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  • Put yourself at the writers desk

    Let’s make ourselves head writers or Bell’s co-writers and say what you would do if you had control of the show.

    I will try to keep the current cast as well as add in new characters.

    Brooke: Quits Forrester and decides to start her own fashion house. She and Sally Spectra decide to open Spectra again with Sally as head designer.

    They also need to hire new designers for different lines. One could be a young man who is a new man for either Steffy or Hope, depending on who Liam is with and I would let ratings/audience feedback determine that even though I am a Lope fan myself. The new man would be a very handsome, interesting man with a lot of layers.

    Another designer could be a man Brooke’s age or younger and he will be either African-American or Latino, Asian or Native American, Arabic, Indian, anything to add diversity and people of color to my show.

    Hope: Joins Spectra and creates a new line.

    Sally: Gets back with Thomas but they have issues due to being rival designers.

    Zoe: Pregnant by Thomas and hiding the identity of the baby’s father, Carter is in on the deceit. They’re a couple.

    Ridge: With Shauna but then Caroline returns alive and Douglas is revealed to be Ridge’s. Shauna moves in to Bill. Later, Taylor returns and she and Caroline fight for Ridge. Nick Marone returns with Jack and is for Taylor.

    Bill: Marries Shauna, then has an affair with Flo and Shauna and Flo are at odds.

    A new gay character comes on and RJ returns and is gay. Maybe the gay character could be Deacon’s son.

    Also we could add a new rival publishing company that could have the gay man as an employee or instead of a new designer for Brooke, the owner of that company could be Brooke’s new man. Or a man for Quinn.

    Eric: Stays with Quinn and/or gets Pam.

    Katie: Gets back with Wyatt. Has another high risk pregnancy.

    I think this blueprint would have something for every fan base and would also add much needed diversity to the show and fresh blood and business stories.

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    P.S. I’m not writing characters out because I am imagining if I really worked on the show, I would not want to fire people, plus my goal is to keep the show on the air and gain ratings, thus I’m trying to work in every character whether I like them or not. Because if I were running the show, I have to consider my viewers.


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      Liam/Ivy/Hope/Oliver: Liam finds out that Kelly isn’t his daughter. Steffy distraught leaves with Kelly to Paris. This upsets Liam and it puts a heavy strain on Liam and Hope’s marriage. Oliver returns and is there for Hope. The two kiss which Liam catches. Ivy returns and is there for Liam. The two reconnect while He divorces Hope. Liam leaves Spencer and works with Forrester. Liam and Ivy make love and later the two have a daughter named Ally Spencer. The two marry.

      Wyatt/Sally: Wyatt helps Sally rebuild spectra. The two reconnect and end up falling in love again.

      Bill: Bill leaves LA to try and bring Steffy and their daughter back to LA and be a family.

      Brooke: Brooke goes to Paris after her divorce from Ridge.


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        Steffy: Gets a new guy who will be a good father for her daughter since she has a deadbeat father in Liam. Steffy gets a great guy who is perfect for her and he adopts Kelly

        Liam/Hope: Go to Paris never to be heard from again till everyone gets a phone call that they are lost at sea. Brooke goes looking for her precious Hope and falls Overboard never to be heard from again either.

        Ridge/Shauna: Ridge finds happiness again with Shauna who makes him happy and is nice toward his children. She is the kind of stepmother that his children have always needed since they have not had a good one.

        Wyatt/Sally: Wyatt Finally realizes he made the biggest mistake of his life when he left Sally for someone like Flo when he finds out Flo is a gold digger after his money. He leaves Flo and goes and talks to Sally who tells him to go to Hell after the way he treated her. He fights to win her back and they end up finally back together after a while and get married.

        Bill: Bill is obsessed over finding Brooke because in his mind they are meant to be so he goes looking for her. He finds a nice French girl and moves to France never to be heard from again.

        Eric/Quinn: They are happy and in love with each other. Eric realizes what kind of person Brooke is and stops defending her to everyone. Since she keeps hurting his family. Quinn and Eric are very happy together

        Thomas: Thomas comes back and gets his son away from the Logans who have took him from him. He gets the custody that he gave to Hope overthrown and gets full custody back to himself. He never lets Hope near his child again. He takes Douglas to therapy to get the help he needs over his obsession with Hope. They have family therapy. Thomas falls in love with a nice girl he found while away and they get married and she adopts Douglas. Douglas finally has a good family away from the Logan's and with his actual family.


        • NuttyAboutSoaps
          NuttyAboutSoaps commented
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          I love this! From your words to the writers' ears.

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        1 Brooke, hope and Liam are back burned.
        2 new man for steffy
        3 Quinn sally and Katie start their own fashion house.
        4 Eric and ridge - are done with Brooke


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          ​​​​one day at work Steffy hears about a Gala for CEOs in the area. Steffy is hesitant at first, but with advice from a friend she goes. There Steffy meets Clay Fodder. He's the CEO of his own talent agency and he is able to peak Steffys interest. Steffy and Clay hit it off and soon realize they have a lot in comparison. It isn't long after the Gala that Steffy and Clay are seeing more of each other as they work. Before long Steffy and Clay become an item and work together on a secret project that could push Forrester into the future and secure it's legacy for years to come. However everything about this man seems a bit too good to be true.


          Katie​ is over Bill and his constant betrayals. After having one last argument Katie decides enough is enough and decides to separate. Katie almost hits the bottle, but then throws it away and decides to cope with her situation by doing Yoga. Katie joins a Yoga group and meets her instructor Jackson. Katie and Jackson have fun doing these sessions. Bill gets jealous of the bond between Katie and Jackson. Bill does some digging on Jackson and finds that Jackson may not be who he says he is. Bill tries to warn Katie, but she refuses to listen to Bill. One day Will goes missing. Katie and frantic to find Will until cameras capture Will with Jackson. Katie decides to pack some heat and track down her son to an old air feild. Katie's confronts Jackson who admits to being part of a trafficking ring. Katie tries to fight Jackson off herself. Bill learns where Katie has gone and together with Liam and Wyatt speed down the road to get to them in time. However Bills actions cause a terrible crash for another vehicle. That doesn't stop Bill though, they make it to Katie and Will and save them from the man trying to take them. However Bill is arrested for the crash that happened to the other cars on the road and eventually has a death charge looking over him. With Bill in trouble and her family in jeapordy Katie stands behind Bill and does what she can to keep her family strong and together.


          Brooke​ tries to repair her relationship to Ridge, but realizes that she has gone too far. Ridge refuses to go back to Brooke and the two of them end things together. However Brooke is furious and hurt over her loss. She decides to target Quinn and go after her with a vengeance. Her and Donna team up to get rid of Quinn and the two of them almost do it. Until Donna realizes that while fighting Quinn for Eric her own sister Brooke is starting to rediscover old feelings for Eric and has caught Brooke multiple times getting too close to him. It's now a battle free for all as Donna disavows Brook and Quinn and the three of them set up for an epic smack down that leads to some shocking conclusions and revelations between them all. Meanwhile Ridge and Shauna really hit it off and it isn't long before Ridge is trying to reintroduce Shauna to the family as the one for him.

          After everything that went down with Flo Sally realizes that everything up to this moment isn't worth the prize she wants in the end. She realizes after a conversation with Wyatt that she will never have his heart like she used to. She's eventually faced with accepting the loss. Penny on the other hand isn't ready to let Sally spoil her plans and tries to blackmail Sally into silence. However when the moment comes about Sally confesses to Wyatt everything that has happened. Wyatt angerly lashes out at Sally and rescues Flo. Sally packs her things and leaves without saying anything else. Penny complains to Sally about losing her job, but Sally tells her not to worry. Sally explains how she is done being someone else's victim and she is done being used and thrown away. Sally sets out to resurrect her family name by reviving Spectra Fashions and wants Penny's help to do so. Sally and Penny work hard to reclaim what Sally lost and before they know it, Spectra is on the map. Too bad it involves another scheme involving Forrester. However it's one that not even Sally Spectra Sr could dream of, one that puts someone else in the guilty seat for a change.




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            Steffy gets a new man who’s CEO of his own company. They’re all about each other, no cheating or abuse but face many personal and professional challenges. With the support of her man, Steffy decides to adopt again . She calls her Phoebe. She finds out she’s pregnant with twins boys.She starts 2 a new lines with Sally’s help, one for children/babies, and one for women: sexy passionate classy.Sally and one of forrester’s client fall in love.

            Kelly is not Liam’s. There was a mistake in the lab. Steffy is shocked but somehow relieved: She’s free from Liam. She stopped fooling herself about Liam being a good guy and a good father and is celebrating getting rid of that poison. She and Kelly get some professional help to deal with all the damages Liam emotional ly abusing them caused. Steffy deals with all her issues allowing her to be herself again:Edgy, passionate,…..She found a true friend in Sally.

            She and Bill have mended their friendship and have shared custody. Bill is crazy about his little girl. He’s a completly different man with her. He apologizes to Katie for everything he put her through, they mend their relationship and have shared custody of Will. Kelly changed him as a father and he tries to be the best father to his 2 youngest kids.Bill meets a woman about his age who ‘s looking for a job in publications. They fall in love and work together at SP.SP has a rival company . Together, they deal with professional challenges, that rival company is very powerful and could overshadow SP. Bill needs to step up his game to keep SP on the map and as one of the best publcations in the field.

            Taylor got professional help she needed to get over her many traumas and is back working as a therapist and cancer doctor.She meets a colleague and they fall in love.

            Thomas is back, still edgy but got professional help and his son is his priority.He has a new woman and is still working at FC and has his own line.He faces many professional challenges.

            Ridge and Brooke are still on . They are stuck together just like lope.

            Katie and Thorne fall in love, work together on healing and moving forward.They start their own company of fabrics.They try to have a baby naturally but eventually decide to get a surrogate mother.

            Eric decides to retire, splits equally his shares between all his children that have none in the company: Felicia, Kristen, Thorne, Bridget and Rick. Felicia, Kristen and Bridget sell their shares to Steffy saying that they trust Steffy to take care of their mother’s, her grandmother’s legacy.Thorne and Rick keep their shares.

            Quinn , Wyatt Flo and Shauna start a jewelry company.

            Hope Liam Brooke and start their own business and try to compete with FC.


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              Sally and Thomas reunite she also decides to get the help that she needs while in New York temporarily with Thomas. Windsor Harmon Thorne returns gets romantically involved with Shauna. Sheila Carter returns as a regular unexpectedly falls in love with Bill. Adrienne Leon should play Diana Carter Marone. So Diana comes into town interacts with her mother Sheila. Diana learns what happened to her biological father after searching for him. Gets a modeling job at Forrester. Becoming rivals with Zoe Buckingham A Diana, Danny, Zoe triangle should happen. Danny was the bartender at the bikini beach bar on the bold and the beautiful. Jacob's Rick returns find out why him and Maya divorced
              Rick cheated on Maya with her own sister Sasha. The avants come back full time. Sasha's mom Lucy who still has a interest in Julius avant she tries to take him back but Vivian avant is standing in her way. Caroline's moms return and they get married. Then decides to take Douglas with them. Mary Warwick comes back meets her half sister Diana. Mary starts to set her sights on Leo they get engaged and married. Steffy remain independent for a little bit. Until she takes an interest in Cane Ashby. The marones Jackie and Nick return with Jackie M designs. Jennifer finnigan Bridget returns gets romantically involved with Carter Walton.


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                Steffy mets a new guy and HE chases her with romantic gestures ... dates, outing and the don’t get insta engaged nor married. They are both sexy, gorgeous, headstrong and successful. They refuse to surrender their indépendance but can’t fight the attraction

                Lope marry again. Soon after Beth needs a transplant and it s revealed she’s not Liam’s but Wyatt’s. Liam runs to Steffy who doesn’t care a bit. Hope and Liam stay together miserable

                After Bridge divorce, Eric ask Brooke to leave FC. Outraged, Hope follows. Bill lend them money to create a new company...BOLD for Brooke and HOpe Logan Design but without any talent, they’re the new spectra ... struggling in the average league ... envying Forrester success. After Katie died from an heart attack/broken heart, Brooke wants to marry Bill again bc she needs a rich man to keep her lifestyle. But Katie’s son hates her aunt and get close to Donna. Bill ends up with her and Brooke is crushed.

                Ridge goes back to Shauna in Vegas but she has cancer. He calls Doc to the rescue and she asks for all her collègues to save her ... in vain. During this time, Ridge rediscovers Taylor’s qualities ... they are about to marry again when Brooke tip the police about Bill’s shooting out of jealousy.

                When Ridge, Thomas and Steffy learn about Brooke’s role. They are livid. Thomas goes to the police and tells them Brooke and Hope tried to kill him. And they tip the journalists about Deacon being Hope’s father and Brooke’s affairs with her BIL causing Katies´ death.
                Taylor is found not guilty over temporary insanity. She has a brain tumor removed and is back to normal.
                Tridge marry again in the same church of their first marriage while Brooke is watching from afar.
                Hope and Brooke too are found not guilty of attempt murder. but they get et reputations are ruined for business.
                They try to retaliate using Steffy affair but both Liam
                and Bill deny their allegations.

                After this mess Bill ends his part in BOLD. Brooke and Hope return in the valley where Brooke finally marries Dave Reed but keeps lamenting about the love of her life she lost like Beth in the early days.
                RJ becomes a model at FC and turns gay ... He gets involved with Carter but a biracial gay couple create problems
                Rick is back with Maya and’ they come back’ to save BOLD

                The new era is about Brooke and her family company against FC.

                Caroline returns alive. Her mothers saved her in a clinic in Switzerland. She comes back to get her son and Thomas back.

                Now his parents are reunited and the Logans are away. Thomas gets better. The therapy revealed he never dealt with his sister s death while Rick was driving. that ends his obsession with Hope.

                Flo is revealed NOT to be Storm’s and knowing about it from the start so she has to disappear.

                Wyatt and Sally deals with Wyatt’s paternity as Sally joins BOLD.


                • Teaday13
                  Teaday13 commented
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                  now that would be worth seeing: Eric asking Brooke to leave FC. he can tell her to leave even better. would be so much fun. also BOLD is a good idea too.

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                Thank you everyone for your posts!

                All really interesting ideas. A lot more thought and imagination than the current show.

                Would anyone be interested in the show adding a crime family, similar to the Corinthos mob story on GH?


                • NuttyAboutSoaps
                  NuttyAboutSoaps commented
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                  Oh, hell no. To me, the mob stories are the worst aspect of GH.

                  A brain damaged hit man with a heart of gold? Really?

                • ILoveBizzie
                  ILoveBizzie commented
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                  I was thinking it could add a new dimension to the show. I feel like it needs more intrigue, adventure, and it would be a good way to add new men.

                • alwayshuntress
                  alwayshuntress commented
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                  Honestly, no. GH does that and it works for them. This is not that kind of show.

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                Brooke is back being a chemist and has her own fashion house.
                Hope works with her mother. And Bridget is back as a designer for Brooke’s fashion house.
                Lope bought Katie’s house and are happy raising their family there.
                Tally back together and they both design for FC.
                Logans vs. FC fashion competition is heating up.
                Steffy joins her mother in Africa..where she gets to be her adventurous self again, and Kelly loves her new life there.


                • alwayshuntress
                  alwayshuntress commented
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                  That's where Taylor raised her family. Hope raising hers there based on how she feels about Taylor's kids would be criminal.

                • Sharkswin
                  Sharkswin commented
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                  alwayshuntress - No, you are thinking of Bill's house..which used to be Taylor's house. I was actually talking about Katie's house that she owns right next door to Eric's house. LOL. My thinking is if Batie married again, Katie won't need her own house anymore, so Lope can buy the house from Katie.

                • alwayshuntress
                  alwayshuntress commented
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                  You're right. I actually forgot about the house next door to Eric's for some reason. That's a good idea.

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                Originally posted by LoveVillians View Post
                1 Brooke, hope and Liam are back burned.
                2 new man for steffy
                3 Quinn sally and Katie start their own fashion house.
                4 Eric and ridge - are done with Brooke
                My thought exactly stop writing storylines for people who are not bringing anything to the show like Brooke, Liam and Hope and write storylines for those who are bringing things to the show like Sally, Stephany and bring back fashion has background and some competition to Forrester.


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                  Ok- got flagged for spam for editing. Hopefully, this works.

                  Two new mid-to-late-30 something's would arrive on the scene. A brother (blue-eyed brunette) and sister (brown-eyed brunette). She's younger. They're from Morrocco. *cue the soap opera conspiracy theories* Zayd is accompanying his sister, Taya, who wants to be a designer and already has her degree.

                  Steffy sees Zayd in the halls and decides his look is just what HFTF (or whatever line is currently on) needs to spice up the line a little and so she tries to convince him to join Forrester as a model.

                  Hope is super intrigued by the new hottie at Forrester...who doesn't really like her very much. Liam and Steffy get trapped together during a storm and Hope can't seem to let the idea go that something happened (nothing did). Hope is way too interested in Zayd and it causes serious problems with her and Liam on a massive scale, putting Liam and Zayd at odds even though Zayd's actually interested in someone else.

                  Sally actually IS sick, but since she has a crappy doctor, it was missed. Sally doesn't get help for the spiking health issues that she's putting down to stress and ends up passing out and coding in the middle of a public scene where Flo is accusing her of faking it all.

                  Flo looks REALLY bad and Sally gets a hail mary save where she can come back from the brink of death with a real doctor's help. Wyatt flip-flops back to Sally, who just isn't interested - focusing instead on her career. (I love Wally, but Wyatt has some serious self-searching to do right now).

                  Katie and the doctor (who saves Sally) bond, while Bill tries to fight for his family.

                  Ridge continues to be intrigued by Shauna and unimpressed by Brooke. Brooke turns her attention to hurting Quinn and Steffy gets in the way - causing a much more serious rift between Brooke, Eric, and Ridge.

                  A man in his early 40s shows up and grabs Steffy's attention - and Brooke's. He's an entrepreneur who makes his money investing in up and coming start-ups. He's Clark Garrison's son that no one ever knew about because Michael Lai gave him up for adoption after deciding to pursue a medical degree.

                  Sally gets an interesting link to the past with this new arrival since Clark Garrison is a huge part of Spectra's past...and CJ could have an excuse to pop back up.

                  Anyway - just some ideas.


                  • ILoveBizzie
                    ILoveBizzie commented
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                    I would love for Clarke to return and have a serious part on the show. The idea of the secret son is really good!

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                  Sorry Buzz, but the only thing I can think of if I put myself in these writers place is they should have resigned two years ago and sold the show to some real writers because they have been phoning it in for far too long and it seems he just do not have it anymore. Maybe it is writers block but something that happens when a writer gives out of gas.I hope these shows now be all shows from the beginning because I was real young than but loved the show back then.


                  • ILoveBizzie
                    ILoveBizzie commented
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                    I have a feeling Bradley wants to retire and these people doing most of the writing aren’t interested.

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                  Wow nice story's you all
                  hope the writers see this and take it and run with it... this some good stuff....


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