hair is down to the middle of their back. It's like what happened?


        • Terileeh
          Senior Board Member
          • May 2014
          • 1956

          They seriously need to do something with Paris's hair. The swim cap look doesn't suit her. I've pictures of the actress with long hair and she's beautiful. Why do they dress her like a clown. I feel sorry for her.


          • Theresa_Fan
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Jul 2007
            • 65056

            Rena has looked amazing everyday this week.

            Gorgeous Steffy in blue with her hair looking gorgeous.

            Love Katie's black shirt.

            Carter looks sexy to a tee.

            Ridge looked nice in the suit.

            No idea what Paris is wearing.


            • zenstella
              Senior Board Member
              • Apr 2009
              • 2086

              Yes! They FINALLY changed clothes on Ridge! He looks quite handsome in the gray suit, white shirt!!


              • prpnc
                • Jul 2006
                • 5166

                Hair people must have been in a rush today. Poor Steffy's hair looked awful!!


                • jasonk
                  Aspiring soap scribe
                  • Aug 2007
                  • 11142

                  What in the world was Paris wearing with that blue and white cutouts/ties outfit? That slit looked like it ran from the hem up to navel level. Hope she was wearing underpants. It looks like the cameraman was embarrassed for her -- after he got one or two flashes of the whole dress he started filming her exclusively from the waist up, never another shot (double meaning intended).


                  • debbymac
                    • Mar 2019
                    • 46

                    On Thursday or Fridays show Paris is coming down a set of stairs in Stephanie's house. There is some picture of Hawaii on the wall behind her. I've never seen anyone come down stairs in that house. I rewound it to see where they entered or connected to the living room but after it showed Paris on the stairs, the camera cut to her coming into the living room from the front door area.


                    • JTDMom
                      JTDMom commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I remember Katie being on those stairs when Bill locked her upstairs in an old storyline.

                    • Terileeh
                      Terileeh commented
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                      There is second story single room. Bill locked Katie in it. Liam stayed up there when Hope sent him to live with Steffy, Kelly and Pheobe. Look at the aerials, it's there and so is the guest house.

                    • joncharmed93
                      joncharmed93 commented
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                      Those stairs have always been there. Bill locked Katie in the attic and Quinn and Bill had sex in the upstairs bed room. Your probably not remembering the stairs there because it's been a while since anyone has actually used them. Steffy has mostly been sleeping downstairs.

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