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Five Months in these are the episode counts for 2020....


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  • Five Months in these are the episode counts for 2020....

    A total of 72 episodes aired in 2020. I think we got a better diverse group, but I do miss Thomas, and think Steffy deserves a stand alone story. Sally should forget Wyatt, and get back with Thomas and restart Spectra.

    1. Kkl-44
    ​​​​​​2. Thorsten Kaye-43
    3. Darin Brooks-41
    4. Rena Sofer-41
    5. Courtney Hope-36
    6. JMW-36
    7. Katrina Bowden-34
    8. Annika Noelle-32
    9. Heather Tom-32
    10. Matthew Atkinson-31
    11. Don Diamont-31
    12. Scott Clifton-29
    13. Denise Richards-28
    14. Kiara Barnes-27
    15. John Mccook-24
    16. Henry Joseph Samiri-20
    17. Monica Ruiz-13
    18. Joe Locerio-11
    19. Jennifer Gareis-11
    20. Lawrence St Victor-10
    21. Ashley Jones-3
    22 . Dick Christie-1
    23. Finnegan George-1
    24. Nicola Posener-1(Amelia)
    25. Camelia Somers-1(Charlotte)
    26. Aaron D. Spears (Justin)

    What was the purpose of bringing back Donna?! She Doesn't do anything! She has only 11 appearances in over 70 shows. Last year she barely cracked 50 episodes. He could have used that money on casting Little Deacon for Sally or Steffy. Bring Kyle Lowder as Rick.

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    It's not 2029 yet. And I hope this show will be on then.


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    I’m delighted to see TK and RS my two faves on the top. But who is Finnegan George?


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    Rather more balanced than last year, but still way too much Flo!


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      How many different storylines were there? I can think of only 5. Bill/Brooke kiss, baby stealing, Shauna and Ridge, Sally's illness, Katie's illness. Sad 5 stories shared with 26 characters.


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        The numbers for JMW, John McCook and Heather Tom are very misleading.

        For example, JMW's appearances as Steffy were all tied to the Lope/Thomas obsession story line which dragged out for a year. I don't consider Steffy folding laundry and propping Lope or standing around in the background during the revelation of Brooke and Bill Spencer's make out session - an appearance as such.

        JMW won the 2019 Leading Actress Emmy and has been used as background scenery ever since. John McCook, for all intents and purposes, also only shows up to prop Brooke and to "intercede" in the Quinn/Brooke feud and he always takes Brooke's part.

        As for Heather Tom, this is another multiple Leading Actress Emmy winner who's mainly used for prop duty. Katie's latest health crisis was nothing more than a blatant attempt to redeem Flo's very tarnished history and turn her from a villain to a heroine. Ditto for the Brooke/Bridge kiss story line.

        Both Heather Tom and Jacqui Wood deserve much better than being reduced to wallpaper and/or prop duty.


        • youngandfan
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          It's unfortunate that they use the cast so sparingly. They have no issue with using SC to no avail but have definitely back burned fan favorites and vets in order to keep the Triangle From Hell going strong a decade later with only short breaks where technically it still went going with Ivy being used as a stand in for both Steffy and Hope. There are other stories that could be told with these actors that didn't involve marriage, cheating, divorcing, fighting, and then getting back together and that includes Bridge and Batie not just the Triangle from Hell.

        • Appaloosagrl
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          I absolutely agree with you. Brad Bell keeps trying to make Liam "THE younger leading man."

          Not casting aspersions on SC or his acting, but if Brad Bell really wanted Liam to be "the hero" and the centerpiece of B&B, then he should not have reduced the character to a perpetual, wafflng, misogynist wimp who has spent decade ping-ponging among all the available women.

          What Bell did NOT anticipate was that Matthew Atkinson would swoop in as Thomas, radiating charisma, killer abs and showing off serious acting chops and blow Liam out of the water!

          I know that a segment of the audience would like to see Thomas dead and gone, but there's no denying that even a villainous Thomas Forrester makes Liam Spencer look like the wimp that he is. Once MA took over the role of Thomas, Liam became the "new Thorne," IMO.

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        I'd love to see HT and JMW to team up together in a s/l where they'd kidnap DD and put him in Katie's house next door to JMC. They could torture him sexually, mentally, emotionally and physically by putting a chain on his ankle attached to the bed long enough to go to back and forth from bed to rr.. Caroline's mothers would come back to run SP with Katie's help. Then RS could get in on it when she discovers them and adds to his torture by taking over when one of the others had to be at work.


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