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How would you have changed recent story lines to make them better?


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  • How would you have changed recent story lines to make them better?

    I'm interested in what you all think would have improved recent story lines. I think the Vinny thing would've been better if we didn't see the accident, and Vinny's body was just found but characters started acting suspiciously. More mystery and suspense that way. What say you, fellow viewers. I'd love to read your ideas.

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    It would have been better IMHO if it wasnt made into a LOPE love story.
    Thomas is the only one that seems to remember that the real victim was Vinny and not Liam


    • Belindaa
      Belindaa commented
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      I agree. I liked Vinny and he deserves to be remembered with more respect.

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    Liam is moved to a state penitentiary in ANOTHER STATE. Hope moves to that state to be closer to Liam.


    • Belindaa
      Belindaa commented
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      And your little dog too! I like Liam and Hope, so I don't want them to leave, but I wouldn't mind them being back burnered for a while.

    • islezeus
      islezeus commented
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      Belindaa well yeah, get them backburned for a long bit, lol

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    I think the Quarter story would have been better if they didn’t junior high school it up with Paris and Zoe. Zoe should have never known Carter slept with someone after they ended. It would just be about Quarter trying to control their desire and return to their lives.


    • Belindaa
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      I think that would've been more effective story telling nykarenb

    • Teaday13
      Teaday13 commented
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      yep, wish Zoe and Paris remembered they are FC employees, not running the show doing whatever they want to, walking into any closed door, making demands, telling your love interests to the head of the company, and the list goes on. They both could have been fired for insubordination.

    • MemMem
      MemMem commented
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      I honestly think that Carter should have fallen in love with Paris.

      It seems to me that Zoe was used to being the princess or Marcia Brady of her family while Paris was a much less whiny Jan Brady.

      I thought Carter and Paris had more genuine warmth and chemistry where real love could grow. Carter's attachment seemed more like a combination of infatuation and knight errant where Zoe was concerned, especially when it was revealed that Thomas was only using Zoe to make Hope jealous and leave Liam.

      I like Zende, but to me, they threw him in the mix with no explanation or follow up over what happened with him and Nicole. It felt forced with him.

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    If the victim was Vinny instead Liam and Hope are being made to be the victims and even worse it's trying to turn them into the star-crossed lovers forgetting all about the victim Vinny and his family.


    • Belindaa
      Belindaa commented
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      Yeah. I like those characters, but the story should be focused on Vinny and the mystery of what happened instead of Lope. I'm also more interested in Bill's part in the story than Liam and Hope's.

    • Quintessential
      Quintessential commented
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      Well I don't like Lope or Liam or Hope so to make the murder mystery all about them when it sounds like Liam wasn't even the killer is just a bit deceptive in my opinion and a waste of my time.

      If they wanted to do a Lope love story they should just call it a Lope love story instead of calling it a murder mystery. I have a few guesses as to why they titled it that rather than saying the Lope love story is going to be central focus for a months.

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    while in jail Liam remembers all of the past few years, he wonders how he couldnt have been there for steffy and Kelly in the beginning, how he and steffy wanted a child and how he was blindsided by Hope and Brooke. How he should have remarried Steffy and co=parented with Hope. How steffy made a mistake and begged and begged for him back, and how Hope just annulled him and married Thomas. How is steffy had been given a 2nd chance, she would have never given up. And how he screwed up cause Steffy having a child with Finn. Liam in jail and Finn baby born, and Kelly telling daddy about her baby brother. Hope whining about Liam is a good guy and he told the truth and Liam telling Hope he wants a divorce. He is in jail and he knows he had a great life with steffy and should have forgiven his wife the way he forgave Hope for annulling him when Beth was dead.

    Finn wants definitive proof of the baby being his cause he remembered something Vinny said to him, and does a paternity test to show he is not the father. he doesnt tell steffy. he finally gets angry about the ONS and says he is not telling steffy, Liam is a criminal in jail. Kelly is visiting daddy in jail with Ridge, and steffy is there to pick up kelly and Liam asks if he can meet kelly's brother. steffy brings him in and Liam sees Steffy, kelly and baby brother and just cries. he wishes her the best of luck with Finn and wishes he had forgiven her. he tells her to go be happy. steffy looks back, and sees Liam's face and she is thrown for a loop.

    Baby boy is with kelly at Bill's while steffy is picking up kelly, and Bill holds baby boy and says you are quite handsome. he sees baby boy do something and is stunned, cause Liam did the same thing as a baby. he asks steffy are you sure this kid is Finn's. Steffy says whatever. she tells Finn that Bill said the baby did something like Liam. Finn gets mad and tells steffy she knows she remembers the ONS and thinks of Liam. Liam gets sick in jail and needs a bone marrow transplant, and nobody is a match. Finn wonders if baby boy is a match, but says nothing. steffy decides to test baby boy and he is a match for Liam. Finn says yes it is Liams kid, and Liam is out for surgery and dreams his wife is walking to him with 2 kids. He thinks Hope and he must have another baby and then poof, it is steffy, kelly and baby boy running to him. he wakes up and says that kid is mine. steffy says yes it is true finn told her, liam gets out of jail and steam get married.


    • viennagirl
      viennagirl commented
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      And then Taylor wakes up and sighs. Thomas is there and asks his mother what is wrong.

      Taylor tells him that she just had a fantastic dream but now she woke up and reality has hit her again. She remembers now that Bill has never met Liam as a baby and only learned that Quinn didn't have an abortion when he met his adult son.
      But dreams don't have to make sense, do they?

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    I think the Vinny death would have worked better as a mystery with viewers wondering who did it. The only problem there is the one I'm constantly bringing up, there isn't a contracted actor playing a cop on this show. That's something the other three soaps have so they can do something like this, but for this to work it has to center on the investigation part which wasn't going to happen. But it would have been a better way to handle it, having us know Liam hit him with his car and Bill tried to cover it up wasn't a good mystery at all. In fact, it fizzled big time because suddenly the SL isn't about Vinny being the victim but Lope being the victims, which just doesn't work at all.

    Quarter, should have been about a tempestuous affair. That both want to try to put behind them but can't. No, Carter telling Zoe about it, while her and Paris get up on high horses wanting answers. This made the whole thing quite stupid and anti-climatic. No movement of characters just same stupid stuff. Would rather Carter have felt so guilty he refused to reconcile with Zoe and he decided to leave FC to take a job that's offered to him as Assistant DA, now this would be interesting given the Vinny murder which will eventually have to be prosecuted whoever is accused.

    Katie and Thomas would have become confidantes after he decides to let go of Hope and wants her to be happy. Katie's not sure she can go back to Bill given all the abuse she endured in the past despite what her family believes. Will and Douglas like each other a great deal and Bill has issue with the fact that Katie is spending so much time with someone like Thomas. But Katie is the one whose there for Thomas after Vinny is killed. She knows that Thomas wasn't involved because they had both taken the boys to the movies that night together, they had spent the entire evening together. Bill and Brooke start to see the bond growing between them not liking it one bit.

    Ridge starts to turn to Shauna once more but only as a friend because of Brooke's growing paranoia over Thomas. The other woman becomes his trusted confidante over time. This is something that has Flo concerned but Shauna realizes that something else is bothering her daughter as well. Turns out Flo along with Lope, Bill and Brooke has no alibi for the night Vinny was killed. But Flo didn't know Vinny or did she? Could an unexpected twist be in the works?
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      The murder mystery

      I would have killed off Flo during a fashion show. The lights go out and there's a gunshot. When the lights come back up, Flo is laying in a puddle of blood. As investigators begin looking into it, they learn that Flo had several intense conversations with various characters on canvas.

      The gun was registered to Bill. He claims it was stolen. However, the police don't believe him and they place him under arrest. Katie is questioned and reveals that Bill threatened Vinnie's life and a theory emerges that Flo was not the intended victim. He is charged with manslaughter. Brooke makes it her mission to save her former love. Ridge is not pleased and begins to spend time with Quinn, who is dealing with the shocking revelation that her eldest son, Finn, is in LA and involved with Steffy.

      Steffy is enraged as Brooke tries to lay the blame on Thomas for the murder. She vows to make her stepmom pay for spreading lies about her brother. Hope agrees with her mother that Thomas is the most likely suspect, causing a rift between the women.

      Katie and Thomas begin flirting with one another much to the chagrin of Steffy, Brooke, and Bill.

      As Bill's trial begins, it comes out that the killer is....Steffy. Her accident left her with some undetected head injuries that made her blackout


      • GHKissOff
        GHKissOff commented
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        I like it except I'd change the killer, I'd have it be Zoe since the actress is leaving the show before long. I'd also make it that Flo was indeed the intended target not Vinny. Zoe was tired of Flo getting a free pass over the baby switch while getting a great life while her father still sat in jail and she was still judged for what went down while Flo got to just skate by. Zoe stole the gun say a part thrown at the Spencer mansion or something and Bill didn't notice it was missing. Zoe didn't care that Bill was blamed because Bill was one of those who continued to judge her harshly along with Thomas while praising Flo. So, yes Zoe went off the deep end and would give the actress a chance to do some great acting before being written out.

      • davidtomshoney
        davidtomshoney commented
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        I like your version better than my own! We should be writing BB LOL

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      I have one simple request that would stop my annoyance of most of these characters!!! stop talking about your "sin" over and over and over...we have to keep it a secret - but by all means, leave the door open, and talk about it every 5 minutes. I would like the characters to grow a memory as in real life, when you make a mistake - learn from it!!


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        Well, the only recent storylines have been Vinny's death and Quarter, so here goes...

        First of all, I'd have done an actual murder mystery, with both a murder and a mystery. If I could choose the victim I'd have chosen Flo, not Vinny, but if we stick to Vinny's death, I'd have made Bill's strange and incriminating behavior deliberate (because nobody is that stupid). I'd have all of the current story development be a red herring. Let's say Bill manipulated Kelly's paternity test and is actually the father. Vinny worked in the lab and found out and decided to confront Bill threatening to expose him, thus giving Bill a motive to get rid of Vinny. Bill doesn't want to risk destroying his family by everyone finding out the truth, and devises a plan. He tells Vinny he needs him for an "acting job" and offers him an insane amount of money to pretend to be hit by Liam's car. Bill and Liam go to Brooke's house together that night. Bill deliberately drinks enough that he won't be able to drive (it was commented on screen how strange it was that Bill let Liam drive that favorite car of his). Then, Bill leaves Brookes and goes to tell Liam they need to go home (instead of letting Liam decide when it's time to leave). But by then, Bill has called Vinny and told him to expect them within minutes and fake the accident (thus motivating Bill's extremely strange idea to destroy Vinny's phone). Liam approaches with the car, Vinny throws a sandbag onto the road, Liam hits it, Vinny lies down on the road, Liam gets out believing it was Vinny he hit, tries to call 911 but faints (which is an unusual reaction but less strange if Liam was in fact drugged by Bill, or if Bill induced the fainting in some other way). Bill puts Liam in the car, tells Vinny to stay put until they have driven off, steals the phone and wallet that contain the incriminating information on Bill, gets rid of the sandbag, gets in the car and drives away, running over Vinny as he goes.

        The idea here is that Bill knows from the start that he and Liam may eventually be arrested, but that once everything is "cleared up" it will look like an accident and all of Bill's manipulations will seem like a stupid panic response when they were in fact deliberate. Also, honest Liam will testify that he was the one driving the car when Vinny was hit. Bill is counting on both of them ultimately getting away with no or minimal prison time, instead of Bill spending the rest of his life behind bars for premeditated murder.

        The fallout would be huge if Bill actually deliberately killed Vinny in this scenario. And it explains some plot holes, like why Vinny was even by the side of the road in the middle of the night (at a stretch of road which Bill was extremely familiar with since we were told he jogged past it every morning), why Bill suddenly let Liam drive his favorite car (which he had never done before), why Bill even accompanied Liam to Brooke's house (he had really no good reason to pay a visit to Brooke, and no real reason to drink while there, since Brooke doesn't even drink herself), why Bill destroyed Vinny's phone even though that made it look less like an accident and more like a crime, and so on.

        Besides, Bill being in prison could bring back the other part owner, Karen, to run SP in his absence. She is still trying to cope with the death of her only child and wants to reconnect with her grandson after being cut off with him for so long, and is shocked to hear him calling Hope "mommy". She could become friends with Katie.

        As for the other storyline, Quarter, I'd develop it this way:

        Slow it down. Have Quinn and Carter fight a mutual attraction for a while, and then let them carry on a sexual affair for some time without getting found out. To raise the stakes, give Eric a heart problem and a health scare, so he may or may not survive the shock of finding out. Make Ridge the one to discover the affair and put him in the position to choose whether to risk his father's health (or life) by telling him the truth or letting Eric live a lie. Have Eric pick up on the tension between former best friends Ridge and Carter. Eventually, he discovers the truth and drops dead. The family turns on Quinn and Carter, blaming them for Eric's death. Eric's will reveals that he leaves the mansion and a significant part of his FC stock to Quinn, and all of Eric's children go to court to fight her for the business and the family home, bringing home all the long lost Forrester children. There is suspicion that Eric's will may be a fraud, but nobody can prove it. Until Sheila (who has been working at Il Giardino all this time) comes forward, revealing that she has overheard a conversation at the restaurant between Quinn and her lawyer... Carter! ... where they secretly alter Eric's will (after Eric disinherited Quinn during the time they were having problems). Quinn and Carter go to prison and the Forrester family is in the uncomfortable position of Sheila having saved their legacy.
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          What I can honestly say is I’m rapidly losing interest in both storylines due to the writing. Quarter could have been a great sexy and steamy summer story; but they inserted Zoe, Paris, and Shauna and it’s been downhill ever since. The non-murder non-mystery rapidly devolved into an all sad sack Liam all the time story, as if we needed him leading yet another story. He just stopped whining and crying about the ONS; now this.


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