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Do you think Shauna and Quinn have pulled this con before?


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  • Do you think Shauna and Quinn have pulled this con before?

    They just seem a little too good at duping Ridge into a marriage he never wanted. There's much we don't know about Shauna and Quinn's earlier days, so I wonder if they were pulling cons on rich men back then. I also wonder if Ridge was only drunk or if Shauna might have put something else in one of his drinks. I would put nothing past her or Quinn.

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    You may be on to something Belindaa
    All we know is what they said about their past.
    Wyatt even said once that he and his mom had to leave Vegas 'quickly',
    so there is no telling what Quinn had done, or who was after her.

    Quinn has shown that she can't be trusted since her character's inception and
    I put NOTHING past her or Shauna. You said it first, but I feel the same. LOL

    I am glad they did whatever they did together so they can get caught together.


    • Anotherwoman
      Anotherwoman commented
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      I think you are right. It is probably how they lived. Another thing, when you get married in Vegas you can't just rush in to a wedding chapel and do the deed unless it is fraudulent. You have to go downtown and get a license. There is usually a waiting line and they are not open 24 hours. A ceremony doesn't mean you are married. I got married in Vegas. I know how it is done if it is legal.

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    Ridge is now a drunk so it wouldnt be hard at al to manipulate him.


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      Wyatt already said a few things about what Quinn did, so I think they certainly did. With both their kids carrying their burden.


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        Would I have a hard time believing they might have run a con together before? No, probably not. But this specific con? I dunno. There are too many factors--the divorce papers that were signed but not filed, for instance--that just wouldn't come up often enough for it to be a con anybody could run all that often.


        • Camille78
          Camille78 commented
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          I agree with you. They've probably run cons before, but not this particular one.

        • nykarenb
          nykarenb commented
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          I co-sign this. I’m not sure this is a con, per se, since I don’t think Shauna is looking for cash for an annulment. I think the lie is the divorce papers. I wouldn’t be shocked if QUINN had them filed not long after they were signed. Ridge was living at her house at the time and she could have easily taken them. If she did, the 6 month time frame would have been met and the divorce is real. That will be too funny, but oh well. Brooke total meltdown in 5...4...3....

        • Anotherwoman
          Anotherwoman commented
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          Another thing about getting married in Vegas, a minister or officiant must be registered and file paperwork at the clerk's office later. A license and all.

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        lucky shauna didnt know storm was the father - she would have been bleeding him dry for years


        • Anotherwoman
          Anotherwoman commented
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          But maybe she did that with some other poor sap?

        • Boldfan4ever
          Boldfan4ever commented
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          Good point!

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        Originally posted by CouchCruisin' View Post
        You may be on to something Belindaa
        All we know is what they said about their past.
        Wyatt even said once that he and his mom had to leave Vegas 'quickly',
        so there is no telling what Quinn had done, or who was after her..
        Wyatt said it had been about their jewelry business,

        but I wouldn't be surprised if Quinn has pulled another con in her life too (we had the strange SL with the former diamond owner poisoned intentional or unintentional, had Quinn threatening Deacon with a gun once, had her push Deacon from a cliff, threatening Liam with a sword, pushing Ivy from a Bridge...

        Quinn doesn't have the scruple people normally have.


        Wyatt: Um, and her jewelry business and everything? Well, I helped her out a lot with that. We were dealing with expensive stones, and it can get kind of tricky sometimes, um... you know, people make claims, and, I mean, let's just say we had to leave vegas, uh, quickly?
        Flo: In the middle of the night with -- with no warning whatsoever?
        Wyatt: I know, I know, and I am so sorry about that. All right? I -- I wanted to tell you, but i couldn'T. I didn't want you to get involved in everything that was happening.
        (March 6,2019)


        Lt. Paragan: It's quite suspicious. He was a highly educated gemologist.
        Deacon: Well, he had to be aware that there were dangers when you're handling these kind of stones, right?

        Lt. Paragan: Initially it was assumed that he accidentally poisoned himself. But it is unlikely he would have been so careless. We think someone else was involved.
        (August 14, 2014)

        Ricardo: Wyatt, I can only imagine how surprised you are. I am, too. My heart was never fuller than when I was caretaker of the diamond. It was only out of my reach once -- when I loaned it to you. You have a shared passion and reverence for the... quintessence of this gem. I am at her mercy, as you will be -- the mother of all diamonds. She's yours.

        Ricardo: She's your mother, Quinn fuller. I am at her mercy.
        Quinn: [Chuckles] What is that?
        Deacon: Oh, you didn't think your buddy Ricardo was gonna let you get away with it, did you?
        Quinn: Dude, you made that video.
        Deacon: Hey, listen. The message was there, okay? I just uncovered it.
        (August 15, 2014)

        Quinn: I want you with me, not against me. And that can't happen if you don't trust me.

        Deacon: Trust the woman holding a gun on me? What is going on in that head of yours?! What are you up to?
        Okay, I got to ask, all right? How did you -- yeah, crazy pants -- ever -- ever get a gun?
        Quinn: It's my second-amendment right, and I've had it for years -- a woman alone with a young son.
        (August 18, 2014)


        • PeaceOut
          PeaceOut commented
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          Wyatt and Flo both know when something is off regarding their mothers, but they rather not know or hope it's not that bad. When Wyatt found out his mother had sold fake jewels, he had to fix all the financial administration stuff that she had messed up. Flo also knew that Shauna was not just back to see her. Really annoying when you have selfish parents, and your the one who has to fix the mess. And they constantly put you in embarrassing situations.
          I guess i understand why now was the time to put Wyatt/Flo back together; they are going to need each other's support.

        • viennagirl
          viennagirl commented
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          ITA that neither Wyatt nor Flo have it easy with their mothers and their mother's advises/ role model.

          Wyatt often had to take care of his mother and had to make up for that "her people skills were skewed" (Wyatt's description),
          but concerning the "gems scheme", we had Wyatt admitting that he had gone along with his mother's actions because they had it rough at that time (Wyatt not fixing anything then).


          "Wyatt: Okay, um, one time when it got really rough, mom sold some gems that weren't exactly what she claimed they were.
          Hope: That's awful.
          Wyatt: I know.
          Hope: Did you know about it? I mean, did you have any part?
          Wyatt: It wasn't my idea, but I didn't exactly stop it, either. I mean, we were barely surviving, and I just -- I went along with it.
          Look, I have never done anything like that since I met you, okay? And I regret ever doing it. Just, I want you to know who I am. You know, who I was and who I am now are two different people. And the difference is...you.
          (Jan 23, 2014)

        • CouchCruisin'
          CouchCruisin' commented
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          Thank you for the recaps viennagirl . I really appreciate them. I agree with you and PeaceOut .

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        These two seemed to have cooked this up down to the divorce papers being filed the night
        Shauna and Ridge got married. Wish Eric would speak up to Quinn at least and Ridge needs
        to stop drinking pronto. He is not in control with only a couple of drinks.


        • #9
          Probably. I hope when this is discovered Eric leaves Quinn, give her 20 million and just let her walk away in the sunset and Quinn hits up Thomas. They will break the headboard.

          Shauna can grab her daughter, he'll take Wyatt sorry self with them back to Vegas. They can live off his money, he so dumb he do whatever they want.


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            Im thinking yes. both Quinn and Shaunna are cons. let the games begin.


            • #11
              wondering the very same thing !


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                I love it. We finally have 2 girls who are friends and not rivals. I don't care how they got Ridge away from Brooke. I just want them to be over. I really don't know how I feel about Shauna. I hate Flo so I ff her scenes with Flo.


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