What happened during Sheila's Last Visit?


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  • bailey1995
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    What happened during Sheila's Last Visit?

    I can't remember when or why she came back to LA. Was it during the whole Bill shooting story line? I remember her working as a server at the restaurant they all frequent but I don't think she caused much havoc. And then all of a sudden she was gone.
  • joncharmed93
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    • Apr 2012
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    Katie and Quinn were feuding because Katie moved in next door. One day at FC Charlie left his gun in the side office and Katie picked it up when arguing with Quinn and pointed at her. Katie didn't shoot Quinn, but Eric was not pleased. Then suddenly someone was poping gunshots off at Quinn when she was standing on the balcony outside the mansion. They first suspected it was Katie as the shots came from her direction, but Katie begged that she was innocent.

    When Katie was taken in for questioning, Quinn saw another person running around Katie's house. Quinn went over to the house and found Sheila was there. When Quinn told Eric about Sheila, Sheila was immediately arrested as everyone suspected it had to have been Sheila. Shelia almost went to prison until Deacon revealed himself to be the shooter.

    During her time on the show, Sheila wanted Eric back from Quinn. She ambushed Pam and Charlie and got Charlie to help spy on Quinn until she found out that Quinn and Ridge had an affair. Sheila exposed Quinn and Ridge and helped Eric move out of the mansion. Quinn found out that Sheila knew where Eric went and confronted her. Quinn thought she saw a gun and immediately told Liam and Steffy about what was going on.

    Fearing for Eric, Steffy and Liam ran to the hotel to save Eric. Steffy confronted Sheila and during the argument Liam yelled that Sheila had a gun. Steffy threw Liam aside and pulled out her grandmother's pistol and shot Sheila in the arm. Turned out Sheila didn't have a gun at all. Sheila helped Eric cover up the shooting.

    Eric went back to the mansion and eventually decided to give Quinn another chance. Sheila was not happy about this which caused a massive catfight between Sheila and Quinn. Sheila got knocked out and faked serious injury. Eric let her stay at the house so police wouldn't have to get involved. However Eric had doubts about Sheila's condition and called James Warrick back to the show to examine Sheila.

    Right away James knew Sheila was faking, but Sheila blackmailed James with the secret of James stealing meds from the hospital. Sheila continued to fake her illness until she got into another big catfight with Quinn. Eric demanded Sheila leave the house.

    Sheila then made one final scheme, she paid a massage therapist to try and seduce Quinn so Eric will leave her once and for all. However Quinn refused Mateo's advances. Instead of firing Mateo Quinn and Eric came up with a scheme to expose Sheila. Eric pretended to kick Quinn out and put Sheila's portrait on the wall, Sheila was happy at first until Quinn came out. Realizing she had been had she apologized, but swore Quinn would never be faithful.

    After getting banned from the mansion by Eric Sheila worked for fake olive garden (forget the name).

    The last time we saw Shelia Ridge begged her to kill Bill. Sheila gave her classic smile and laugh and disappeared from the show.
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    • TheRealMike
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      • Mar 2012
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      That about sums it up. I also think Sheila disappeared abruptly from the show because Kimberlin decided to run for Congress


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