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The wedding today 5-4-20


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  • B-Hold
    commented on 's reply
    Chatty Cakes - and to know that Eric was screwing around on her with Brooke and Brooke got Eric to marry her because she was preggers with Rick. The crud Stephanie had to put up with.

  • B-Hold
    commented on 's reply
    He played Dr James Warwick who was a colleague of Dr. Taylor Hayes. He was engaged to Brooke and they set a wedding date. Taylor dies and wella! Brooke marries Ridge.

  • viennagirl
    commented on 's reply
    Thomas and Steffy did not just manipulate RIdge's phone for the day of the wedding - the dialogue mentioned that it had been much longer and that Brooke for days had tried to contact Ridge.

    As for the berry sex lie:
    - the scenes on screen never had them making out, only lying next to each other and giggling (no real kiss except Thomas kissing Brooke's forehead and nose)
    - they had their clothes on when they woke up
    - Brooke let herself be hypnotized by James to find out if they had had sex - and it triggered nothing, James assuring Brooke she would have remembered if it had happened

    Thomas has been the one who has told Brooke and Stephanie that "he is sure that they didn't have sex".
    Only when Stephanie bribed him, he agreed to "lie" and he told Stephanie that it is a lie.

    James and his hypnosis session:

    James: Do you remember kissing?
    Brooke: (Sighs) no. His lips touched my forehead, and they touched my nose, but that was it. There was really no kissing. It--it wasn't erotic... I don't think.
    James: Maybe you thought it was ridge.
    Brooke: No. (Sighs) honestly, I didn't even-- I didn't think about ridge. I didn't think about Thomas. I didn't think about anything. I just thought about being there and how wonderful everything was. It was... everything was so clear. All of the images and... everything... until...
    James: Until what? Until your clothes came off?
    Brooke: No.

    James: You remember the waterfall
    Brooke: The flowers and... (sighs) the energy. I mean, we could actually see the energy between us.
    James: But not the act. You don't remember doing anything...
    Brooke: (Sighs) no.
    James: Inappropriate with Thomas?
    Brooke: No, I don't. No, I don't remember anything. Why can't I remember?
    James: Because it didn't happen.
    Brooke: What?
    James: Because it didn't happen, Brooke. You remember it all so clearly, but you didn't make love to your husband's son.
    Brooke: I blocked it out.
    James: No. It didn't happen in the first place. The only conclusion I can come to is Thomas is lying.
    (June 3, 2011)

    And BEFORE Thomas got bribed and lied:

    Brooke: I promised him no more secrets.
    Thomas: Brooke, nothing happened. There's no point in telling him.

    Brooke: (Sighs) Oh, I wish the clarity would come back.
    Thomas: So do I, but it hasn't. Look, I would know if something had happened.
    (May 16, 2011)

    Thomas again and again telling Stephanie that nothing had happened and that they still had had their clothes on.

    Thomas: Okay, there was a little touching.
    Stephanie: And kissing.
    Thomas: Not on the il-- we were drugged, delusional, okay? Then we blacked out.
    Stephanie: Before or after you had sex?
    Thomas: I told you. It didn't happen.
    Stephanie: How would you know if you blacked out?
    Thomas: Our clothes were on nothing happened. Grandma, I want you to drop this right now.

    Stephanie: She can't seem to remember anything. She says that she blacked out. So... I think that you should remind her that the two of you had sex on the island.
    Thomas: No, Grandma. I told you we didn't have sex.
    Stephanie: No, Tom. You did.
    (May 24, 2011)

    Thomas: Grandma, you've got it wrong, okay? Brooke and I did not have sex on that island.
    Stephanie: You said you blacked out.
    Thomas: Look, I'm sure.
    Stephanie: Do you want to have control of this company someday?
    Thomas: Are you serious about that?
    Stephanie: Absolutely. I told you I will change my will. You'll get my 25% of the stock. With what your father gave you, you'll have 30%. Now all you have to do is tell what happened on the island.
    Thomas: You're asking me to lie.

    Stephanie: Believe you? Look. (Scoffs) You didn't remember, and now you remember.
    Thomas: I had my clothes on.
    Stephanie: Why do you keep bringing up these obstacles
    (May 25, 2011)

  • viennagirl
    commented on 's reply
    Taylor stopped it because Ridge didn't act totally committed to her.
    Brooke had assured him she would leave if Ridge really tells her that this is what he really wants and if he is not just marrying Taylor because Taylor had asked him to marry her.
    Instead of just simply telling Brooke that yes, this is what he wants, we had him talking about that Brooke is making everything so much more painful and that he gave Taylor his vows already
    - and we had Taylor cancelling and telling Ridge that she had believed that this is what he wants too, but that she does not want that if he is not 100% committed to her.

    We had Ridge and Taylor talking about that their decision to get married, had been rushed, had Ridge talking about that he has two families and that he should have had conversations with Brooke that he hadn't.

    And no, after the cancelled wedding we had "Ridge" being the one who first suggested he could stay somewhere else if it would be too difficult for Taylor, and Taylor then told him even if they won't share a bed anymore he can stay in the guest room.

    (August 4, 2009):

    "Taylor: No. I-I am not criticizing. I am not controlling you. I'm just saying that this is something that you have to be ready to do without hesitation. That's all. You know, I-- (Sighs) I'm okay with it. If--if I wasn't, I wouldn't be letting you stay here.
    Ridge: Doc, if you'd like me to stay somewhere else, it's not a problem.
    Taylor: No, Ridge.
    Ridge: If it's going to be too difficult for you, I understand.
    Taylor: No. I'm okay with it. You know, look at this place. You've lived here before. Everything's fine. We may not be sharing the same bed, but it's okay, you know? It's--it's good, because now at least I know where we stand, and I-I think we're both very clear on what the situation is. We can just look at it as like a-a rehearsal of how life should be with us together."

    I said it before, but yes we agree, even at the times when Ridge was supposed to be committed to Taylor, he never had problems to flirt with Brooke.
    But no, I don't think that Ridge during these times so often shared kisses with Brooke.

    And after the cancelled wedding and during his "thinking" period, we had Ridge letting Brooke kiss him in the office and not stopping it. Last year we had Taylor kissing Ridge - and at that time Ridge quite well had been able to stop that kiss and make it clear to Taylor that he was committed to his marriage.

  • jodyb22
    When it originally aired I was an over-the-moon teenager watching my favorite couple finally tie the knot. It brought back a lot of exciting memories watching it again and seeing the original (and only in my mind) Ridge and Brooke. Yeah it had cheesy elements but back then it just worked for this Bridge fan and I loved the walk on the beach down memory lane.

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  • Kwaime
    commented on 's reply
    Well as I said, TAYLOR stopped the ceremony when Ridge still wanted to proceed. TAYLOR told him to go the guest room and EVEN after the BBB reveal and the loss of the so called pedestal Ridge still was torn … So Brooke used her kid ….
    Ridge pet Brooke s hair and laughed about her antics for YEARS … He liked Brooke's adoration but choose to go back home to his wife every day for years… No matter how many strip teases and sauna and throwing her bra at him in her OFFICE … Meant NOTHING … Like Ridge told so to Taylor when he was back from Paris after the Eiffel tower fiasco… Brooke NEVER was a threat to Tridge. Just Brooke being Brooke (use condescendant Ridge tone then) … Ridge s PUPPY ...
    I never condoned Thomas claims about the berries … But frankly, preventing Brooke to harasse Ridge on the phone on his wedding day to their mother … I DO. And it was NEVER proven Thomas Indeed lied about the Berries… He did NOT remember … and neither did Brooke …
    and we know how EASY she is when impaired … Eric Deacon Nick and Ridge can attest her "commitment" vanish easily ...

  • Jadey
    Originally posted by Katbert View Post
    I thought that the wedding vows were super cheesy like something out of a bad romance novel. But the way Brooke was hyperventilating while Ridge was reciting his lines with her chest heaving was particularly hysterical.

    I did however like seeing KKL in the introduction with her adorable dog. She’s quite lovely when she’s not playing Brooke all mean and squinty
    KKL is adorable irl. She's silly and funny and pretty with no makeup.

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  • viennagirl
    I just read that recent SC TvInsider interview (SC talking about the Australian and the Italy wedding).

    It was interesting to hear him talking about how they filmed the zip line entry via green screen and he knew that Steffy was supposed to come down the zip line, but how SC had to stare in the empty air and had to imagine it and act as if he really was seeing it ....


    Maybe they should (could they?) once do an episode with backstage filming material and showing stuff like that.
    (eg. how they did the drop from the helicopter (I one have seen just the stills of that fake helicopter/ again green screen filming), and other stunt scenes (Ivy's fall and Liam's jump, Steffy's fall in Italy,....).

    They have sometimes put up stills/ pics of that - the stunt man/woman shown next to the actor/actress..., the helicopter,.... - but do they also film a bit how they do things on the show? (backstage video clips)?

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  • ILoveBizzie
    commented on 's reply
    That goes to show how different we all see things because I thought the vows were wonderful! Something I would like to hear said to me, lol.

    I also thought KKL’s performance was spot-on for how Brooke would be feeling at that moment. Brooke’s life dream had finally come true.

    KKL is great, a very sweet, sunny person. ?

  • Katbert
    I thought that the wedding vows were super cheesy like something out of a bad romance novel. But the way Brooke was hyperventilating while Ridge was reciting his lines with her chest heaving was particularly hysterical.
    I did however like seeing KKL in the introduction with her adorable dog. She’s quite lovely when she’s not playing Brooke all mean and squinty

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  • viennagirl
    commented on 's reply

    August 4:
    Ridge apologized to Taylor for the interruption. Taylor told Brooke that her interruption was a ridiculous attempt to win Ridge back at the last minute. Taylor did acknowledge that the day was ruined. She understood that Ridge needed more time. She wanted him to be 100 percent committed to her, and she didn't think that was the case. She was confident that Ridge would be ready to marry her soon, but she knew it he wasn't ready yet

    Ridge acknowledged that it was his fault because he had two families and he loved both of them. He should have waited and had a conversation with Brooke before taking vows. He added that he and Taylor were going home together.
    He turned to Brooke, and she told him that she had to do something to stop him from marrying Taylor so quickly. Ridge smiled and kissed her forehead.

    Ridge said he never should have acted so hastily. Taylor said she was the one who stopped the wedding. Ridge said they were still a family and nothing had changed, but he needed to give Brooke a chance to talk to him.

    Later, Taylor told Ridge that she wanted him to be committed to her. She realized they had rushed to take vows and she acknowledged that they needed to take a step back. She wanted him to stay in the house, but in the guest room

    August 7:
    Brooke wanted Ridge regardless of how it affected him, while Taylor only wanted Ridge if he wanted to be with Taylor.
    Taylor said that once Ridge decided that Brooke was a part of his past, then Taylor and Ridge could be married.

    August 14:
    When Brooke said that she wanted Ridge to go home with her, Taylor, who had overheard the conversation, walked in and said, "Nice try, Brooke, but Ridge is coming home with me." Ridge said that both of them knew how he felt about them -- that they were beautiful, intelligent women. He said that he knew he couldn't live with both of them -- adding that after much thought, there was only one decision that he could make. Brooke and Taylor eagerly waited to hear what Ridge was going to say.

    August 17:
    The two ladies in Ridge's life pressed him for a decision and asked if he intended to go home with Taylor or with Brooke. Before he answered, the press burst in and began asking questions about the fashion show. Ridge dismissed them and told the "girls" to meet him in Eric's office.
    Ridge said he had gotten some solid advice from James Warwick and wanted to follow it by getting family counseling.

    August 19:
    Steffy applauded Ridge for being a good dad, but asked him what he wanted for himself. Ridge said he wouldn't have an answer to that until Brooke and Taylor had made peace with one another. Steffy wished her dad could find real and lasting happiness.


    and the BACHELOR still did NOT make a decision:

    August 31
    Brooke reminded Ridge they were wasting precious time in limbo. She urged Ridge to make up his mind and make a decision about whether he wanted to be with Brooke or Taylor. Brooke reminded Ridge that one never knew how much time they would have left with thei r loved ones, and it could be the last chance he had to make a choice.

    Sept. 1:
    "Brooke said she couldn't go one more night knowing that he was going home to Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy. She couldn't stand it any longer. Ridge apologized for making her wait for his decision, but he couldn't make up his mind"

  • viennagirl
    commented on 's reply
    After the cancelled wedding, we had Ridge playing the "bachelor game "
    - living with the TRIDGE family - but in the "guest room"! and no more sex or love scenes with Taylor
    - while we had Brooke flirting with him at FC and Ridge enjoying it (not stopping Brooke from kissing him, or tickling him) both laughing about the failed wedding and replaying the "I pronounce you husband and horse" line, Ridge at the office looking at pics of BRIDGE and remembering their wedding... .

    After the scheming had been revealed and Taylor had postponed the wedding because Ridge did not tell Brooke that Brooke was wrong, Ridge has been focused on what had been going on and dealing with his children's issues.

    The women wanted him to make a decision, but he wanted family counseling and told he would only make a decision, after they all have started to heal and to work together again.

    We had the SL being dragged out that Ridge didn't make a decision before counseling, didn't make one because the fashion show had his attention/started....

    - and then Beth turned up at FC and talked with Ridge and Stephanie- and Brooke was again faced with her mother's declining health (that Beth had become volatile, couldn't do simple math, forgetting names) and Brooke started to cry in front of Ridge because she was losing her mother slowly.

    Brooke was feed up that Ridge after one month did NOT want to make a decision for either women - but kept living platonically with the TRIDGE family (kinda like we had Liam living in Steffy's guest room even when he had not chosen Steffy as romantic interest either yet)

  • viennagirl
    commented on 's reply
    Yes, Taylor had a duty towards her husband, not Broke's children, so it is ironic if it is said that she sacrificed her relationship for the children, when soon later they didn't matter anymore for her and she just wanted that husband back that she had given up when she had been upset about him moving on with someone else.
    ITA with you that Brooke is responsible because Ridge at that time had moved on and had let Taylor go to Europe while he had been focused on his family and life with Brooke- and Brooke ruined her own happiness and her children's when she did not realize Grant's feelings for her and she let Grant cross the border between being a friend and cheating his friend Ridge by kissing Ridge's girlfriend goodbye.

    As for the TRDGE kids - we will just have to disagree about in which way children are allowed to backstab their parents.

    Your child lies to you that she had sex with your husband, her step-father, and you really would be able to not mind that and just excuse it?

    In real life people's life's are ruined when they are face accusations that they had sexual relationships with their step-children - and on the other hand it is really horrible if these accusations are true because some limits should never be crossed -
    and I don't think that changes when the step-children that you have helped raising have turned to adults.

    I DEFINITELY would care if my children would manipulate my life and would trick me by sabotaging my phone and decide what calls and messages I am allowed to get and what I don't. If they would pretend to be me.

    Ridge has many faults, but he has tried to be a good father and he loves all his children. Like Ridge I wouldn't agree if my children do something that hurts my youngest child and if they would just treat their sibling as if he/or she doesn't matter.
    You share a child with someone who raised that child - but it is okay if the contact to that person is cut and your ex might not be able to inform you if something happens to that child?

  • Kwaime
    commented on 's reply
    To each his own ... the princess dress and hairdo were too much for me ... it reminds le of a Disney dress for kids ... and I didn’t find the hairdo flattering ... too heavy

    You can do gorgeous and glamour but class : Hope s dress in Italy was simply fantastic ! but she was 20 and it was her first wedding ...
    I loved Caroline champagne dress ... way better than the first aborted ...
    I guess we wouldn’t fight for the same gowns for a party!

  • Kwaime
    commented on 's reply
    Let’s say Carter and Justin are underused ... they are filler with no SL .. that’s just a fact

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