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The boarding school of forgotten BnB children...


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  • The boarding school of forgotten BnB children...

    Beth, Kelly and Douglas need to go they are inconveniencing the importance of Steffy, Liam and Hope's love life as the front and center plot point. I wonder what Jack, Rosie, EF3, Lizzy and RJ are up to?

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    With all the COViD-19 restrictions, Brad Bell said he is writing out all the children. With all the child labor laws and the higher risks of children not properly social distancing, transmitting, and their parents having to be on set, it makes the whole situation more crowded and difficult. So we won't see any of them on screen for a while unless they are being SORASED, and the actors are over the age of 18.


    • sundein44
      sundein44 commented
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      That is so true.Thank You.

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    I’m going to add Diana carter marone as another child that is ignored by the writers. But she need to be brought back all grown up. Her love needs to be explored. And she should be played by Adrienne Leon. Also Rosie Forrester need to be brought back too.
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      How old is RJ now? He and Hope were close in age before they SORASed Hope.


      • joncharmed93
        joncharmed93 commented
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        RJ should be 20 given he was 16 the last time he was Sora's back in 2016.

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      Children are only used as plot devices on this show.
      Jack Marone is who needs to return, with or without Nick, it would be good to have him look for his biological mother Brooke who has never even mentioned him. He is also Hope and Rick's half brother and they dont care either.


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        i would like to Jack (preferably without Nick) and Dino (preferably with Felicia) to return


        • ncposton
          ncposton commented
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          Does Nick have custody of Jack? Was Brooke his bio mom? I'm having trouble remembering that scramble egg story. They were supposed to use Taylor's eggs, but they used Brooke's right?

        • BrAk5742
          BrAk5742 commented
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          ncposton - Nick has custody of Jack. Brooke's the bio mom.
          Nick and Taylor were supposed to use donor eggs.
          Brooke went in to see if her eggs were still viable and prove to Nick that he didn't need Taylor and she could give him a child, naturally of course.
          Since Brooke still carried Nick's last name, Brooke's eggs were mistaken for the donor eggs when Bridget artificially inseminated Taylor.
          It was a mess!

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        I'm glad to hear this. I really won't miss them. Their sl's are unrealistic imo.


        • Sweetday
          Sweetday commented
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          Ditto! I’m not interested in any kid centric storyline... we have had enough of that for my taste anyway!

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        Originally posted by justinsane View Post
        Beth, Kelly and Douglas need to go they are inconveniencing the importance of Steffy, Liam and Hope's love life as the front and center plot point. I wonder what Jack, Rosie, EF3, Lizzy and RJ are up to?
        EF3 not sure. Feasibly partyin' wit' Jack, who is a real looker i'm sure premised on the parents are, wink.

        RJ i really liked the last one, so much. Talk about great natural chemistry with tv father Thornsten and KKL. I miss him.

        Rosie, i would like on the show too. Maybe 1 day.Not sure what's up wit her


        and i also am not yet wanting' little beth avalon spencer yet SORAS, not yet.
        Kel gettin big so cute!
        I want her to stay for now a toddler under 4 or 5,lil while longer, etc.,
        and i want Dougie to stay as-is. way too cute. i love little actor Henry on the show.Perfect casting choice!for Thomas and mommie-hope son." (Really Caroline son)


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          It might be interesting to have Little D/Eric come out of hiding to meet his sister Hope. He spent so much of his childhood without either parent and at the boarding school. Would he be happy to see her or resentful?


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            EF3 should've been Steffy's love interest long before Dr. Finn showed up. Trust me, I'm glad that Dr. Finn is here now but EF3 being Hope's half brother and not a viable love interest for would've driven Hope crazy. Basically it would've been right up Bell's alley!


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