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The wedding today 5-4-20


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  • The wedding today 5-4-20

    I wasn't watching b&b then but the wedding today just made me laugh. It was so corny. The best part was the look on Stephanie's face.

  • #2
    It’s my favorite wedding.

    How did you like RM’s Ridge?


    • Katbert
      Katbert commented
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      He is awful. JMO.

    • ILoveBizzie
      ILoveBizzie commented
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      Lol, well you aren’t alone in feeling that way. I see many people say the same.

    • prim
      prim commented
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      Mine too, kkl and rm had fabulous chemistry

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    Brooke's dress was both old-timey and gorgeous. I'm old, but after liking strapless for awhile, I really enjoy unique necklines and sleeves - like my OWN in the early 70s!


    • ILoveBizzie
      ILoveBizzie commented
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      I liked that the dress was simple yet had a fairy tale princess look, with the beautiful sleeves and ball gown shape. I loved the crown of flowers and ribbons too. And KKL was so nice and tan!

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    I didn't see it either, Kat, but the look on Stephanie's face was always worth the price of admission. Miss her.???


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      LOL, Stephanie's face in the wedding photos! I have to admit, I loved seeing Ron Moss. I miss him. Don't get me wrong, I like TK, but Ron Moss could smirk and leer like nobody else!


      • #6
        Originally posted by ILoveBizzie View Post
        It’s my favorite wedding.

        How did you like RM’s Ridge?
        I very much prefer RM's Ridge.


        • ILoveBizzie
          ILoveBizzie commented
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          I did too but I see a lot of people say they prefer TK, that they think he’s a better actor.

        • Sharkswin
          Sharkswin commented
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          Wasn’t much of a RM fan, but to me, he is still Ridge. I just can’t get used to TK’s version Ridge..I wished Bell had brought him on as a totally different character.

        • Muffers
          Muffers commented
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          RM seems like a more fancy/sophisticated guy suited to be a fashion designer.

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        Today reminded me of how much I used to like Brooke. I dont hate her....and I've never been a "brookie"....but she used to be alot easier to watch. I'm just tired of her begging ridge to stay....her mantra for years or being so judgemental toward everyone else.

        loved loved loved her and stephanie....the REAL supercouple of the show.

        I think they are trying to recreate that with her and Quinn but no freaking way is that going.to work.

        But the wedding itself was very sweet...very romantic and beachy. The photoshoot was a bit weird....but anything with Queen Stephanie is a win.


        • #8
          What character was Ian Buchanan playing? I recognized him right away from GH as Duke Lavery.


          • Chatty Cakes
            Chatty Cakes commented
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            He played Dr.James Warwick.

          • B-Hold
            B-Hold commented
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            He played Dr James Warwick who was a colleague of Dr. Taylor Hayes. He was engaged to Brooke and they set a wedding date. Taylor dies and wella! Brooke marries Ridge.

        • #9
          Stephanie’s face was the best! Beth Logan getting the smirk because of Stephanie’s face.
          Poor Stephanie had Beth, Brooke and Shelia to contend with.


          • B-Hold
            B-Hold commented
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            Chatty Cakes - and to know that Eric was screwing around on her with Brooke and Brooke got Eric to marry her because she was preggers with Rick. The crud Stephanie had to put up with.

        • #10
          I loved today's wedding episode and it brought back so many memories! It was nice to see RM's Ridge and he and KKL had so much chemistry! It was so nice to see Sheila sitting next to Eric, and Dr. James Warwick. I miss Queen Stephanie and her rivalry with Brooke! SF looked beautiful in this particular episode! Little Rick and Bridget were adorable! I barely remembered Beth, but it was interesting to see her. I am guessing the girl in the gawky hat was supposed to be Katie? ​​​​​​ . I loved seeing beautiful Taylor pre plastic surgery and she was breathtaking! I remember the Prince Omar sl and it had me on the edge of my seat then and I love, love, love reliving the memories! Today's episode was an A++! Can we please have more vintage B & B?


          • #11
            I've only been watching since TK came on so who are the two blond children?


            • Kwaime
              Kwaime commented
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              Well as I said, TAYLOR stopped the ceremony when Ridge still wanted to proceed. TAYLOR told him to go the guest room and EVEN after the BBB reveal and the loss of the so called pedestal Ridge still was torn … So Brooke used her kid ….
              Ridge pet Brooke s hair and laughed about her antics for YEARS … He liked Brooke's adoration but choose to go back home to his wife every day for years… No matter how many strip teases and sauna and throwing her bra at him in her OFFICE … Meant NOTHING … Like Ridge told so to Taylor when he was back from Paris after the Eiffel tower fiasco… Brooke NEVER was a threat to Tridge. Just Brooke being Brooke (use condescendant Ridge tone then) … Ridge s PUPPY ...
              I never condoned Thomas claims about the berries … But frankly, preventing Brooke to harasse Ridge on the phone on his wedding day to their mother … I DO. And it was NEVER proven Thomas Indeed lied about the Berries… He did NOT remember … and neither did Brooke …
              and we know how EASY she is when impaired … Eric Deacon Nick and Ridge can attest her "commitment" vanish easily ...

            • viennagirl
              viennagirl commented
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              Taylor stopped it because Ridge didn't act totally committed to her.
              Brooke had assured him she would leave if Ridge really tells her that this is what he really wants and if he is not just marrying Taylor because Taylor had asked him to marry her.
              Instead of just simply telling Brooke that yes, this is what he wants, we had him talking about that Brooke is making everything so much more painful and that he gave Taylor his vows already
              - and we had Taylor cancelling and telling Ridge that she had believed that this is what he wants too, but that she does not want that if he is not 100% committed to her.

              We had Ridge and Taylor talking about that their decision to get married, had been rushed, had Ridge talking about that he has two families and that he should have had conversations with Brooke that he hadn't.

              And no, after the cancelled wedding we had "Ridge" being the one who first suggested he could stay somewhere else if it would be too difficult for Taylor, and Taylor then told him even if they won't share a bed anymore he can stay in the guest room.

              (August 4, 2009):

              "Taylor: No. I-I am not criticizing. I am not controlling you. I'm just saying that this is something that you have to be ready to do without hesitation. That's all. You know, I-- (Sighs) I'm okay with it. If--if I wasn't, I wouldn't be letting you stay here.
              Ridge: Doc, if you'd like me to stay somewhere else, it's not a problem.
              Taylor: No, Ridge.
              Ridge: If it's going to be too difficult for you, I understand.
              Taylor: No. I'm okay with it. You know, look at this place. You've lived here before. Everything's fine. We may not be sharing the same bed, but it's okay, you know? It's--it's good, because now at least I know where we stand, and I-I think we're both very clear on what the situation is. We can just look at it as like a-a rehearsal of how life should be with us together."

              I said it before, but yes we agree, even at the times when Ridge was supposed to be committed to Taylor, he never had problems to flirt with Brooke.
              But no, I don't think that Ridge during these times so often shared kisses with Brooke.

              And after the cancelled wedding and during his "thinking" period, we had Ridge letting Brooke kiss him in the office and not stopping it. Last year we had Taylor kissing Ridge - and at that time Ridge quite well had been able to stop that kiss and make it clear to Taylor that he was committed to his marriage.

            • viennagirl
              viennagirl commented
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              Thomas and Steffy did not just manipulate RIdge's phone for the day of the wedding - the dialogue mentioned that it had been much longer and that Brooke for days had tried to contact Ridge.

              As for the berry sex lie:
              - the scenes on screen never had them making out, only lying next to each other and giggling (no real kiss except Thomas kissing Brooke's forehead and nose)
              - they had their clothes on when they woke up
              - Brooke let herself be hypnotized by James to find out if they had had sex - and it triggered nothing, James assuring Brooke she would have remembered if it had happened

              Thomas has been the one who has told Brooke and Stephanie that "he is sure that they didn't have sex".
              Only when Stephanie bribed him, he agreed to "lie" and he told Stephanie that it is a lie.

              James and his hypnosis session:

              James: Do you remember kissing?
              Brooke: (Sighs) no. His lips touched my forehead, and they touched my nose, but that was it. There was really no kissing. It--it wasn't erotic... I don't think.
              James: Maybe you thought it was ridge.
              Brooke: No. (Sighs) honestly, I didn't even-- I didn't think about ridge. I didn't think about Thomas. I didn't think about anything. I just thought about being there and how wonderful everything was. It was... everything was so clear. All of the images and... everything... until...
              James: Until what? Until your clothes came off?
              Brooke: No.

              James: You remember the waterfall
              Brooke: The flowers and... (sighs) the energy. I mean, we could actually see the energy between us.
              James: But not the act. You don't remember doing anything...
              Brooke: (Sighs) no.
              James: Inappropriate with Thomas?
              Brooke: No, I don't. No, I don't remember anything. Why can't I remember?
              James: Because it didn't happen.
              Brooke: What?
              James: Because it didn't happen, Brooke. You remember it all so clearly, but you didn't make love to your husband's son.
              Brooke: I blocked it out.
              James: No. It didn't happen in the first place. The only conclusion I can come to is Thomas is lying.
              (June 3, 2011)

              And BEFORE Thomas got bribed and lied:

              Brooke: I promised him no more secrets.
              Thomas: Brooke, nothing happened. There's no point in telling him.

              Brooke: (Sighs) Oh, I wish the clarity would come back.
              Thomas: So do I, but it hasn't. Look, I would know if something had happened.
              (May 16, 2011)

              Thomas again and again telling Stephanie that nothing had happened and that they still had had their clothes on.

              Thomas: Okay, there was a little touching.
              Stephanie: And kissing.
              Thomas: Not on the il-- we were drugged, delusional, okay? Then we blacked out.
              Stephanie: Before or after you had sex?
              Thomas: I told you. It didn't happen.
              Stephanie: How would you know if you blacked out?
              Thomas: Our clothes were on nothing happened. Grandma, I want you to drop this right now.

              Stephanie: She can't seem to remember anything. She says that she blacked out. So... I think that you should remind her that the two of you had sex on the island.
              Thomas: No, Grandma. I told you we didn't have sex.
              Stephanie: No, Tom. You did.
              (May 24, 2011)

              Thomas: Grandma, you've got it wrong, okay? Brooke and I did not have sex on that island.
              Stephanie: You said you blacked out.
              Thomas: Look, I'm sure.
              Stephanie: Do you want to have control of this company someday?
              Thomas: Are you serious about that?
              Stephanie: Absolutely. I told you I will change my will. You'll get my 25% of the stock. With what your father gave you, you'll have 30%. Now all you have to do is tell what happened on the island.
              Thomas: You're asking me to lie.

              Stephanie: Believe you? Look. (Scoffs) You didn't remember, and now you remember.
              Thomas: I had my clothes on.
              Stephanie: Why do you keep bringing up these obstacles
              (May 25, 2011)

          • #12
            I love seeing my girl Sheila today. And also Dr James Warwick. I miss them on this show along with there daughter Mary


            • #13
              I liked the photoshoot thing at that wedding.

              While it was funny (the face Stephanie made) and a bit ironic - Eric with his ex-wife Stephanie and his ex-college love Beth in the same picture (a picture taken of the parents of the bride and the groom) when Eric was there with his new love Sheila - I also liked the photo shoot thing, because it is realistic.
              I have been at many weddings, where they took pictures afterwards of the core family, the siblings, bride and groom with best man, maid of honor.... and then a group picture of everyone.

              At that time B&B still cared enough to have at least the parents of the couple that gets married, to be there at the wedding.

              I just don't get why Donna was missing in the Logan family pictures taken at the wedding (pic of Beth, Stephen, Storm and Katie; then one with the Logan females Beth, Brooke, Katie)?
              In the episode after that, when they have a wedding reception at Brooke's place (the house Ridge has bought for Brooke as a surprise wedding gift), Donna is shown interacting with the kids and Storm and Katie.


              • #14
                I always found that wedding cheesy but the light and the beach were beautiful
                Ridge white suit was fine but imo Brooke playing the princess was ridiculous ... especially since it was her second wedding ... This kind of dress at 30 ... and the hairdo ... a sandcastle seriously ?
                a little girl’s dream ... or a cheap romance novel idea of romance ...IMO
                Brooke looked WAYYYY better IMO for her second wedding to Ridge.
                But both ceremonies were tainted ... Brooke got Ridge by default and on the rebound ...

                IMO Brooke s marriage to Thorne was beautiful. Her most stunning groom was NICK playing Officer and Gentleman ...

                for Ridge I loved his wedding to Caroline and his first wedding to Taylor ... not bc I loved the pairing but the gowns and locations were stunning, classic and classy


                • ILoveBizzie
                  ILoveBizzie commented
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                  I really liked Brooke’s dress because of the sleeves. Even my fashion picky friends liked that gown when I was showing them soap gowns, it was the only one that got approval, lol.

                  I didn’t think her style was overdone, the dress was simple besides the sleeves. I liked the curly hair worn up and the crown of flowers with the ribbons. After as long as Bridge fans waited for a wedding, I would have been quite disappointed with a simple wedding.

                  I agree about Throoke wedding and the Bricky wedding. I wish we could have one of them back for Brooke.

                  I was a bit disappointed with Caroline’s dress, I was a big Cridge fan at the time and was expecting something more dramatic. The beadwork was nice but I liked the dress from the interrupted wedding better. I guess I like more elaborate gowns, but that was her second marriage so the off white color and simplicity worked.

                  Taylor’s dress was gorgeous for her first wedding.

                • Kwaime
                  Kwaime commented
                  Editing a comment
                  To each his own ... the princess dress and hairdo were too much for me ... it reminds le of a Disney dress for kids ... and I didn’t find the hairdo flattering ... too heavy

                  You can do gorgeous and glamour but class : Hope s dress in Italy was simply fantastic ! but she was 20 and it was her first wedding ...
                  I loved Caroline champagne dress ... way better than the first aborted ...
                  I guess we wouldn’t fight for the same gowns for a party!

              • #15
                Katbert I was laughing so hard at stephanie's face. she was not going to smile at all for the pics. Everyone looked so good, so good to see Taylor, I miss her.

                But I realized one thing about the show from 1994 and todays shows, nothing much really happens on the show back then and now. I mean its only 23 mins with commercials, and this episode was vows, and then a mirage of pics of everyone and Bridge, and people meeting privately with brooke while she very flirty kisses their cheek. it was 23 mins of really nothing. pretty much how today is, 23 mins of someone crying, or brooke whining the same things every day. the storylines don't ever move along on this show, cause nothing happens on each episode.


                • LisaM1983
                  LisaM1983 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I'm not sure this episode was a great representation of that era. The problem with wedding episodes (plus location shoots) is that the ceremony takes up a good chunk of airtime, leaving less room for plot movement. It's especially true for B&B which is a half-hour show. Most episodes from this era had an A storyline, B storyline, and sometimes a C storyline happening at once.

                • ILoveBizzie
                  ILoveBizzie commented
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                  I agree, nothing moves along on the show anymore. It is so slow-paced!

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