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Wow! April Episode Counts.....


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  • Wow! April Episode Counts.....

    A total of 14 episode counts aired in April.

    1. Katrina Bowden- 11
    2. Darin Brooks-11
    3. Courtney Hope-11
    4. Monica Ruiz- 9
    5. Rena Sofer- 8
    6. Heather Tom- 7
    7. Thorsten Kaye- 6
    8. KKL-6
    9. Denise Richards-6
    10. Don Diamont-5
    11. Jennifer Gareis-3
    12. Kiara Barnes-2
    13. John McCook- 2
    14 JMW-2

    Contract Players not appearing

    Scott Clifton Annika Noelle
    Matthew Atkinson

    Monica Ruiz is Dr Penny Escobar

    April was HORRIBLE with Flo and Wyatt! I miss Tomcat and even Dougie????

    It's interesting the stats. Hopefully the show returns by June.

    Steffy fans have NO reason to watch. She has already had less than 40 episodes this year.

  • #2
    It’s the Flo and Shauna Fulton show.
    I even read somewhere about a double wedding of the Vegas witches marrying Ridge and Wyatt, I could actually see it happening


    • Soapsbarbie
      Soapsbarbie commented
      Editing a comment
      Sharkswin maybe lol, Flo and Shauna get better treatment than her though the writers are clearly in favor of the those two, not her.

    • Sharkswin
      Sharkswin commented
      Editing a comment
      ^^my point was Sally is very much front and center as well. Lol. Wyatt is too actually cuz his boring triangle is the main feature for many weeks now.

    • gaby1985
      gaby1985 commented
      Editing a comment
      The show should be named THE LOGANS AND LIAM WORSHIPPING SHOW. Even if Flo, Wyatt and Sally were on for a whole year, it's nothing compared to the show we have been getting since more than a decade

  • #3
    Steffy has been on less often than Donna? Seriously? Love how much respect Bell has for her win as lead actress in a soap last year--and against some pretty heady company, too. As long as Lope were going on an extended break, why wasn't April the perfect time to at least start a new Lopeless story for Steffy?


    • B-Hold
      B-Hold commented
      Editing a comment
      Agree with you. Steffy Forrester shoudl be front and center not second rate characters. She's a mother and CEO and a Forrester - Spencer. Her daughter is a heir to TWO Family Dynasties.

    • Emerald Greens
      Emerald Greens commented
      Editing a comment
      She had her baby some time ago and has had more episodes in previous months. This is ridiculous.

      No wonder the show is so awful with Flo and Wyatt a couple of drips.

    • Appaloosagrl
      Appaloosagrl commented
      Editing a comment
      @Prim: JMW herself never stated or even hinted that she "wanted more time off to be with her baby." That unsubstantiated rumor originated from a statement Scott Clifton made on his SM, when fans started questioning why Steffy was MIA for two months after the baby swap reveal. At that time during the September/October timeframe many Steffy fans were lamenting the Lope overkill. SC popped up and said JMW wanted to spend more time with her baby.

      That made no sense then and it makes no sense now that JMW's son is 14 months old. The FACT is JMW worked up until four or five weeks before her due date and took a 10 week maternity leave. If she had wanted more time off, she could have asked for a longer maternity leave. But once again, before, during and after her pregnancy and giving birth, JMW remained and is still very active on her own SM accounts and actively engages with fans. She's asked fans directly if they'd like to see a return to "sassy" Steffy and if they'd like Steffy to have a new man and if so, who would fans like to see her paired with.

      It's obvious that JMW is ready and raring to sink her teeth into a new story line and has been for some time.

      And ask yourself, why is Steffy the only major character on the show who has not had a love interest or even a date in nearly two years?

  • #4
    I wouldn't mind Penny and Thomas together. Penny is gorgeous.


    • #5
      I don't mind seeing KB and DB at the top. Was about time


      • Soapsbarbie
        Soapsbarbie commented
        Editing a comment
        All because of a another character making them relevant too bad their both ratings killers! That have zero fans or a fan base big fail!!!!! Flatt is the most perfect ship for them because their chemistry is flat. LOL! I bet after the show comes back they will never be at the top of list again. Nobody cares about Felony Flo, fans actually tuned out while they were on a bunch. That speaks volumes!
        Last edited by Soapsbarbie; May 1, 2020, 11:54 AM.

    • #6
      Glad that Hope and Liam haven't been on lately.


      • #7
        I wondered why I enjoyed the April shows so much and now I know why: no Lope!


        • B-Hold
          B-Hold commented
          Editing a comment
          Yea but so few Forresters.

        • Emerald Greens
          Emerald Greens commented
          Editing a comment
          I don’t miss Lope but Flo and Wyatt are like Lope Jr . Ugh .

      • #8
        I enjoyed the show more in April than I have in a long time. Bell is on the right track.

        Hopefully Bell has been auditioning actors for the role of a new man for Steffy Forrester. I think Sally Spectra's rich powerful loyal, long lost brother would be perfect.


        • Lakergirl 04
          Lakergirl 04 commented
          Editing a comment
          Steffy should get a guy that is a garbage collecter, he is hard working and super sexy. We slowly see them fall in love ?

        • Quintessential
          Quintessential commented
          Editing a comment
          Lakergirl 04 Why a garbage collector? Steffy's already collected enough garbage being involved with Liam and Lope. No I want her to move on from the garbage industry. I want her new man to be someone who rivals dollar Bill Spencer?

        • creation
          creation commented
          Editing a comment
          Steffy already had a guy that is a garbage collector, Liam.

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