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B&B should have kept the Avants


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  • B&B should have kept the Avants

    As much as I didn't like their storylines they were at least more rounded then Flo and Shauna. I'd honestly trade the two of them for the whole Avant family.

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    Me too. They were an interesting family. I miss them.


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      They were a good family with some okay storylines. I think the show really suffered when Rome Flynn and Pierson Fodé chose to leave. I know they were trying to pair Zende with Maya during the Monte Carlo fashion show and Thomas was good with Sasha. I'd much rather see him with Sasha than with Zoe.


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        I wasn't a fan of Maya, but I loved her parents Julius and Vivienne. Sasha was a great character too. She had a lot of potential. Over the years, the show has tried to add non-white characters to the cast to add some diversity, but they never really worked out (the Andersons, Jasmine Malone, Michael Lai, Claudia Cortez, the Ramirez family, Marcus, Dayzee, etc.). However, it looked like the Avants were going to stick around for a while, mainly because of their provocative storylines and being tied to the Forrester and Logan families. But then actors started leaving or were taken off contract, and within a couple years, the Avants were gone.


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          I definitely miss the Avant parents. Wished TIIC had done more with them.


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            I loved the Avant parents and also liked Sasha. I’d love to see them come back.


            • Anotherwoman
              Anotherwoman commented
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              Me too! I don't even remember how they wrote them out.

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            I liked Nicole, cute girl, fun personality


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              I like your thinking joncharmed93
              I loved the elder Avant's, and Nicole.
              I have never cared for Maya/Mya, and I truly despised Sasha.
              However, I did see some potential with Sasha and Thomas.

              I would also trade Flo and Shauna in for the Avant's, in a nano second!
              I'd like to see Zende and Nicole drop in for a visit.

              One of the elder Avant's could have a medical crisis
              or something. There is story to be created for them.

              Instead, we have to suffer felony Flo and her garbage bag mother.


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                I agree, it was a terrible waste.

                They should have done a foster care storyline with Rick and Maya - a neat way to infuse new blood and a timely social issue if they were to foster street kids (after the Skid Row storyline).

                Or they could have done Rick and Nicole being drawn together over their biological child.

                And a Thomas/Sasha romance instead of Zoe.

                And Xander revealed to be bisexual and setting his sights on ??


                • #10
                  There are a lot of characters on this show they should of kept other than the Avant family. Sheila, James, Mary, Diana, the Ramirez family, Phoebe, Darla the list goes on. Miss them on this show.


                  • CouchCruisin'
                    CouchCruisin' commented
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                    I'd love to see Sheila return to get rid of Quinn.

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