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"Maybe Someday" with KIm Matula


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  • "Maybe Someday" with KIm Matula

    Hi everybody,

    I liked Kim Matula as Hope in B&B, and I was happy to see that she starred in the movie "Maybe Someday" in 2017.
    The film was published in the States, and for a long time I was trying to see it with no luck.
    I'm living in France, Europe. Now the movie is available on amazon's prime video, but when I tried to rent it for a week, it wouldn't let me because Amazon sees that I'm not in the USA and also for payment they accept only an American bank's card.
    I contacted Amazon, but they told me about publisher's right etc. so no chance to get it there.
    I can't find it on any torrent pages either.
    Then, 3 weeks ago I sent a message to the production company, Chain Reaction Productions on Facebook (I didn't find other connection details) and told them I was ready to pay the 5 euros for a rent but they never answered (and I can see on FB that the message was never delived either, their last post is from 2017).
    Does anybody have an idea how I could watch this movie, living in France?

    Thanks in advance. Take care,

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    It shows on YouTube to rent or buy. Don't know if you'll have a similar problem as you did with Prime. Good luck. BTW, I think I'll try to watch it on Prime - I hadn't heard of it so thank you.
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      Sorry you've had so much trouble Ancsi0909. I might check that movie out also. I miss KM greatly.


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        Thanks for your answers. I didn't even know that I can buy / rent movies on YouTube... great idea!! It seems it worked (even though I had to write in a false address in Great Britain) because I got a receipt! But as it's late now (over 9 PM here) I don't start it yet but tomorrow. I'll let you know if I manage to watch it. Thanks again & take care.


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          I've just watched the movie on YouTube and I really liked it! What a shame that it never get to the cinemas. Even if it's not an action-movie with Nicolas Cage, I'm sure there would have been a lot of people going for it.
          Anyway, so I just wanted to tell you that I think it was a great idea of topic and I liked the characters (there was also Alley Mills starring, Pamela from B&B) and I liked the soundtrack a lot, too. It was a bit weird to see Kim Matula in this role, very unlike the always top-styled and sophisticated Hope Logan-character, but I was glad to see her again on TV (well, PC).
          So go ahead guys, I think this is a very good film, I recommend it!


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