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Monte Carlo episodes - Steffy/Wyatt/Katie


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  • Monte Carlo episodes - Steffy/Wyatt/Katie

    Ok so at 49 years old, my memory loss is that of an 89 year old.

    My memory is failing me.....why on earth is Wyatt kissing Katie if he is happily married to Steffy??

    Im pretty sure this is the same trip to Monte Carlo.
    Yesterday - Katie and Wyatt kissed at the end of the fashion show and today Wyatt and Steffy are having a care-free day at the beach and seem very much in love.

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    I'm guessing they mixed scenes from two different Monte Carlo trips. Wasn't the one with the fashion showdown something that Katie had planned with Wyatt's help? I may be wrong, but I think that's different than the one when Steffy was chasing down Quinn, her mother-in-law.


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      Lol, it's not the same trip to MC. The one shown last Friday was their MC trip in 2017 (where Statt's marriage were over), and today's behind the scene episode was their MC trip in 2016.


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        Ok, that makes sense! Thanx guys, I'd forgotten the budget was much bigger back then and the show could afford extravagant trips like that every year.

        Now they can't even take a road trip to Vegas to get some real footage and Vegas scenery!!


        • Sharkswin
          Sharkswin commented
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          That fake Vegas background was such a joke just like shallow Sidge! LOL.

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