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Themes of the week you wish to see


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  • Themes of the week you wish to see

    For me I'd love to see a

    Iconic Stephanie Forrester Moments

    Iconic. Sally Spectra Moments

    Epic Showdowns

    Grand Fashion shows

    Surprising twists

    Most of these would show old episodes during the golden age of the soaps.

  • #2
    2 straight weeks of Liam and Steffy, with 0 episodes with Hope in them. specially epiusodes with Liam and steffy running to each other in the parking garage, on the beach after Liam was released from rapist quinn, and Liam jumping up and down that he loves and wants steffy and not Ivy.


    • #3
      Sheila Carter Week!

      Episode 1: Eric marries Sheila (1993)
      Episode 2: Sheila holds James captive in her dungeon (1995)
      Episode 3: Sheila's Goodbye Party (1995)
      Episode 4: Sheila shoots Stephanie and leaves LA with Mary (1998)
      Episode 5: Sheila shoots Taylor and Brooke (2002)


      • LisaM1983
        LisaM1983 commented
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        Love this! I’d find a way to fit Lauren and Sheila’s wedding dress fight in there too.

      • Soapsbarbie
        Soapsbarbie commented
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        Yes, would love too a shelia carter week classics only though.

      • JGinLA
        JGinLA commented
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        Sheila clip show- every time she killed someone with a body count graphic on the screen.

    • #4
      Sally Spectra Week!

      Episode 1: Stephanie and Sally meet for the first time (1989)
      Episode 2: Sally marries Clarke (1990)
      Episode 3: Sally gives birth to CJ (1991)
      Episode 4: Eric proposes to Sally (1995)
      Episode 5: Mustang Sally! (2002)


      • CattiPatti
        CattiPatti commented
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        OMG! I forgot about Mustang Sally! I loved that episode!

    • #5
      I want a Nick Marone week.

      Stephanie week.

      A Throoke week.

      A Thorne week (letting audience’s see all the Thornes so newer viewers can decide who they like best).

      An Avant family week (best African-American family that was ever front and center on this show...historic!).


      • #6
        Sheila Carter vs Amber Moore week. Sheila's pregnancy with Mary. Sheila, Maggie, James triangle. The infamous Bridget, Deacon Brooke Hope story. I even want a Ramirez family week. Mary, Rick, Amber week.


        • #7
          Brooke betrayal week -- Ridge confronts her over Carolyn's missing letter; Bridget learning Hope's paternity; Brooke suggesting Taylor keep Thomas's paternity a secret; Brooke bribing Amber or Brooke pushing Hope to have sex and Taylor exposing Brooke's pregnancy by Bill.


          • #8
            Pure Villians Week!

            1). Sheila Carter when she kidnapped James Warwick and kept him in a dungeon.

            2). Morgan Dewitt when she kidnapped Stephy and made Taylor and Ridge believe she was dead.

            3) Quinn Fuller when she kidnapped Liam and raped him in the Adam and Eve sl.

            4). Prince Omar when he kept Taylor from knowing about her real life with Ridge and lied to her having her believe she was Princess Laila.

            5). Bill Spencer when he blew up the Spectra building with Liam and Sally inside (even though that wasn't his exact intentions).


            • #9
              Ridge and Taylor
              Eric and Stephanie
              Stephanie week!
              Prince Omar
              Ridgr finding out he isnt Eric's bio son


              • #10
                Posted it another thread but will
                copy paste it here as well:

                The themes I would like to see throughout the years:
                1. The biggest scandals
                2. The biggest fights
                3. The most romantic episodes
                4. The biggest break ups
                5. The most memorable
                fashion shows
                6. The most humorous episodes (B&B used to be campy and fun at least some of the time)

                That is already 6 weeks worth of shows. If more needed then you could have “actors in spotlight” with their best episodes from acting perspective.


                • #11
                  - Best catfights week (guarantees a few Sheila episodes)
                  - Best fashion shows (omits anything from the 2010s)
                  - A week of Stephanie Forrester


                  • #12
                    1-Shocking/moving deaths :
                    Macy in the car (even if she didn’t die)
                    Taylor (even if she didn’t die)
                    Stephanie’s mom (not Stephanie’s which was an hérésie)

                    2-Brooke vs Stephanie fights

                    3- Interrupted weddings
                    Caroline and Ridge
                    Brooke and James
                    stephanie and Eric over Lauren
                    Nick stops bridge
                    Ridge stops Bricky
                    Tridge with horse
                    lope with tattoo
                    Lope wedding trap stopped by Steffy

                    4-Parties : 4th of July and Masquerades

                    5-FC stories
                    Brooke bedroom presentation
                    Ridge tries to oust Brooke from FC while she’s in los Ojas

                    stephanie learns about Breric from Thorne
                    Ridge learns about Caroline Leukemia
                    Caroline learns Ridge knows
                    stephanie has a stroke over Throoke
                    Bridget learns about Breacon
                    Hope learns about Oliver and Brooke


                    • #13
                      To be honest, I would rather have something more varied and coherent than a week of only weddings, then a week of only fashion shows, and so on.

                      I'd rather have something like a quick journey through the show's history, by showing the most pivotal episodes only, in chronological order. Maybe one episode from each month or so. They would be a mix of

                      * Major character introductions and births
                      * Major character exits and deaths
                      * Characters meeting for the first time
                      * Proposals, weddings, breakups
                      * Major confrontations and fights
                      * Crimes
                      * Fashion shows
                      * Location shoots

                      Kind of like an extended version of what they did for the 30th anniversary. Basically choosing only the juiciest 10-12 episodes from each year, in chronological order, so we can see how characters and storylines have evolved.
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                      • #14
                        i like to see Christmas Episodes Because I Miss Eric Playing the Piano Last Year


                        • #15
                          The Taylor and the Prince Omar storyline was great drama, romance, and intrigue.


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