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How about some CLASSIC TRIDGE episodes!!!


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  • How about some CLASSIC TRIDGE episodes!!!

    Are we really going to get ripped off by not having a classic Tridge week? Seriously writers? There are a TON of Tridge fans who are longing to see some of those great episodes. There are soooo many great ones to show:
    1) The search for baby Phoebe in St Thomas where she was presumed dead.
    2) Morgan keeping Taylor and Phoebe hidden and Ridge crashing through the house to rescue them
    3) Taylor agreeing to let Ridge pretend to love Brooke (in venice) so they could get the company back
    4) Taylor's death scene when Morgan shot her
    5) Taylor returning from Prince Omar
    6) Ridge digging up Taylor's body

    Come on! These were some of the BEST ever episodes and Bell REFUSES to air them because he doesn't want anyone to remember (or newcomers to see) the real Super Couple of this soap: Tridge!

    Really disappointed that none of these great ones are being aired. How about you?

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    its a hard one because then fans will be asking for a BRIDGE week, STEAM week, LOPE week etc


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      The show would never do it, but I would love it!

      ​​​​​​Tridge Week!

      Episode 1: Ridge proposes to Taylor on St. Thomas (1992)
      Episode 2: Ridge and Taylor get married (1992)
      Episode 3: Ridge finds out that Taylor is alive (1995)
      Episode 4: Taylor goes to Ridge (who's on the run), and they conceive Thomas (1997)
      Episode 5: Taylor gives birth to Steffy and Phoebe (1999)


      • Birthday_Girl
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        Agree on everything. I loved the St. Thomas episodes and have re-watched them on YouTube many times. Sadly, Bell will never allow this.

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      I would LOVE a Tridge week! I don’t even care what episodes are chosen.


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        I think it would just highlight the re-writes we currently have - sort of like some of those episodes with Brooke highlighted the re-writes about the "loves" of Ridge's life.

        I wouldn't mind a good family story! Someone had mentioned the Angela Forrester storyline or maybe the Kristin & Clarke stuff - those won't remind of us how bad many of the new re-writes are.

        Or since he knows we love Sally - maybe something with Thorne & Macy - since they aren't around we won't be reminded of the rewrites for Thorne.


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