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    All I would wish for, if there was a soap opera god to pray to, would be that something actually happens on the show not the endless re-hashing of what just happened. Bill & Wyatt discussing Bill kissing Brooke. Katie & Donna discussing the kiss. Cut back to Wyatt saying something fascinating like 'so let me get this straight. Do you regret kissing Brooke?" Bill looks away - cue the cymbal to announce he's remembering the kiss. Back to Katie who's also recalling the kiss. yada yada yada
    TPTB haven't been doing themselves any favours by showing re-runs of the good old days. The chasm between the quality of stories and writing back in the 80's & 90's is only made more obvious when you compare them to the non-events of today's show. It's made me quite sad at how far down this show has gone.


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      Even old episodes from the 2000s were more interesting. The Nick years were really good, Stephanie, Taylor’s stories.

      I think the show started to sink when they began only focusing on the triangle of Steffy/Liam/Hope. It was the only story they put effort into and it made them become lazy.

      When they had the Avants on we finally had something different but then they let them all go. I’m going to say that’s when I noticed a very sharp decline in writing.


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        Originally posted by Chabby lover View Post
        Steffy: Gets a new guy who will be a good father for her daughter since she has a deadbeat father in Liam. Steffy gets a great guy who is perfect for her and he adopts Kelly

        Liam/Hope: Go to Paris never to be heard from again till everyone gets a phone call that they are lost at sea. Brooke goes looking for her precious Hope and falls Overboard never to be heard from again either.

        Ridge/Shauna: Ridge finds happiness again with Shauna who makes him happy and is nice toward his children. She is the kind of stepmother that his children have always needed since they have not had a good one.

        Wyatt/Sally: Wyatt Finally realizes he made the biggest mistake of his life when he left Sally for someone like Flo when he finds out Flo is a gold digger after his money. He leaves Flo and goes and talks to Sally who tells him to go to Hell after the way he treated her. He fights to win her back and they end up finally back together after a while and get married.

        Bill: Bill is obsessed over finding Brooke because in his mind they are meant to be so he goes looking for her. He finds a nice French girl and moves to France never to be heard from again.

        Eric/Quinn: They are happy and in love with each other. Eric realizes what kind of person Brooke is and stops defending her to everyone. Since she keeps hurting his family. Quinn and Eric are very happy together

        Thomas: Thomas comes back and gets his son away from the Logans who have took him from him. He gets the custody that he gave to Hope overthrown and gets full custody back to himself. He never lets Hope near his child again. He takes Douglas to therapy to get the help he needs over his obsession with Hope. They have family therapy. Thomas falls in love with a nice girl he found while away and they get married and she adopts Douglas. Douglas finally has a good family away from the Logan's and with his actual family.
        hahahahahahahahahahaha oh I love the part about being lost at sea, oh that is great.


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          here's my show:

          The show comes back on and it starts immediately with Liam waking up in bed with Ho0pe. He jumps up and screams "who are you?" Hope says its me Liam, Hope, we got married here in the house and Liam says no way, he is married to steffy.

          he runs out of the room to find douglas standing over Beth, with his hands about to go around her neck, and Liam scream, "who is that?" Hope says its their son douglas and daughter beth. Liam says on what planet do you live on, Douglas is my nephew and I only have 1 child Kelly Spencer. Liam says he has to go back to his wife. he leaves and Hope asks douglas what he was doing to Beth. Douglas says he has visions of killing Beth. Hope is like what???

          Liam runs to steffy's and says oh my sweet I love you and steffy says stop right there, dude you cant come here cause you and mommy hope have a fight, she aint doing that anymore. Liam says he is her husband and please tell him she is his wife. steffy says no, that shipped sailed long ago and I told you to marry Hope several times and you finally listened to me. Liam asks why Douglas called hope mommy hope? steffy says to leave she has had enough, she tried to tell liam he was taking on too much with 2 toddlers and now douglas but he does what mommy hope says now, and Liam is just floored.

          He goes to see Bill, and Hill asks if he hit his head? he says he doesn't remember. he just woke up and doesn't remember not being steffy husband. Bill tells him he has apologized over and over and why wont liam just let it go, yes he slept with steffy, yes she was vulnerable and he should have left, and Liam is just so mad, he cant believe Bill would do that to his wife. he is mad.

          he goes to wyatt, who says he will try to figure out why liam doesn't remember marrying hope in the dingy shed. he goes to the shed and Hope is crying cause Douglas purposely put toys out and Hope tripped and douglas laughed. she doesn't know why Douglas would do that. they hear douglas talking to his dolls and he said that now he will have mommy hope to himself now that Liam is gone. they are worried that douglas is not ok. he audience sees douglas with some pills, and douglas says he knows liam will never remember mommy hope now and that dinner he made them really worked.

          Liam works to get steffy to believe he has no idea that he married Hope, wyatt tries to help Hope with douglas but wyatt starts forgetting things too and wants to stay home. Hope is not understanding why liam doesn't know who beth is, and why beth keeps hitting herself in the head. she is now a single mother of 2 kids, and liam wants nothing to do with her or them. Hope wakes one day and beth is gone. she is like what happened to beth, douglas says I don't know. Beth is missing for months, and wyatt tells her he thnks douglas did it. Hope and brooke say this is all Thomas's fault, and also steffy's.

          They find out Douglas gave Beth away to some random people and ask douglas if this is because his daddy told him too, or from what steffy and bill did, he says NO. he says since his mommy died he has felt like he wanted to hurt other people. they say this is Thomas doing, he says no but that he doesn't think it is wrong cause mommy hope says its ok if you do wrong you can just ask for a do-over. he would like a do-over now please. Hope and brooke can't find beth, but they tell douglas they will never let his daddy around him again and douglas keeps saying his daddy didn't do this, he did cause he feels it inside, since his mommy died. they don't listen.

          Brooke comes over one day and Hope is not there, douglas is watching a blank tv screen. she asks where mommy hope is, douglas points without turning away from tv to hope's room. brooke goes in and finds hope dead, she got out of bed and must have fallen and hit her head and they think it is an accident.

          Years later, Steam are married and happy, liam still doesn't remember marrying hope, Douglas is 18 now, and a 16 year old girl comes around, asking questions to everyone. she meets up with douglas and says do I look familiar, he says no, she says her name is Beth and she knows douglas killed her mom, BOOM!!!!!!!!


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            Another idea, the show starts again with random stuff.

            Ridge is in his office and in walks shauna, they talk with the door closed.

            Bill is in his office and Quinn waltzes in and says she needs to talk to him asap about their son. the door is closed

            wyatt sally and Flo are at the beach house talking about who loves wyatt the most.

            Liam comes in to see Kelly and steffy, they sit down and steffy shows liam what Kelly is doing now.

            Hope is in the shed with beth and douglas, she hears the door opening and in comes Thomas. The door closes, she says you need to leave. he says not til we talk. the tv comes on for a breaking news announcement: Hope thinks it is the authorities looking for Thomas so she turns up the tv. But instead it is the officials telling everyone the coronavirus is really bad, and that everyone needs to asap social distance until further notice, and that wherever you are at the moment, whomever you are with, you must stay there til further notice. everyones doors lock at once.

            Hope cant get the door open, she thinks Thomas did this, he says he doesn't know what she is talking about. Hope calls her mom Brooke is home alone and she cant see her destiny????? what??? no way. but the doors are locked. Hope calls Liam but his phone is dead, and steffy has an android and no iPhone charger so too bad. steffy also says her phone lines are down cause there was a tree that fell on the phone lines and they haven't fixed it yet, and now wont.

            Ridge tells shauna well now what are we going to do?

            Bill tells Quinn well now what are we going to do?

            Ridge and shauna get busy on the desk, while bill says to quinn to forget about it. but then he asks what she has in mind???????

            wyatt is stuck in the house with 2 women fighting all day over him, not Liam but him. he is very happy.

            Brooke is crying about her destiny, and she gets a visit from Stephanie. she thinks its a ghost, it might be, might not, but stephanie tells her she is going to listen to her now.

            Thomas walks around shirtless and Hope cant stop looking at him. he tells her he wont try anything with her, he knows she only has a flower for Liam. Hope says yes, but she cant stop looking at him.

            Liam and steffy mind the least being quarantined together, they play with Kelly, feed her, watch bob hope movies, steffy feeds liam beef and he likes it, they laugh, cry, laugh, talk, and marvel over Kelly.


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              This is what I would do to fix this once great show...

              - Wyatt finds out about what Sally has done and it makes him question everything. He realises he needs to be single and decides to end things with Flo. He turns his focus to creating his own fashion house to rival Forrester Creations as he realises he has the business mind to do it far better than the Forresters ever could with their constant fighting amongst themselves. He sees that they are falling behind and this is the perfect time to be bold. He remembers all the success he had at Forrester Creations and how he took them to heights they had never seen before. He plans to name the company after his mother (Fuller Fashion) and hires her as the lead jewellery designer. One night Wyatt is drinking at a bar and bumps into Thomas who seems different, more relaxed and free. Thomas tells Wyatt how he lost his way and how he let his obsession with Hope lead him down a dark path. Wyatt sees how much Thomas has changed. Wyatt confesses to him that he never really got over Hope and that she was his first and only true love, he says if anybody can understand being obsessed with Hope, it’s him. Thomas tells Wyatt that he could never go back to his family’s company and he was never really appreciated there like he should have been, he believes he should have been CEO a long time ago. Wyatt understands what Thomas is feeling, always 2nd best like he is to his brother. Wyatt tells Thomas all about his plans to take the fashion world by storm. He sells Thomas on the idea of being his new lead designer and President. The 2 become friends and with Quinn they form a formidable team.

              -Sally realises she lost her way and gets professional help. She returns and is forgiven by Wyatt and discovers she is still in love with Thomas. Thomas, no longer blinded by his Hope obsession, realises he and Sally never really got a fair chance together and they deserve a shot without all the complications. They move in together and Douglas misses his father and decides he wants to move in with them. Wyatt is happy for Sally and Thomas. He hires Sally and gives her a chance to create her own line called ‘Spectra’.

              -Coco returns and Sally asks Wyatt to hire her. Wyatt and Coco instantly connect, but Wyatt doesn’t want to jump into another relationship and Coco is so young. Wyatt fights his feelings. He wants to keep the relationship professional. Coco can’t help herself, she flirts with Wyatt every chance she gets. This goes on for months but eventually Wyatt can’t hold back his feelings for Coco which only grow stronger. Wyatt, Coco, Thomas, Sally and Quinn rise to the top while over at Forrester Creations their business is going downhill.

              - Liam continues his indicisive, childish ways and eventually Hope kicks him to the curb. He tries to go crawling back to Steffy but she’s moved on. Steffy and Hope realise how foolish they’ve been. They see the success that Fuller Fashion is having and how Forrester Creations is in decline and decide it’s up to them to save the company. RJ reveals he has been drawing and with Steffy back as CEO, she revives Hope For The Future. Steffy and Hope decide RJ will design for their line which will be in direct competition with Sally’s ‘Spectra’ line which has become the most popular line ever.

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                A vengeful and wealthy ex patient of Taylor’s from years back obsesses about getting back at the woman she deemed to have ruined her life, by having her admitted to a mental institution during the prime of her life. This ex patient Catherine exacts a plan to make Taylor “go mad”, she wants the world to look at Taylor through the same lenses that she deemed the world looked at her for being mentally unwell. Catherine manages to slowly dose Taylor with an illegal substance that disrupts the chemical balance within her brain making her mentally and emotionally unstable.

                Taylor visits Thomas, Caroline and Douglas in New York, they holiday in the Hampton's to get some good family time after not seeing her son for months. Thomas and Caroline unfortunately become collateral in Catherine quest for vengeance and fall victim to this mind-altering substance but unfortunately Caroline has an adverse reaction to the drug and sadly dies.

                The FBI has been investigating for months this illegal new substance that has hit the black market and busts the person that has been chemically engineering and distributing the drug and gets hold of his client list. FBI raids Catherine’s residence and discovers Taylor was her target. Taylor and Thomas receive the necessary medical treatment. Everyone back home finds out truth and realize the shooting, obsession, emotional instability of both Taylor and Thomas was result of an evil crime.

                Weeks pass and Taylor and Thomas have responded positively to both their medical treatment. Taylor’s time in recovery has made her evaluate her life like she has never done before. She obviously evaluates the biggest part of her life, her relationship with Ridge. She realizes even though Brooke’s behavior and actions towards her relationship was unacceptable she was putting all the blame on Brooke and that wasn’t fair! It’s the easiest thing in the world to divert all blame from the person you love and place it on your nemesis but Ridge had a part in hurting her, using her, disappointing their children and the lion share of her hurt came from his actions. She coldly had to face the truth that whatever they shared died the night Sheila Carter put a bullet in her chest.
                As painful as this comprehension was it wasn’t the beginning of her trauma. If she was going to evaluate her life, her whole life she needed to face her mothers murder. The woman she tried her whole life to emulate and who gave her and her brother Zack their moral compass, Sharon Hamilton née Ashford.
                Taylor’s children knew very little details about her childhood except for the generic statements she mentioned throughout the years. They didn’t know that her mother’s family, the Ashford’s were/are the proverbial American blue blood and that they her aunts, uncles and cousins were a huge part of the first 16 years of her life. Family holidays, birthdays, summer vacations and Sunday lunches with her mother’s family were a big part of her happy childhood and teenage life until it all disintegrated with the murder of her mother……………


                • Bill824
                  Bill824 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  You clearly put a lot of thought into this. I like it. I don’t think it will happen though. I think a more realistic story is that Thomas has been mentally and emotionally scarred from the tragic death of his sister, Phoebe, everything Rick and Brooke put his family through over the years, his dad not being there and then what really broke him was being lied to and manipulated by Bill & Caroline into believing Caroline was dying, and then later on for her to actually die.

                  That’s just a lot for a person to go through and would break even the strongest person. Thomas has done some terrible things but not as terrible as Bill Spencer and only marginally worse than what Rick did to his family to get revenge on Ridge. I’m sure he will make a return fully recovered and all will be forgiven and forgotten.

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                It is revealed that Bill switched the paternity test results to minimize the impact and hurt caused by their ONS. He is shown torn as revealing the truth could destroy his relationship with Liam and Steffy once again. The truth comes out when Kelly gets sick and needs a bone marrow transplant (or something). Drama ensues but in the end Steffy and Bill start to bond as parents and in the end get together.

                Liam and Hope are in a semi happy relationship until there is another misunderstanding, Hope dumps Liam and Liam is heartbroken. Since Steffy is busy with her own life to offer a shoulder to cry on, he turns to Brooke. She consoles Liam, one thing leads to another and passion ensues. Hope and Liam end up reconciling but now Brooke and Liam have a secret.

                Katie realizes she is over Bill and Wyatt was the one that got away. She and Wyatt grow closer and ultimately reunite. Everyone opposes the relationship but this time they decide it does not matter.

                Caroline jr returns from the dead as it turns out she was hiding from Thomas who was trying to get rid of her. She is back to claim her child and also rediscovers her love for Ridge. They reunite. Douglas is messed up and starts hatching evil plans. It ultimately turns out Douglas is Ridge’s child and he gets the child the help he needs to adjust. Thomas, on the other hand, cannot accept the reality and starts plotting against Ridge and Caroline. He enlists Flo to help him as Flo is bitter about being dumped by Wyatt and is looking for a new source of income. While scheming Thomas and Flo fall in love.

                Shauna having lost Ridge to Caroline, sets her sights on Eric ready to stab her BFF Quinn in the back.

                Sally looking to revive her design career, looks up Rick to ask him to help her. They bond and fall in love. Sally, ever the opportunist, convinces Rick to return to FC and make a power play.


                • Bill824
                  Bill824 commented
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                  This is just so crazy it might actually work. The only thing I can’t understand is why Bill would not come clean now that Liam has a family with Hope. Why leave Steffy on her own if he can help her? Caroline returning would be great but I’m hoping they let Thomas have some happiness. Ridge and Taylor’s children have gone through too much already. They deserve to be happy for once.

                • ILoveBizzie
                  ILoveBizzie commented
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                  Maybe because Bill is with Katie now and doesn’t want Katie to know he would do such a thing. (Not that Katie doesn’t know what he’s capable of...and she still wants him...)

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