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ADVISORY: Copied spoilers, deleted threads, and more [Merged]


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  • ADVISORY: Copied spoilers, deleted threads, and more [Merged]

    We are having an ongoing problem with spoiler information being copied, word for word, from other sites! This is copyright infringement (illegal) and is strictly and specifically prohibited on this site!

    Per the guidelines:

    Posting spoilers (or any other content) verbatim (word for word) from other web sites or publications is not permitted. Please see the PROHIBITED CONTENT section below for more information.

    Changing a word or two is not enough; spoiler information needs to be completely rephrased by the poster.

    Posters who create topics with copied information will have their topics removed and will also risk having a ban placed on their account.

    This is not a sudden or arbitrary policy; it is specifically prohibited in the site's guidelines and, as mentioned earlier, it is illegal and we have even had complaints from those whose content has been used inappropriately.

    Moore ideas
    SOC Moderator
    Please email me with questions or comments.

    Dumbledore to Harry:
    "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

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    ADVISORY: Deleted threads

    Today, 11:15 AM

    Firstly, please don’t start threads asking WHY your threads got deleted. Make sure you email Mods using the email link on their posts. Most threads are being deleted because they are TOO VAGUE! For example: Ya'll Need To Figure Out Whether You're THIS BEACON of Morality
    Who is this about? It actually sounds like it’s directed at other posters. Reading the post it’s clearly about the moral dilemma for Liam and Hope. So a title should read *Liam and Hope’s moral dilemma.* Posters then know they are going into a thread about those two characters.
    Just a reminder to follow the link and read the board rules found on the right hand side at the bottom of the page under *HELP.*
    Starting threads questioning deleted posts is actually a violation of the board rules.
    Laura23, Moderator of BnB/Days Forums, Board questions? please Email me!


    • Shellyinphx
      Shellyinphx commented
      Editing a comment
      Many of the people making threads on this board are seasoned posters, which means they have been around long enough to have seen multiple board advisories on vague titled threads among other things. Yes, it would be great if the volunteer moderators could email every single person who posted a thread that was against board guidelines but we just can't because we would be doing nothing else. If I can't tell exactly what your thread is about without going in it, I will delete it

    • trish5460
      trish5460 commented
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      I have clicked on contact to ask why some threads I have started have been deleted and received no response from moderators.. The posts were not vague and I was just questioning what was wrong with them.

    • belle_
      belle_ commented
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      Sorry I can't find that "email me" link top message mods directly so thought I'd say it here - the DOOL board has banned bashing of the writers. I think this forum could benefit from that too. The constant "Bell this, Bell that" gets completely out of hand.

      re: the link - I can't see any signature at all on mod posts. Is there something I need to change in settings? It shows you're a mod, but otherwise the comments are normal.
      Last edited by belle_; July 31, 2021, 01:15 AM.

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    Use of emojis should be very sparing and not done to be mocking either the characters, storylines or other posters opinions. Along with fonts, don’t overuse changing to giant size or use excessive emojis in your topics and replies. These can seem baiting to other posters.
    Laura23, Moderator of BnB/Days Forums, Board questions? please Email me!


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      Why was my thread about The banker Nick borrowed money from deleted? It didn't contain any spoilers.

      Also. I have gotten another thread I made several years ago about Sunset Beach deleted. Why?


      • RedheadTeacher
        RedheadTeacher commented
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        If you have questions, send an email to one of the moderators. Laura's post, just above yours, gives her email link.

      • Moore ideas
        Moore ideas commented
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        There are numerous reasons why a topic might be removed. It may have been a duplicate of an existing conversation, it may have had a vague title, it may have gone downhill quickly with violations by other posters, it may have contained violations in the original post, etc., etc. We do NOT answer these questions on the forums, because (1) that's not what this space is for and it would pretty much be given over to questions about individual removals, and (2) it's no one else's business why a topic or post was removed. Please click on any post made by any moderator (a post, not a comment) and click onto "email me" at the bottom of their post. This is a hotlink to the moderators' emails and you can ask your questions directly and privately.

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