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Do you want Zoey to stay with the show or leave?????


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  • Do you want Zoey to stay with the show or leave?????

    At this point I don't think she will last. She got hurt after learning Thomas was using her to get Hope.Instead of them focusing on her pain, she got the Steffy treatment. We didn't see one episode of her mourning. It shows IF Bell cares about the characters, when we don't get any follow-up of their pain! I wanted to see Zoe plan her revenge or something. I didn't really expect anything with Tomcat, because Bell just wants to bring him back cured with no work. However Bell has spoken highly of MA, and wants him as a leading man for the future and the actor signed a two yr contract. I don't see that with Kiara Barnes. Yes he gave her a shot after the baby plot, but I think it wàs mainly because who else did he have for Tommy Boy?

    Steffy-His sister so no dice.

    Hope- Has been the object of his desire

    Katie- She was with Bill

    Quinn- With his grandpa

    Flo- Gross. Not even Thomas is interested.

    Shauna- Could've been fun but in Ridge orbit

    Sally- Might been hot but was still with Wyatt.

    So that left Zoe. I actually really liked Sasha. Felicia Cooper was young and gorgeous. I really like her to return. She has done some lifetime movies, but probably come back if ask.

    I rather see Flo, Shauna and Zoe gone.

    Sasha and Ivy would work. Thomas has history with both so either could be his love interest. Ivy also could be back with Wyatt or Liam. Sasha with Thomas or Wyatt. She had a fun personality.

    So anyway do u want Zoe to stay on? Zomas is clearly over.

    Yes! I really want more of Zoe!
    God No! Let her exit stage left!
    Not Sure

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    Zoe can go back to the UK. Not a fan. Thomas and Sally should try again and Wyatt should move on from Sally and Flo. I’ll only support Wyatt with Hope unless a new girl comes along.


    • B-Hold
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      Bill824 - Completely agree on Zoe leaving and Thomas and Sally pairing.

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    Zoe knew exactly what she was getting into with Thomas. No reason to watch her grieve over it. Find another sucker.. you won't be a Forrester any tine soon.. especially after pulling that stunt on Thomas with Lope and his sister.


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      Not sure, it really depends on what storylines the writers give Zoe if she were to stay.


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        she can go since she is only there to push a story line. at first was kinda mean girl with crazy cat, then supported her father in his lies, then the tell not tell round and round with Flo, then scared being intimated by Thomas, then agreeing to marry him - a 180 character change. ya really don't know who she is and really don't care. think her character was written in a corner.


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          Yes. Zoe Buckingham can stay. She is the only black female character on the show right now. Plus it would give Carter something to do. Carter need to be put back on contract and he should be paired with Zoe romantically. And one other thing Zoe should have a big who's the daddy storyline. With Carter and Thomas. I also want Zoe's mother to come on for a visit.


          • B-Hold
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            The actor already has stated he prefers to be behind the camera.

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          OK. Zoe was fore-warned about Thomas by Steff/Liam -- so actually she shouldn't be
          hurt too much.

          All in all, The antagonism of Zomas is interesting against Lope & Douglas.

          Sheilafan, I too hoping Zoe is preggor.!!! Then Carter can mix it up. LOL
          Last edited by wildbee; May 19, 2020, 09:43 AM.


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            I want her to stay. She’s beautiful and she has potential. I am also so tired of nothing but a white cast, I’m sorry but that’s just how I feel.


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              I haven't liked Zoe since she stalked Xander all the way to the United States.
              She got a second chance after it was learned that she was the one posting the threats on the HFTF website.
              She got yet another chance when her role in the Baby Scandal came to light.
              She STILL has a job at Forrester.
              It is obvious that somebody really likes her.

              In my opinion, after the Baby Debacle, Zoe, Flo and Shauna should have been shown the door.
              Clearly, I didn't get my wish.
              I don't think she is going anywhere.


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                Yes, Zoe can stay as long as Carter is her man.


                • #11
                  Zoe can stay even if I’m recurring. She’s a model for forester. They can include her in a decent story.


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