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if u watch the other soaps whom do u think should win the emmy for supporting actress


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  • if u watch the other soaps whom do u think should win the emmy for supporting actress

    for those that watch the other soaps, whom do u think should win the emmy for supporting actress

    Tamara Braun, GH
    Rebecca Budig, GH
    Susan Seaforth Hayes, Days
    Christel Khalil, Y&R
    Annika Noelle, B&B
    don't watch all these soaps so can't fairly say

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    Since all the actresses from B&B nominated themselves in the wrong category, none of them should win, so either one of the others should win... That's my stance on the matter...


    • SharikaC
      SharikaC commented
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      Actors tend to put themselves in the wrong category, thinking it better their chances of being nominated and winning. I remember a few years ago, there were about 6-8 actresses in the running for best supporting actress. Most belonged in the lead category. Don't remember who won. Seems like the women do that more than the men.

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    The only other performance I saw was Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie (DAYS). She had a transplant storyline that was much better executed than than Katie's boring kidney transplant. SSH should win for the scenes where she goes head to head with Gabi. She also had some nice scenes with her real life husband Bill Hayes.

    Fun fact: Susan Seaforth Hayes was Bill Bell's first choice to play Stephanie Forrester on B&B because he's worked with both her and Susan Flannery on Days of Our Lives in the 70s.


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      That's a tough question. For me, it is between Susan, Annika, and Tamara. Tamara's character is now gone, but she had great scenes when her son on GH was dying, really powerful. Susan has had great scenes too that year, and really showed a range. I also think Annika was great, and she was consistent the whole year. She probably deserves an award just for surviving having the whole show centered around her despite the fact that she was a newbie. I really can't decide, to be honest, but definitely I would pick one of those three.


      • Teaday13
        Teaday13 commented
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        AN does deserve an award for her persistence and extra long working days over the months and months of her storyline, so agree with that for sure.

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      Annika Noelle all the way!


      • Sharkswin
        Sharkswin commented
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        Totally. She was absolutely amazing in the Beth s/l..it really showcased her talent and the depth of her acting ability!

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      My thoughts:

      Susan Seaforth Hayes is a legend in daytime and has never won a competitive Emmy. A few years back, she and her husband Bill got some sort of lifetime achievement award, but that's not the same thing as winning in your category. She may be the sentimental favorite for that reason.

      Rebecca Budig had an amazing run as Greenlee on AMC, but never won the Emmy. Her role at GH is thankless; however, she had good material last year. It might be what it takes for voters to finally acknowledge her.

      Tamara Braun has had much better roles on daytime than that of Kim Nero, including the one on Days that earned her an Emmy years ago. But, her storyline last year on GH was excellent. The character lost her teenage son after a long illness and went batpoop crazy for awhile. She has good material to submit.

      Christel Khalil will probably submit her scenes when Y&R killed off Neil after Kristoff St. John's death. They were heartbreaking because she and Bryton James not only played his kids onscreen - they were also close in real life. It's the type of material that's hard to forget because the emotions are real.

      Finally, Annika Noelle has a ton of material to choose from because she drove the show's only story all last year. The negatives? She is in the wrong category (should have been lead) and she showed the same two emotions in every scene. There may be backlash there.

      To me, it's anyone's race, but the smart money is on Susas Seaforth Hayes. Second choice: Christel Khalil (The deaths of Neil and KSJ were handled really well by Y&R).


      • B-Hold
        B-Hold commented
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        I think either Susan Seaforth Hayes or Rebecca Budig did extremely well in their roles. Either IMO should win.
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      For me its between TB of Gh, Susan from Days and CK from GH. Im sorry but AN didnt blow me away and its probably not even her fault but the story for her, liam and Steffy are so the same every year thats its kind of blah and this year I wasnt really watch her, i was watching douglas. He carried the show for the longest lol I will give the edge to CK because it had to be hard to go in there and perform while grieving the lost of a real life father figure.


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        Despise the character on Days but the actress does a good job making me.


        • #9
          Christel Khalil or Tamara Braun


          • #10
            Anika Noelle deserves to win.


            • ABeth
              ABeth commented
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              No, when doesn’t, imo, because she is a lead actress not a supporting actress, and that is the category that she should have submitted in. It I still not fair to compare other legitimate supporting actress’s scenes against Annika’s lead actress scenes.

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            I think AN will win. Her scenes in January 2019 when she was told her baby was dead were absolutely phenomenal. Even though she should have submitted in the Lead Actress category, I still think she should win. But she does have tough competition from actors whose characters are truly considered "Supporting", like SSH and TB (forgot about the Oscar dying story). And I'm really surprised Scott Clifton did not submit anything for Lead Actor. Even though the story, annoyingly, focused mostly on Hope and her pain, he gave some great performances, both when being told his baby died and realizing Phoebe was really Beth. Maybe he didn't submit because it would have highlighted that AN was in the wrong category and/or maybe he doesn't want to take away from her chances of winning. Don't know, but it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't have submitted. JMHO.


            • Xyla
              Xyla commented
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              I suspect that may have played into SC's decision not to submit. He's already won in the lead category, and typically speaking, once you have, you don't submit in the supporting category--or at least not for playing the same character on the same show. And yes, if he submitted in the lead category, it would have highlighted the fact that AN, on whose character the story his scenes would have to come from was heavily focused, should have submitted in the lead category, too. However, since the show undoubtedly wanted KKL and HT in the lead category, even though they had less airtime than AN (and in HT's case, significantly less airtime), she was probably heavily encouraged to stick to the supporting category, especially since, so far as I know, this is her first nomination of any kind. At the daytime Emmys, newcomers usually aren't put in lead categories even if they belong there--mostly because they infrequently do. Most of the time it takes a little while before someone is thrust into the spotlight so fast, though in AN's case that may be in part because she was a recast. There wasn't any need to take time to establish her character because the character's history was already there.

            • Ella Munroe
              Ella Munroe commented
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              The only way Scott could affect AN's chances of winning would be if he was also in the supporting actress category ?. He submitted in Lead last year and that didn't hurt Jacqui's chances at all since she won. I guess he just didn't feel like turning anything in this year and come to think of it, he may not have had enough material for Lead anyway. He can't just go back to supporting. It doesn't work like that. That's the trouble with a storyline that focuses too much on a single character. Several actors like Jacqui, Scott and Courtney simply decided to sit this one out.

            • Xyla
              Xyla commented
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              Scott and Jacqui both being in lead categories last year made each other's nominations seem logical and appropriate, as they were each other's scene/romantic partners much of the time. Same way with Brooke and Ridge this year. If Scott were placed in the supporting category this year (which his character kind of was) people would wonder why and that could also lead to people asking additional questions about why AN was in supporting, since it would be hard for him to find scenes to submit that weren't dominated by Hope or discussion of Hope, with the exception of him realizing Phoebe was Beth. And realistically, unless all of the judges are unaware of what happened on BB this year, there may already be those wondering why AN is in the supporting category. It wouldn't surprise me terribly if the agents etc. of the other women in the supporting category weren't also not-so-subtly pointing that out, since their career success depends on the success of their clients' careers. I do think there are a number of reasons the show and AN herself might have wanted her in the supporting category, not the least of which might have been to make room for KKL and HT both to be nominated in the lead category, but she still doesn't really fit there in terms of what her character did this year and how much of the show was focused on Hope. It's not appropriate to judge her work against the work of actresses who actually were in supporting roles and would have different kinds of reels to show.

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            I would have to say Susan from Days or Christel from Young and the restless deserve to win they are good and had some good scenes last year. Plus, I love Susan as Julie on days and Christel as Lily on Young and the restless


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              My picks in this category are either SSH (Julie Williams) DOOL, or AN (Hope) on B&B. I only watch these two soaps though.
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                Tamara Braun: Won in the supporting category when she was on Days. Nominated in the lead category as Carly on GH.

                Rebecca Budig: Nominated numerous times in supporting category, when she was on AMC. Don't think she ever won.

                Susan Seaforth Hayes: Not familiar with her. Only saw her on a old Password episode with her husband.

                Christel Khalil: I think she won before in the younger category. Definitely belong in the supporting category.

                Not sure who will win. TB won before, so she's familiar to the Emmy voters. Some may think RB is long overdue. SSH is a long time vet and it may be time to reward her. CK should submit mourning the loss of her TV dad. In fact, I think the show should submit that episode saying goodbye to Neil Winters and his portrayer Kristoff St. John for best show. As I said, I don't think AN deserved to be nominated. Clearly, the past year was just a huge Emmy reel for her.

                Noticed that the actors who won last year in the main acting categories are not in the running this year.
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                  Why is Annika Noelle nominated as a supporting actress? She was lead actress for the entire year! Her and her story was the entire focus of the entire show for the entire year!!! It wasn’t just the lead story, it was the only story! She was one more than any other character. Her storylines sucked up the entire show!!
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