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will Wyatt eventually regret throwing Sally away ?


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  • will Wyatt eventually regret throwing Sally away ?

    Do You think Wyatt will eventually regret throwing Sally away for Flo? At first I loved Sally and Wyatt when they got together originally I know they moved fast but they seemed to have really gotten to love each other and I think they were Happy and in a real good place and Sally seemed like a good woman for Wyatt I really think Wyatt will eventually regret throwing Sally away for someone like Flo I think he loves Flo but what kind of love I don't know yet True Love and she is his true one and only or did he just get caught up in having her in his life again and Quinn and Shauna wanting them together and did they push Wyatt and Flo together I Can't Say but I do think Sally treated Wyatt better than any other woman he was with before Sally and before Flo came onto the scene. What do You think? Will Wyatt eventually regret leaving Sally for Flo and How Does His Relationship with Sally differ from his relationship with Flo and do you think Wyatt ever really loved Sally? What Do You Think

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    Probably not. Imo, he's not intelligent enough to regret anything at this point. I think he loved sex with Sally but never truly loved her despite his lies. Flo and Wyatt deserve each other. Hopefully they get married and are written out. When the last time either character did anything of interest?


    • Birthday_Girl
      Birthday_Girl commented
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      I agree. Hopefully, Sally will be freed from Flatt prop duty once she gets her dressing down by Katie.

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    There is nothing to regret, because he does not love Sally the way she wants to be loved. I think the writers made that very clear.


    • NuttyAboutSoaps
      NuttyAboutSoaps commented
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      They have. However, Wyatt handled it in a crummy way, which leaves some viewers hoping for remorse on his part.

    • PeaceOut
      PeaceOut commented
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      I honestly don't see how people come to that conclusion. He can show remorse just fine and apologize for disappointing her, but that does not have to mean a reunion.

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    Wyatt is saying Sally who? Now that he’s back with his high school sweetheart Flo. Hopefully Sally will reunite with Thomas


    • ClassyIrishLass
      ClassyIrishLass commented
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      He's a psychopath! I really hope they don't put her with him, she deserves so much better.

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    Wyatt treated Sally shabbily. He promises her things while he has already reunited with Flo. Some people get caught up in the past and that’s what Wyatt is doing living in the past . Flo isn’t who he remembers or at least how he remembers her but he’s not the first sap to do that.

    I actually hope for Sally and Thomas that makes for an more interesting pairing than boring Flatt. Hopefully Flatt fades into the background or goes back to Vegas.


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      Wyatt was a real jerk. So I say that he would totally deserve being disappointed by Flo


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        Yes, Sally let him down because she blabbed to Thomas about Lope's personal problems and because of THAT Wyatt dumps her and starts dating Flo who was keeping a BIG secret from him for months. She let him and everyone else believe that she gave up a baby for adoption, that's sick. Anyway, when the truth comes out obviously Wyatt leaves her and moves on, goes back to Sally and propose that should've been it, Wally moving forward, but no instead with very crappy writing, Wyatt all of a sudden feels insecure and threatened by Sally/Liam history, WHAT history? they were never a couple to begin with. LOL. So, Sally spends more time at the office while Wyatt continue to think the worst...oh yeah, I almost forgot Sally calls him Liam and Wyatt was "Okay, I'm done with her." Flo returns from wherever she went and forgives her, kisses her, that was really awful, how Wyatt could just break up with Sally and then goes back to another woman who lied to him. That wasn't enough, so they had to trash Sally and have her tell a disgusting lie even more than Flo's. It's just frustrating and disgusting with how much they tried still doing ruining Sally and Wally's history so stupid Flatt can have their happily ever after. Whatever. I will always be on Team Sally.


        • Birthday_Girl
          Birthday_Girl commented
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          Me too. I hope Sally gets a fresh start and focuses on her career for a while.

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        Sally deserves better. One day perhaps Wyatt will open his eyes and see the despicable loser Flo is.


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          I said it before, but if Wyatt wants happiness with someone without a bad past, he has to drop both girls and has to continue looking for the right girl.

          I haven't been a fan of Sally-Wyatt either.

          The way they hooked up:
          Sally upset about her ex Thomas and getting drunk - Wyatt talking her to his place, just for Sally to point a gun at Wyatt and then fired the gun, showing at a picture of Bill Spencer that had been next to Wyatt's head.
          Wyatt and Sally kissing suddenly - in the episode that had started with Sally firing her gun at Wyatt's place/ next to his head.....

          Sally has not only let her boyfriend down because she had blabbed about the issues in Lope's marriage,
          we had Wyatt upset that Sally knew about Thomas' plan to go after Liam's wife - and Sally did not tell Wyatt about it, but she had texted with Thomas (and Wyatt had read that text).

          Wyatt has dropped Sally twice for his former high school sweetheart, even when Flo too has done something that has hurt Liam greatly (even more than what Sally had done before).


          Wyatt: When you left the office the other day, you left your phone behind. I saw his text to you.
          Sally: [ Sighs ] You saw that?
          Wyatt: Yeah, I did. What doesn't he want you to tell me? He said to make sure that you didn't tell me about something, just to keep it between the two of you.
          Sally: It's thomas' secret.

          Wyatt: So he tells you that he is still in love with my brother's wife, and the only person he could talk to was you, his ex? Like, I-I didn't even know you guys were still that close.

          Wyatt: Except he is seeing this as, like, a sign that they're meant to be together. Am I right? Sally, we are talking about my brother's wife, here.
          Sally: I know. I knew this was gonna upset you.
          Wyatt: Is that why you didn't tell me?
          Sally: No. Thomas asked to tell me something in confidence, and i promised to keep his secret before I knew what he was gonna say.

          Wyatt: Okay, so your promise to him was more important than being honest with me? Sally, you know how much I care about my brother and my family, and you know how worried I was about his marriage. I mean, you were here when-- when he came over to talk to us about it, about him and hope, the distance that they have between each other. And then thomas tells you that he's still in love with her and -- and you don't say anything? Like, how could you do that?
          (May 6, 2019)


          • #10
            Sally has been dumped twice by Thomas and Wyatt so for me they are both crap options for her as a potential love interest.


            • ILoveBizzie
              ILoveBizzie commented
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              Maybe Zende or Carter for Sally would work.

          • #11
            No. He's been decisive about Flo. Ever since she donated her kidney, he acts as if Flo is an angel. He already said that Flo is the love of his life. He just doesn't feel the same way about Sally anymore. Time for her to move on. I think Sally herself even said that Wyatt loves only Flo now.


            • Xyla
              Xyla commented
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              I don't know if he'll regret letting Sally go or not, but his unrealistic vision of Flo may lead him to regret getting re-involved with her. It's like Liam thinking Hope is his damsel-in-distress and she thinking he's her white knight. Those aren't sustainable roles for actual adults. Neither is it realistic for Wyatt to think Flo is whatever sweet teenager he remembers her to be anymore. No one remains exactly the same, and Hope's actions regarding Beth indicate that she certainly didn't. So, yeah, I think he'll end up having to recognize that he can't romanticize away Flo's past--or his, for that matter. But whether that will have anything to do with regretting Sally, I have no idea. I do hope she learns to move past him, however, because as it turns out, that relationship was not a healthy one for her.

          • #12
            The only way Flo would be watchable to me is if she was after Wyatt SPENCER's money. He needs a royal smackdown for the way he treated Sally. Except I would love a scene written in, where he goes back to look up Sally in order to "forgive" her and take her back, she tells him to take his offer of forgiveness and reconciliation and shove them both where the sun don't shine, because she's found a man who treats her with the love and respect she deserve. Then have her introduce Wyatt to her new husband.

            Wyatt is no better than Liam where I am concerned. FLATT is FF material to me. Have no intentions of watching them long enough to watch them zip by on FF. Disgusting duo.


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