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  • lovely rita
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jun 2014
    • 15455

    SPOILER! SOD - Quinn/Ridge/Justin Spoiler


    Ridge asks Justin to follow Quinn!

    He wants to find out what's really happening!
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  • Quintessential
    Senior Board Member
    • Aug 2016
    • 1829

    Omg why am I not freaking surprised? Why the heck couldn't Ridge ask Justin to follow Sheila? Ridge continues to stay Brooke's lap dog. He doesn't even have time to be concerned about his own child or his own grandchild's safety ridiculous.

    This is about as good as a spoiler that Thomas is back and Douglas is back so they can have a little powwow with mommy Hope.

    I don't know why Bell won't listen to me ???

    Thanks for the spoiler although I'm not happy with it not one little bit. Maybe an addendum will come out Ridge asks Justin to follow Quinn and Sheila. Yeah when pigs fly I know.


    • nykarenb
      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
      • Nov 2009
      • 9719

      This is the stupidest damn spoiler. You mean to tell me that Sheila is circling his daughter and her family like a shark and his focus is his father’s love life decisions? What a jackass. You have the shadiest lawyer in LA at your disposal and this is how you use him? Come on writers. Do better.


      • brenda08
        Day Player
        • Jan 2021
        • 230

        This is too much! Justin has better things to do


        • ShesAllThat
          ShesAllThat commented
          Editing a comment
          thank you!!! i wanted his fine self back on screen but not for this mess!! why doesn't ridge hire a PI!!
      • Littleman16
        Contract Poster
        • Jan 2014
        • 2548

        Ridge hires Justin? The same man who held his son in a cage recently? ?


        • Nick Fallon fan
          Nick Fallon fan commented
          Editing a comment
          Justin swore loyalty to Ridge in exchange of not going to prison, Thomas agreed to that
      • Belindaa
        Contract Poster
        • Apr 2010
        • 2678

        Thanks for the spoiler! Boy, it's really going to hit the fan when other characters find out about this. Hopefully Ridge can talk some sense into Eric.


        • lovely rita
          lovely rita commented
          Editing a comment
          You're welcome for the spoiler, Belinda. The only saving grace about this is if Ridge can get through to Eric
          why what he's doing, makes no sense!
      • B-Hold
        Day Player
        • Nov 2012
        • 8751

        Well that's a waste of Justin.


        • Sunspots
          Board Regular
          • Sep 2017
          • 1120

          Aww bummer! I was hoping we'd get Ridge and Justin doing something with Bill. Instead Justin is going to follow Quinn. All because Eric forgave Quinn for having an affair and Ridge of all people cannot understand this and we're to believe that Ridge has nothing better to do or worry about, especially with Shelia in town, than his dad's marriage? So stupid. It is like watching a bad after school special!


          • soapfn4life
            Day Player
            • Aug 2021
            • 207

            Really Quinn? That's what Ridge is worried about? As many times as Ridge has taken Brooke back and vice versa, he can't understand why Eric would take his wife back?


            • Nick Fallon fan
              Nick Fallon fan commented
              Editing a comment
              Unfortunately Quinn is not Brooke, normal standard don’t work for that witch
          • soapfiction
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Mar 2012
            • 14551

            He needs to stop wasting Justin’s time….no need to follow Quinn, because Eric has given her permission to step out. What Ridge needs to be doing is minding his own business.


            • PeaceOut
              Contract Poster
              • Dec 2011
              • 3087

              All the months we did not see Justin, this is what they came up with? This is a complete joke. And this Quinn obsession Bridge has, is also rediculous


              • TooFree4You
                Contract Poster
                • Jan 2019
                • 3403

                Not sure why my response was deleted
                A previous spoiler said someone would be blackmailed. Ridge has let the cobra in the hen house. Justin can hold this over Eric and the Forrestor family. Eric set the open marriage in motion so where’s the bombshell? Katie will know. It’s all just stupid .


                • Flowercity79
                  Soap Addict
                  • Oct 2017
                  • 6612

                  Lame. Ridge is such a disappointment


                  • catmommy9
                    Contract Poster
                    • May 2005
                    • 2790

                    Ridge should pay Justin to befriend Sheila and gain her trust. I’m pretty sure they don’t know each other, so it could look like a random meeting at a bar or something. Then he goes to Ridge with any dirt he picks up. But what if they fell for each other, or maybe Sheila gets fixated on Justin. That would be a lot more interesting than what they are doing now.


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