Quinn was the one who actually got rid of Sheila


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  • joncharmed93
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    • Apr 2012
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    Quinn was the one who actually got rid of Sheila

    Seems the show has completely forgotten what happened when Shelia came back in 2017.

    Sheila was suspected of being the shooter, but it was Deacon trying to kill Quinn.

    Sheila revealed the Quinn and Ridge affair to Eric.

    Sheila covered for Steffy, when Steffy shot Sheila in Eric's hotel room.

    Sheila and Quinn got into a massive beat down in which Sheila faked a serious injury
    Sheila tried to blackmail James about her "condition" until Sheila accidentally outed herself.

    Sheila then tried to seduce Quinn by paying Mateo, a massage therapist to seduce Quinn and get proof of it.

    Quinn refused Mateo's advances and got the truth about Sheila out of Mateo.

    Quinn came up with the plan to oust Sheila to Eric, making Eric realize that Sheila did not change. Eric then banished Sheila from the mansion and demanded she never return.

    Sheila then stayed working at fake olive garden and disappeared after Ridge asked Sheila to kill Bill.

    It was Quinn who finally turned the tables on Sheila and actually got rid of her 3 years ago. I don't know why everyone has forgotten Quinn's ability to handle Sheila Carter.
  • Canuckster84
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    • Aug 2021
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    I don't think Quinn did anything to get rid of Sheila IMO- Kimberlin Brown was making a run for senate in the run-off elections, and she wasn't able to committ to doing new shows, so her s/l jus disappered into thin air.... who knows what would have happened if KB decided to stick around.


    • joncharmed93
      joncharmed93 commented
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      Storywise she did
  • savytabby
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    • May 2014
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    Based on what’s already aired, I don’t think Sheila’s last time on the show is going to be referenced. Everyone iOS acting as if the last time they saw her was after she went to prison for shooting Taylor and Brooke.


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