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If Sally dies Wyatt should feel guilty.


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  • If Sally dies Wyatt should feel guilty.

    This is coming from someone who was a fan of Wyatt’s early on, but I have to be honest. The way Wyatt treated Sally was terrible and a major reason she was suffering due to stress. I’m not saying Wyatt is to blame, but he should feel like he is. His fake commitment to her to then just leave because she called him Liam accidentally... he was looking for an excuse to go back to Flo. Wyatt’s actions have been indefensible since his relationship to Steffy ended. He used to be a 1 woman type of man and he valued his commitments and stuck by them, but now he’s looking more and more like Liam.

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    The Spencer men are pathetic
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    • Reesiecup
      Reesiecup commented
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      The show would not be the same without the Spencer men.

    • Bill824
      Bill824 commented
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      Not the same doesn’t mean worse

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    When Wyatt first came on the show I liked him too because he seemed to be the opposite of Liam, not a waffler and more sure of his own feelings but looking at him now it's just like looking at the same person. I agree with you, OP, Wyatt used Sally's slip of the tongue as an excuse to do what he really wanted, but didn't have the backbone to do, and that was to go running back to Flo.


    • DallasGal
      DallasGal commented
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      Oh so agree!

      Bell has created a new Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle. Bell has ruined Wyatt.

    • Soapsbarbie
      Soapsbarbie commented
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      DallasGal completely agree!

    • Emerald Greens
      Emerald Greens commented
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      It does seem that way.

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    if sally does we cant blame wyatt - but she wont die anyway - she will come out stronger.


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      It's no wonder Sally slipped and called him LIAM... I mean let's be real.. He's been Liam 2.0 since the blonde baby thief started throwing herself at him.. Flo turned Wyatt into a POS.


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        Many of us presumed that Wyatt was a better man than Liam because we never saw him waffle. Well, that's obviously because he was never in Liam's shoes before.

        The minute he had two women who both wanted him at the same time, Wyatt waffled just as badly as Liam ever did.


        • YDoIStillWatch
          YDoIStillWatch commented
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          This is true. I am disappointed he turned out to do what Liam did in not being honest with Sally about wanting Flo all along. Like Liam he didn't want to hurt her feelings and ended up making things worse. He did make his choice eventually but he found a way to make Sally feel guilty on his way out.

        • PeaceOut
          PeaceOut commented
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          I never saw anything interesting about Wally. It started way too soon after Watie ended. Which was to prop Thorne/Katie.
          Sally was an interlude.

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        I don't see why he should feel guilty? I always saw Sally as a clinger, hard to get rid off. If she is ill, that is not Wyatt's fault.


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          ^^^I don't see why he should feel guilty either. I just hope Sally doesn't guilt him into anything. Hopefully, she won't be so desperate going forward. Wyatt thinks he loves Flo, so that's what we have to go with now. I don't know whether he and Flo will last or not, but I learned very very young in life that you can get your heart broken. It's a part of life and there's no need to take out revenge on someone for breaking up with you or try to trap them. As my dear Dad used to say, "too many fish in the sea" for that nonsense.


          • mariposaa
            mariposaa commented
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            Knowing the show and the fact Spencer men bounce from a to b to c, he's definitely going to pursue Sally at a point. If this is the next version of Steffy, Liam Hope, Wyatt's going to love both.

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          It has always been my theory that when Sally decided to stay at FC instead of following Wyatt to SP, Wyatt still holds that against her. His condition for him to go back to work at SP was that Bill hires Sally and relaunch Spectra. He acted like he was ok with Sally's decision to stay at FC, but he really wasn't. He should have been honest with her about it, unless I missed that part. I missed the part about Sally calling Wyatt "Liam". How did she say it? Did she say it breathlessly? Were they in bed together? Or just normally and it was just a slip of the tongue? My mother always had this habit of saying everyone's name, before the name of the person she was actually talking to. I've been called by both of my sisters name most of my life. She calls my brother by my nephew's name and vice versa. Sally's slip is just an excuse Wyatt uses because he wants to be with Felony Flo. It gave him an out. The fact that he has more of an issue with what Sally did than what Flo did says a lot about him. Sally is better off without loser Wyatt.


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            Wyatt should not feel guilty, he went above and beyond anyone else and was used. but he will feel guilty anyway


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              Here is what Wyatt should feel guilty about, he begged Sally to take him back two times and made her promises of a life together and children. He said he would never leave her no matter how many high school sweet hearts showed up or something to that effect. The minute Katie told him it was ok to forgive Flo he dumped Sally again. He did not forgive her on his own. She had to buy forgiveness with a body part. He was also kissing Flo when he was still with Sally. He is a cheater and a liar. If he hadn't convinced Sally to take him back because he loved her...she would have moved on...she wasn't having panic attacks and stress before that. Wyatt should feel plenty of guilt...he's a horrible boyfriend and worse fiancé. He also got too mad about her choosing to stay at Forester and wanting to make her own way instead of him getting her a line at Spencer. He doesn't want an independent wife...he wants a dishrag who will do whatever he wants her to do...that is why he chooses Flo and that is why Quinn wants him with Flo. Sally would be an challenging daughter-in-law...Flo will do whatever Quinn and Wyatt say she can do. Flo needs to shut her pie hole about two things: stress can be deadly and she told Wyatt Sally's truth but not her own....and breaking into a hospital computer...lock her up. Penny can keep her medical license...the minute Flo tells that Penny was lying...Penny can see if the police want to lock up felon Flo again for breaking into the hospital computer...she has a rap sheet.


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