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Daytime Emmy Awards to air next month!


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  • Daytime Emmy Awards to air next month!

    The nominees will be announced May 21, 2020

    The show will air June 26 on CBS!

    The only two people that deserve nods are Annika Noelle and Matthew Atkinson. Annika work was amazing, and deserves to win for supporting actress. Matthew scenes threatening Xander, Flo and Zoey at Fc were good. Also his scenes breaking down on the roof, and crying when Douglas was saying he wasn't the same. Add in the hospital scenes with TK. He would be in supporting also.

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    To me, only Matthew Atkinson deserves an award. JMW has some strong acting skills that could get an award, but she didn't have a storyline.


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      MA perhaps deserves an award for supporting actor (I don't really watch any other soaps, so I have no idea what his competition is like) but there's no way on God's green earth that AN deserves a "supporting" actress award, though I'm sure that's the category into which her work will be submitted as they don't trust her to go up against more established names, because she was about as much a supporting actress last season as the guy who plays Charlie was a lead actor. The whole show revolved around her character for almost the entire year. Unfortunately, however, the judging is based on a few episodes, and the judges may not get that--though it might be hard for them to find any scenes where she was not the centerpiece of the scene, since that's the way at least eight months of last year's episodes were arranged. JMW didn't get that much time and attention lavished on her character the year she won for lead actress because AN's Hope wasn't just the leader in episode counts for nearly the entire year--she was the leader by quite a wide margin. If she wasn't the lead actress for the show last year, who was? It's profoundly unfair for her to be put in the same category as actors who actually were playing supporting roles on their soaps and thus don't have the miles of tape to choose from to select their scenes.


      • Xyla
        Xyla commented
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        Sharkswin--I am not criticizing AN. So far as I know, the show, not the actress, determines the category into which she is placed, and AN was overwhelmingly the lead actress in terms of screen time last year. Moreover, every other character was put into a supporting role in her story line, even SC, which was not the case with JMW when she was nominated as a supporting actress. But if the show felt JMW should be in the lead actress last year, up against tougher competition, then AN belongs there this year as well. They are simply positioning her where they think she has a better chance to win, and if she does, I would not exactly be astonished if her win got her right back into the lead in episode counts, where JMW's win in the lead category garnered no such attention from HW Bell.

      • NuttyAboutSoaps
        NuttyAboutSoaps commented
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        Until someone in charge defines the criteria for lead actress versus supporting actress, it will be up to performer to decide in which category she wants to submit.

        Frankly, this is inn't the first time this has happened. There have been several occasions when a performer seemingly picked the category in which they felt they had a better chance for a nomination.

      • Sharkswin
        Sharkswin commented
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        Xyla, my point was the show did the exact same thing for JMW in either 2017 or 2018 by putting her in the supporting actress category when she really should have been in the lead actress category because she dominated screen time with the highest episode counts and was in most of major s/l's (prior to Hope's return). Only last year in 2019, they finally switched her from supporting actress category to lead actress category.

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      I don't really think anyone from Bold deserves to win or be nominated, but Annika definitely does not deserve a nod.


      • trish5460
        trish5460 commented
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        I completely agree.

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      I'm glad that the daytime Emmys are going forward. As for who will be nominated, I'm always surprised. I'd guess Maura West and Jon Lindstrom will get nods. On B & B, SC, MA and AN seem like the most likely this year. We'll have to wait and see.


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