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Is it time for Eric Forester to die???


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  • Is it time for Eric Forester to die???

    Bell said we would lose a character and I believe its Eric. Jmc isn't on very much, and is semi retired. So I definitely think it could be Eric. It's clear Bell doesn't know what to do with him. Queric should been finished. Quinn can be a great asset to the show, and could be with different people. Ridge, Thomas, Thorne or Bill. Rena is a terrific actress and she has been on the bacburmer for at least three years. She is only trotted out when Bell needs her to host a party. I want to see Eric leave all his shares, to Thomas and Quinn. It would bring a lot of business stories. Thomas getting 25 percent, and Quinn 12.5%

    Ridge has 25 percent with Quinn they have 37.5
    If Thomas got 25 from his grandpa that's 30 percent to him.
    Steffy has the equal to Ridge, and I love for Taylor to actually GIVE the percentage to Thomas, that she told Steffy to do so. Since his sister hasn't done anything, to prove she will! I won't hold my breath. We already saw that she let Thomas, uproot his entire life because of Caroline dying, even though she wasn't and Steffy didn't bother to call her flesh and blood. Ugh. Now she wants Douglas to be raised by goodness and light Lope.

    I want some more business stories, and for Tally to be a dream team and there collection makes them a force to reckon with. Quinn and Ridge would be smoking hot. I love for them to fight there urges. as Bridge hook up and then they CANT stop wanting each other. But both are afraid of the rejection and what others would think.

    Eric dying would open a ton of storylines. Quinn has the fire that Ridge needs, and they would look sexy together.. Since Brooke wants Bill when Ridge isn't available she might seek out her stallion. Since Tally get back together, they can have a Flo/Wyatt/Katie story. Thorne can return, and we learn Flo dna test was wrong, and she isn't a Logan but a Forrester. Shauna/Thorne are her parents, and Steffy and Thomas are her cousins.

    I have nothing against Eric or Jmc. I just think there is more POTENTIAL for Eric to die peacefully. Maybe SF could return and we see them walk into heaven together.

    What do you guys think????

    Definitely Yes!
    No! Eric should live on!
    Not Sure

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    I voted no cuz Eric is one of two original characters left on this show. I rather see useless characters like Shauna or Flo gone.


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      Ridge doesn't have 25% - he only has 20% (he gave Thomas 5% in 2011)


      Currently all shares are only in Forrester hands and only in one branch of it.

      Eric: 37,5%
      Steffy: 37,5%
      Ridge: 20%
      Thomas: 5%

      I don't see really much drama with the current share distribution.
      We need to have some intern conflict with Ridge and the Tridge kids, to have any conflict at all. FC is currently even run by Ridge AND Steffy as co-CEO's.


      I am not sure why Quinn and Thomas would end up with all of Eric's shares
      - Quinn..... despite their prenup and that Eric's shares are separate property that Eric got before their marriage ??
      - Thomas.... Eric suddenly favoring Thomas more than his sons Rick and Thorne, his daughters Kristen and Felicia, and more than any of his other grandchildren and grand-grandchildren?


      • Lakergirl 04
        Lakergirl 04 commented
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        We can have that conflict once Eric is gone. We haven't seen Felicia or Kristen in forever, and Thorne is treated like trash. So how does Eric giving them to Quinn and Thomas a shock? Eric is getting older he isn't running the compàny forever.
        Last edited by Lakergirl 04; May 5, 2020, 06:16 AM.

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      I don't see Bell writing out the only other core actor from the beginning other than KKL.

      SF (Susan Flannery) is still much missed,
      and even if Eric does not have much to do currently, he is still the link for other characters like Rick, Bridget, Thorne, Felicia.... - when otherwise they all kinda would be strangers in the family company that would be owned by just Ridge's branch of family - making it easy for Ridge to hire and fire his siblings and their offspring.


      • Lakergirl 04
        Lakergirl 04 commented
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        If the actor who is 76 yes old wants to leave, they have to kill him he. No5hing else would work. Cast members leave all the time, some by there own choice. Some get let go. If Bell could kill Stephanie, who was more important than anyone else than Eric can easily die. Ron Miss was recasted that tells everything. if KKL wanted out, I bet Brooke be loss at sea or something.

      • viennagirl
        viennagirl commented
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        SF wanted to leave/wanted to retire. I do not think Bell would have ever written Stephanie out if it had not been the wish of the actress.

        If John McCook wants to retire, Bell will have to write out Eric too. But I have not read anything that the actor has said he wants to retire.
        Like with SF, I doubt that Bell will be the one who decides to let go of such a classic/major character.

    • #5
      I like Eric and Quinn. I hate that he takes up for Brooke. I want him to wash his hands of Brooke and be out of her orbit. Eirc and Quinn need to build a life together. But Bell won't do it because he has to protect Brooke. This is why the character of Eirc is failing.


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        Frankly geriatric actors don’t appeal to me.
        Eric should die that could open a LOT of SL if he leaves his shares to Quinn or to Thorne ...

        They wasted Thorne on Katie last time ... Windsor Harmon should be back, claim FC and Brooke or Quinn ...


        • #7
          Originally posted by Sharkswin View Post
          I voted no cuz Eric is one of two original characters left on this show. I rather see useless characters like Shauna or Flo gone.
          Ita, Shark. Keep Eric. He's the last of the mohegans and voice of reason, even if he's not.


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            No thank you. I love Eric and Quinn. Eric is one of my favorite characters just wish he would stop sticking up for Brooke. I would rather see useless characters gone like Flo.


            • #9
              No way......I don't think he should die yet - and if I were writing for him right now....here's what I'd do.

              Quinn would pull another stunt to mess with Brooke - that also has ramifications for Steffy and Thomas - and Eric is thoroughly disgusted with her. He starts spending time with Shauna, after Brooke and Ridge work things out, and Shauna, following the path that Brooke before her followed, becomes enamored of Eric and starts to fall in love with him - which Eric begins to feel as well - and they try to hide it from Quinn but she eventually finds out.....and Shauna throws in her face Quinn's prompting her to pursue love with Ridge...which is exactly what she's doing with Eric - following her heart....no matter what obstacle was there.....including Quinn....give Quinn a taste of her own medicine.....Quinn would then file for the nastiest divorce in L.A. history - seeking to get enough shares of Forrester to control the company and take it away from Eric's family. Quinn's attorney would become a major new character on the show and be a love interest for Donna Logan. He'd have a late 20's son who would set his eyes on Steffy Forrester, despite his father working to take away Forrester Creations for Quinn - and that would be the conflict in their relationship at the beginning - and later when Steffy actually falls for him it would be even worse and alienate her from her family.....a 'star crossed lovers' story....instead of a tired old triangle......


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                I prefer Eric to live on! John McCook is still great as Eric!


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                  Originally posted by Chatty Cakes View Post
                  I prefer Eric to live on! John McCook is still great as Eric!
                  I know that's right. Eric can stay on this show as long as he want. He don't have to be written out that's ridiculous. I love Eric.


                  • #12
                    I think that the spoiler about "losing a beloved character" was a ruse to get us to believe that Sally was dying.


                    • Chatty Cakes
                      Chatty Cakes commented
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                      I still think Sally could die since they’ve turned her.

                  • #13
                    Eric should NOT go anywhere unless JMC decides it's time to retire completely. Eric/JMC is an original cast member and should be held onto for as long as possible.

                    There is still lots that can be done with Eric, while JMC is semi-retired.

                    As to his shares of FC, I have always found it ridiculous that Thorne, has no shares of FC while Steffy has 37.5%. I would love to see Thorne get Eric's shares, and start making waves. I hate how Thorne has always taken a back seat to Ridge, and now his children.


                    • Sharkswin
                      Sharkswin commented
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                      Agree! It’s beyond ridiculous that a granddaughter has the same amount of shares as her grandfather while his other children had none. Disgusting IMO....Thorne and Rick should definitely have some shares..instead of Ridge’s family hogging majority of FC shares. ?

                  • #14
                    Hell no! Unless John McCook decides to retire or passes away, Eric shouldn't go anywhere.


                    • #15
                      I say yes, I don't have the attachment to Eric that I did with SF and RM. Eric was always a cheatin, spineless little boy. He did not deserve The Queen.


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