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Is there any pairing with Flo that you would actually enjoy???!


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  • Is there any pairing with Flo that you would actually enjoy???!

    My friend asked me this and I had a hard time thinking. Let's face it Felony Flo is a horrible character. It's not just hurting people with the Beth storyline, it's that she is BORING. Some say she is supposed to be a clone of Hope, but that's not it. Hope has more fire and convictions than she does. Hope also has a BIG fanbase. Away from loser Liam, we seen her be interesting. With Wyatt. Felony Flo has darkened our screens for over a yr and a half and still NOTHING. She acts dead inside. The vacant eyes, the to small outfits and her preaching about honesty makes her just look ridiculous. I am sorry but she was clearly miscast. Yes, the writing has done her no favors at all but who has got good material?

    She came on the same time as Henry and MA. How many great performances have they given? I can count at least ten. KB hasn't done any of that. Look at Courtney Hope? She does every single scene like her life depends on it! So is there any man that would interest you with her? Flatt has been a huge flop. It took us FOUR actors to find the right Thomas, and we had another Ridge. With a different actress it might work. I don't think Bell didn't realize she wasn't going to catch on. She isn't a heroine. She isn't a villain. She isn't a vixen. She just acts like her growth was stunted at 15. Does she have a passion for something? A model? A photographer? A seamstress. Designing jewelery? A doctor? a Lawyer? A zoo keeper? A baker? no. she has no plans for anything,! She wants to get hitched, so she can spend Wyatt money. That 50k is long gone. She spent it on clothes and a car!

    ​​​​​​Lets go down the list

    Liam- I just FF.

    Thomas- I throw up with him stuck with her.

    Ridge- Maybe he might bring something to her.

    Bill- I see her boring him to tears.

    Wyatt- It's only ruining him.

    Eric- Well he isn't even that hard up.

    Carter- I guess he get some screentime but even that would give me a eye roll. He might find her sexy, but he be ready to drop her after a roll in the hay.

    So there is nothing. Liam is her best option.

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    I’m not sure there is a pairing with Flo I would enjoy. I think she would only be interesting with an older man. Similar to the Eric/Donna relationship a little over a decade ago. There’s nothing interesting about her. The only possible matches I see working are Ridge and Thorne (if they bring a new actor in to play Thorne).


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      I forgot Thorne. I hope He'll plans to recast. IR isn't leaving Gh so he is out. Windsor has personal problems so he is out. They need a actor in his late 40s or early 50s. They can change the age of the character depending on the actor.

      Ronn Moss is 68
      Thorsten Kaye is 54

      Windsor Harmon is 56
      Ingo Rademacher is 49

      Pierson Fode is 28
      Matthew Atkinson will be 32

      So sometimes the actor changes age of character
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        What is the problem with her and Wyatt? And how is she ruining him? They are great to me


        • Bill824
          Bill824 commented
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          Lack of chemistry and believability. We only see them talking and kissing, we never see them doing anything fun. Where are the moments, the looks, the laughs? It just feels forced. They’re trying to make us believe in something that we can’t see

      • #5
        the character was ruined when she agreed to pass off Beth as hers. Being a Logan is not a redeeming quality. The kidney transplant was too obvious to work

        she should have been casted as Phoebe back from the dead or Thorne and Macy child ... with a PERSONNALITY Qor a TALENT


        • Bill824
          Bill824 commented
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          Killing off Phoebe was a mistake. She was dynamic and interesting. She was a star. She would have been perfect for Wyatt

      • #6
        I like her with Wyatt.


        • #7
          I would happily see her paired with a one way ticket out of town forever. Other than that, no, there's no one she should be paired with because the character just doesn't work and should never have been anything more than the day player the original baby swap story line needed her to be. Dump her. Now.


          • #8
            Yes the Grim Reaper or a bus or train ticket out of town


            • Teaday13
              Teaday13 commented
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              yep, I was gonna word it a little differently : Flo and stage left exit never to return. a one way ticket to LV would be fine too

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            Thomas and Flo could be fun because they are a lot alike. Always boo hooing when their sins catch up with them, and always manipulating. It would be fun to see them scheme and connive together, and then eventually turn on each other. I mean, I'd rather Flo just left town, but that isn't going to happen, so at least let her show her true colors instead of giving us the saint routine for that character. It just doesn't work.

            I hate Flo with Wyatt. His character has been ruined because of the writing for the dumb Flo/Wyatt/Sally triangle. I want Wyatt to get back together with Sally or Katie.


            • Lakergirl 04
              Lakergirl 04 commented
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              How are Thomas and Flo alike? Thomas is interesting, compelling has charisma and you watch him rather you like him or not. The ONLY female that compares is Sally. So Tally works. Even CH said that Thomas was her first love, and they should reunite and be a dream team as designers. Which could start there own fashion house. Wyatt is a loser just like his brother.

          • #10
            I like her with Wyatt and she is no duller than the Hope or the Liam characters.


            • Xyla
              Xyla commented
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              Great. So, she's no duller than a bowl of melted, congealed vanilla ice cream.

          • #11
            I like Flo and I don't think she looks like Hope. I really find some people hard with this character, while all the characters in the soaps have done horrible things.

            I like Flo with Wyatt, and I'm interested to see what Flo could give with Thomas.


            • #12
              Yes, I enjoy her with Wyatt


              • #13
                Any pairing without screentime.
                Flo isn't needed


                • #14
                  Flo ruins Wyatt because he looks like a doofus for loving her after she let his brother think his baby was dead for months. How do you stand there and put someone through something so horrible? Her saintly act died right then and there. Wyatt looks like an idiot with her. Flo is not a good person.


                  • pattybk
                    pattybk commented
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                    She came across as genuinely regretting what she'd done. Having a conscience and seeing how it affected other people. That can't be said of some other B&B characters, at least not right now. (before the repeats began)

                  • kahinamah
                    kahinamah commented
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                    Thank you pattybk, this is also how I felt it, Flo really has regrets.

                • #15
                  Flo will never be likeable no matter how much she is shoved down our throats - well not by the majority anyway IMI


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